Monday, April 22, 2019

Three Minute Silence To Be Observed At 8.30 A.M This Morning Behalf Of Easter Sunday Victims

Public are being requested to observe a
tthree minute  silence at 8.30 a.m today (23)behalf of those who had been killed due to multiple explosions in sri Lanka on easter sunday(21).

Government has declared today as a day of National Mourning to commemorate the easter sunday victims.

Singer Amal Perera And Five Others Deported From Dubai Had Been Arrested At Katunayake Airport

Singer Amal Perera and five others who
had been arrested and jailed along with drug kingpin Makandure Madush in Dubai last february had been deported to Sri Lanka by the Dubai Authorities this morning(23).

Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Officials at the Katunayake International Airport  had arrested them upon their arrival.The six suspects along with Singer Amal Perera are currently being questioned by CID .Officials .

Amal perera with 30 others had been arrested and jailed along with Makandure Madush last February whilst attending a party hosted by Madush in A Dubai Hotel with narcotics in possession .

Now 29 ppersons out of 31 arrested in Dubai over attending the  party hosted by Madush had been deported to Sti Lanka and all if them arrested by CID officials upon their arrival.Only few of them including Singer Amal perera's son Singer Nadeemal Perera had been released after questioning .

Makandure Madush is  not yet been deported to Sti Lanka as he had filed a case in Dubai Court requesting not to deport him.Court verdict is due to deliver regarding  his request  on 02nd of May.



Tomorrow (23)Declared A A National Day Of Mourning

Government has declared tomorrow
(23) as a National Day of Mourning behalf of all those who had been killed due to the multiple blasts occurred in Easter sunday(21).

This decision has been taken during the National security council meeting held under the patronage of President Maithripala Sirisena today (22).

It has been also decided to gazette arricles related to combating terrorism under the emergency regulations from midnight tonight.

Tri forces and Police were given powers to provide security for public.

Meanwhile all private catholic schools are due to be reopened for the second trumon 29 th of April.

Chief Architect Of Multiple Blasts Has Been Identified

The chief architect of the multiple
blasts occurred yesterday(21)has been identified as the "seelavan hinsam " who had launched a suicide bomb attack in Shangri-La Hotel.

Wellampitiya police have informed on this to the Colombo Additional Magistrate today(22).

One of the females who had been killed due to an explosion occurred at Dematagoda housing scheme yesterday was the wife of Shsngri -La suicide bomber police have stressed. 


Nine Suspects Arrested Over The Multiple Blasts Had Been Remanded

Nine suspects arrested over yesterday's
multiple bomb Explosions Whilst at a private factory in Awissawella ,Wellampitiya early this morning (21)had been remanded until 06 th of May by the Colombo Additional Magistrate  Saliya Abeyratna .

The suspects had been produced  before the Colombo Additional Megistrate today(22).

These suspects had been arrested whilst at a private factory in no:11,Awissawella road early this morning  and they are employees of the factory owned by the Suicide bomber who had exploded himself at Shangri-La Hotel in Colombo last morning it has been revealed.

Twenty four suspects had been arrested over the explosions occurred yesterday (21).

A Stock Of Explosives Found At Bàstian Road

A stock of explosives had found by the
ypolice in  a waste Bag at Private bus stand in Bastian Road , Pettah this evening(22).

Accordingly 87 detonators had found in and out of a waste bag the Police Media spokesman's office has stated. 

Death Toll Of Foreign Nationals Killed Due To Multiple Blasts Had Risen To Forty Five

Forty five Foreign nationals had been
killed and 17 had been injured and hospitalized due to the multiple bomb explosions occurred at eight sites yesterday (21) according to the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs.

Out of these deaths bodies of 31 Foreign nationals had been identified and 14 bodies had been not identified yet  the Ministry has stressed.

The bodies of 14 unidentified  foreign nationals are lying at the Morgue of Colombo Judicial Medical 'Officer's office.

Among those foreign nationals who had been killed due to the blasts were Indian,Bangladeshi,Turkish,Dutch,Danish,U.K ,USA ,Australian and chinese nationals it has been reported.

The injured foreign nationals are receiving treatment from Colombo National Hospital and private hospitals according to sources.

Negambo-Colombo Road Closed Due To A Suspicious Motor Car

Police have closed down the Negambo -
Colombo road this evening(22)for hours due to a detecting  of a suspicious Motor Car parked near the Nawaloka Grounds at Welisara .

However during the detection  nothing suspicious has  found from the car it has been revealed.

Afterwards the road had been reopened for the traffic.

A Bomb Stored In A Van Near Saint Anthoney's Church In Kochchikade Church Had Been Defused

Special Police Task Force (STF) personal
have recovered a bomb stored in a Van parked around 500 meters away from the Saint Anthony's Church at Kochichikade,Kotahena where an Explosion occurred yesterday(21) ,and exploded it with the van safely this evening(22).

The Van which exploded with the bomb was parked there since last morning (21)and believes to be transported the suicide bomber who had arrived in Saint Anthoney's church for the suicide attack .Another person had also arrived in from the same vsn had disappeared according to the Police.

Special Police Task force personal had recovered the Van with the bomb during a search operation carried out in the area today.When the STF Personal have recovered the bomb inside of the Van they have removed the people around the area and safely defused the bomb according to sources.The bomb was stored in the van to explode it when opening the door in rear part of  the van the sources have added.

During the explosion several buildings around  the area received minor damages it has been revealed.

Meanwhile the image of the suicide bomber who had attacked the Saint Anthoney's  church has been indicated on a CCYV camera fixed nearby the church according to reports.

Police Curfew To Be Imposed From 8 P.M Today (22)Until 4 A.M Tomorrow(23)

Government has decided to impose a police curfew again island wide from 8 p.m tonight (22) until 4 a.m
tomorrow (23)morning due to the tense situation occurred following yesterday's multiple  blasts the Government Information Department has announced  today.

Government has suddenly imposed a curfew last evening around 3 p.m following the blasts and lifted the curfew this morning (22) at 6 a.m .However   most  of  the employees in the government sector have not reported to work until this noon it has been reported.

Shangri-La Hotel Has Been Closed Temporarily Following The Explosions Occurred Yesterday (21)

(AFP T.V Footage)

The International Hotel management of the  Shangri La Hotel one of the biggest five star Hotels in the country has decided to closed down the Hotel temporarily until further notice following the twin blasts occurred there yesterday (21) it has been reported.

 As a result of the blasts ,all the tourists lodging  at  the hotel left it and some room  bookings too got cancelled it has been revealed. However the  Hotel management has stressed that they will provide  an alternative accommodation for  the affected guests in the hotel and their team will assist the guest requests for transport and flight arrangements.

Following the blasts the Break first restaurant of  the Hotel had  badly damaged  .One of the veteran culinary art experts Shantha Mayadenne and her eldest daughter were among those who had been killed  due to the blasts whilst eating Easter Break first there .

Shangri-La hotel management has stated that three of their staff members were also among those who were  killed due to the incident ."

Following  the blasts security of the Star Hotels in Colombo including Shangri-la ,Kingsbury and Cinnamon Grand hotels which had been damaged due to the blasts,  has been tightened it has been announced.



Government Analyst's Department Confirmed The Deadly Attacks Occurred Yesterday (21)Were Suicide Attacks -Death Toll Risen To 290

Government Analyst's Department has confirmed that the eight deadly attacks taken place yesterday (21)targeting eight places were suicide bomb attacks

Foreign Media has reported that seven suicide bombers had involved in these deadly attacks.

Three churches ,Saint Anthoney's Church in Kotahena ,Saint Sebastian s Church in Negambo anď Zion Church in Batticaloa as well as three five star hotels in Colombo ,Shangri-La,Kingsbury andiCinnamon Grand had been targeted through these attacks as well as  a house in Colombo  .

Meanwhile the death toll of these deadly attacks has been increased to 290 and around 500  had been injured due to the attack.

Around 36 Foreign Nationals were among those killed due to the attacks and another 09 foreigners were missing it has been reported.

Bodies of 25 unidentified foreign nationals are still there at the Colombo National Hospital morgue it has been reported.

Twenty Four Persons Have Been Arrested Over Yesterday's Deadly Attacks

Twenty four persons have been arrested regarding yesterday's deadly explosions occurred in eight places including three churches , three star hotels and two houses according to police.

Dambulla police have arrested two persons who are powerful members of an organized crime group whilst lodging at a lodge in Dambulla town yesterday(21).

The two suspects have charged over attacking Buddhist statues  in Mawanella area it has been revealed.

Colombo crimes division and Criminal investigations Department are currently questioning the suspects according to sources. 


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