Sunday, October 5, 2014

Government To Re Introduce The Dual Citizenship From January-President Rajapaksha

President Mahinda Rajapaksha has said yesterday(04) that the government has planned to re introduce the granting of Dual Citizenship  from next January .

Addressing  a group of Sri Lankans in Milano,Italy President Rajapaksha has said that the Cabinet has already given  the approval to amend the relevant laws regarding the granting of  dual citizenship and the government is on the process to reintroduce the scheme .

The government has received a large number of requests to re introduce the dual citizenship scheme he has revealed.The granting of Dual Citizenship has been suspended  by the government two years ago.

University Of Sabaragamuwa Has Indefinitely Closed Down Due To A Protest

The University Of Sabaragamuwa has indefinitely closed down today (05) due to a group of students attach to the university have opposed the opening of the newly built girl's hostel of the University  by citing that the hostel building was substandard.

Due to this situation when the Higher Education Minister S.B Disanayake arrived to open the hostel  building a group of students attach to the University Of Sabaragamuwa have blocked the road and protested against it.The Police Officers there have been used tear gas to disperse the protesting students it has been reported.

Despite the  students Protest Higher Education Minister has opened the newly built  girls hostel building .

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