Monday, March 18, 2019

Dutch shooting: Utrecht police arrest suspect after three killed


Musician Jananath Wwarakagoda Released On Bail

Musician Jananath Warakagoda who had been arrested and remanded over road accident
which killed a female pedestrian had been released on bail yesterday (18) by the Mahara Chief Magistrate .

The Musician was released on two surety bails of Rs.200,000 each and a cash bail of Rs.19,000.Until the case is concluded the driving licence of Jnanath Warakagoda was suspended by the Chief Magistrate Heshantha De Mel.

The accused had paid Rs.100,000 compensation to the family of the pedestrian who was killed after colliding with the vesicle driven by Warakagoda.Also he has paid Another Rs.50,000 to the sister of the victim at the open court .

The case is due to be taken up for hearing on 29 th of April . 


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A Power Cut Threat Due To The Breaking Down Of Generators In Norochcholai Plant

A Power cut threat appeared due to a breaking down of the second and third power generators attached to Norochcholai Coal Power plant it has been reported.

Due to the breaking down of Second Generator power failures occurred in several areas recently .Technical  difficulties occurred  in Third Generator on 11th of March  which caused power failures in several areas which later return to normalcy .

Two Persons Had Been Hospitalized Due To A Gas Leak Of A Water Purification Center In MASKELIYA

Two Persons attached to the Water Purification Center in Maskeliya attached to National
Water Supplies And Drainage Board had been admitted to Maskeliya Provincial Hospital last Sunday (17) with breathing problems after a Gas leak of a 100 Kilo Gramme Chlorine Tank in the Center it has been reported.

Accordingly a Supervisor and another worker attached to the Center had been admitted  to the Hospital however their condition is not critical it has been reported.

The Gas Leak occurred when the lid of the Chlorine Tank loosen and as a result Flower plants near the center had been burnt it has been revealed.The Chlorine in the tank is using to purify the water in the center.

The workers  of the Water Purification Center have advised the resident around to close the doors and windows of their houses to avoid inhaling the leaked Gas as a precautionary measure. 

Driver Of The Defender Who Was Responsible For Killing Borella Traffic Police OIC Had Been Further Remanded

The driver of the Defender Vehicle who had been arrested and remanded over the killing of
Borella Traffic Polic OIC recently as a result of  the Defender collided with the Motorcycle ridden by Traffic Police OIC recently .Had been further remanded by the Colombo Magistrate Court yesterday (18) until 01st of April.

During the identification parade held yesterday (18) a Police officer attached to Borella Traffic Police had identified the Driver Tharindu Ratnayake .

Three Persons Have Been Arrested With 10.4 Kilo Grammes Of Kerala Cannabis

Sri Lanka Navy Personal have arrested three persons  whilst transporting 10.4 Kilo Gramme
s of Kerala Cannabis in two Motorcycles at Ayyakachchi area in North last Sunday (17).

The suspects who are 80 and 47 year old residents of Jaffna District had been handed over to the Jaffna Police for future course of action along with the stock of Kerala Canabis taken in to custody .


ICE Rain Fallen In.Several Areas In.Norwood

Ice rain occurred with heavy showers fallen in to  several areas in Norwood city limits nearby castlereigh Reservoir this morning (18).

The Ice rain occurred for several minutes within Norwood city limits it has been revealed.

Heavy showers fallen in to Norwood ,Hatton and bagawanthalawa areas today ended the  months old drought weather prevailed  in western slope areas of the Central Hills.

Due to the drought weather water levels of Castlereigh And Maussakale Reservoirs had receeded and severe drinking water problem has been experienced as a result.

Chewing Flavoured Betel Leaves And Areco Nut Products Are On The Increase Among Youth

Youth in the country are more and more  addicting to flavored betel leaves and areca nuts products which are banned for selling  in Sri Lanka  ,day by day according to the Dr.Prasanna Jayasekare attached to National Cancer Control Programme.

Accordingly Youth in the country are addicted to flavoured Betel leaves and arecs nut products namely Babul Beeda ,Saravita ,Mawa and pan paraag in large scale mostly teanagers and very soon they will overtake the number of betel leaves chewing adults he has stressed .

He has revealed this during a press briefing held at Health Promotions Bureau in Colombo today (18)regatding world oral health day.

Betel leave chewing is the number one factor which caused oral cancer among males in Sri Lanka Dr.Jayasekara has stated.

However 76 percent of the male Oral cancer patients in the country. have been identiefied during the late stages of the disease and it is hard to cure them then Dr. jayasekara had further said.

Health Aithorities Warned On Influenza Epidemic In The South

Health authorities have warned there's a risk of spreading Influenza epidemic in Southern Province according to Ministry Of Health .

Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne has advised the Director General Of Health Services Dr.Anil Jasinghe to take every measure to prevent spreading of Influenza in the  south .

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