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Anti Malaria Campaign To Use Genetically Modified Mosquito Breeding Method To Reduce Mosquito Population

Anti Malaria Campaign of Sri Lanka has decided to use newly invented  genetically modified mosquito breeding method to reduce the malaria and dengue mosquito population in the country according to the director of the campaign Dr.Sarath Deniyage.dr deniyage has said that the genetically modified mosquito breeding method is an effective method which has been using countries like Austria,USA,South Africa,Brazil and Cayman Islands .

The Anti Malaria Campaign has decided to research on the said method during next month to find out the possibility  of using it under  Sri Lankan conditions Dr.Deniyage has stressed.under this method genetically modified mosquitoes will breed in thousands at a factory and inject them with cobolt radiation  to stop breeding mosquito population.due to  this when after these mosquitoes are released to the environment they will not able to breed mosquitoes as the larvae will be killed before even born due to the radiation.this process is to be continue around 3 yea…