Thursday, September 19, 2019

Belgian F-16 crash pilot ejects on to power line

"සැබෑම යහළුවා /හොඳම ආදරය මිසක කිසි දින පැවැත්මක් නැති තාවකාලික බැඳීමක කොටස්කරුවෙකු නොවන්න "-එවැනි ස්ථීර ,නිර්මල වූ බැඳීමක් කිසිදා මිය යාමට ඉඩ නොදෙන්න "

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A Police Constable Was Sentenced One Year Rigorous Imprisonment Over Accepting a Bribe

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Colombo High Court Judge Pradeep Hettiarachchi has today (19) sentenced a Police Constable attached to Mattakkuliya Police one year rigorous imprisonment over accepting a bribe of Rs.25,000 from a Lorry driver transporting drugs at the Kadirana Road Block in Mattakkuliya area on 12th of June 2016 .

High Court Judge had also imposed  a Rs.50,000 fine on the accused who had found guilty over two indictments including accepting the bribe .If the accused fails to pay the fine High Court Judge Hettiarachchi has ordered an additional 18 month imprisonment 
to the accused .

A court case was filed against the accused over 08 indictments and later the High Court judge has released the accused from 06 indictments .


A Person Was Sentenced One Year Rigorous Imprisonment Over Damaging A Galle Fort Building Wall Of Historical Value

Related imageGalle Chief Magistrate Harshana Kakunawala has today (19)sentenced a person who had found guilty over  damaging a building wall of historical value at Galle Fort and constructing an Unauthorized construction there ,A one year rigorous imprisonment suspended for five year period .

Galle Chief Magistrate Has also ordered the accused to pay Rs.50,000 as compensation over the charges.

Archaeology Conservation Unit has filed the court case against  the accused. 

Life Expectancy Rates Of Sri Lanka To Be Increased By 04 years Soon -Health Minister

As a result of progress achieved by the
local Health Sector recently World Health Organization's  statistics  had shown the average life expectancy of a Sri Lankan scheduled to be increased by 04 years within next 02 year period according to Minister Of Health Dr.Rajitha Senaratne .

Accordingly the current average life expectancy of  Males -72 and Females -78 will be increased  to Males -76 and Females -82 within next two years Minister has stressed.

Minister has revealed this during a function held to handing over appointment letters to newly recruited PSM's /Paramedics and minor staff members  at Temple Trees recently .

The Lung Transplant surgeries are due to begin by end of this month and stem cells therapy which can treat many diseases including cancers is also  sche duled to begin soon Minister Has further stated . 

Use Of Social. MedIa Including Facebook in Sri Lanka Is Not Secure -Dr.Apeksha Hewageegana

Use of Social Media including Facebook in Sri Lanka is not  secure according to the Child and Adolescent Physiceatrist attached to Lady Ridgeway Children's Hospital  Dr.Apeksha Hewageegana  .

It proves through the finding that 70 percent of Facebook Account holders here  are being recognised as threatening other parties that they will.publish videos ,Photographs ,Posts ,Comments and chats harming privacy of those  parties Dr. Hewageegana .

Around 20 percent out of all local Facebook accounts identified   as fake ones she has stated during a media Worksop held at Hotel Taj Samudra yesterday(18)titled "Physical and Mental Health issues of Adolescents".

According to a survey  carried out recently it has been revealed that  5.7 percent out of the total Sri Lankan population have Facebook  Accounts Dr.Hewageeagana has said .

Parents should have paid attention towards the children and adolescents who got addicted to social medias including Facebook on how they are using  them as Western studies shows Facebook caused anxiety, depression, Insomnia, Breaking of affairs and suicides in the society she has stressed. 



Railway Workers To Launch A Work To Rule Campaign From Midnight Tonight (19)

Five catagories of Railway Workers
including Engine Drivers have decided to launch island wide work to rule campaign with effect from midnight tonight  (19)against   a decision taken by Railway authorities regarding Train accidents.

Railway Workers including Engine Drivers, Rail Guards ,Station Masters, Railway Controllers and Inspection Manager s are scheduled to be launched the work to rule campaign against the decision  taken by Railway authorities to cover the loss incurred due to Train accidents from Railway Workers ,The Railway Trade unions have announced.

If the authorities  not taking steps to reverse this decision  Railway Workers have decided to launch a continuous strike with effect from coming Tuesday the Unions have stressed. 

Postal.Votes For The Presidential Election Began Today (19)

Government Employees will able to cast
their postal votes for the Presidential Election  from today 19 until 30th of this month according to National Election Commission. 

Presidential Election is scheduled to be held on 16th of November.

Meanwhile two independent candidates contesting for the Presidential Election had deposited money today (19)at the National Election Commission, Rajagiriya.

The candidates are Former MP of Democratic Party Jayantha Katagoda and Forner JVP MP S.Amarasinghe .

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