Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cabinet Decided To Present Vote On Account Instead Of The Budget

The Cabinet today decided  to present a Vote On Account on Next Month instead of the Annual Budget.This move is taken due to the Current Parliamentary Sessions ended on February 2010.

Army Exhibition Extended Till 11 th

The 60th Anniversay Celebration Exhibition of the Sri Lankan Army which is due to conclude Tomorrow(07) is extended till 11th of October on Popular Demand Army Spokesman said today.The Arms and Ammunitions captured from the LTTE during the Ealam War too were displayed at the Exhibition.

Market Capitalization Of Colombo Stock Exchange Crossed Rs 1 Trillion

The Total Value of the Market Capitalization of Colombo Stock Exchange"(CSE) crossed Rs.1 Trillion (Rs.1000 Billion) level today for the first time of it's History.

Colombo Stock Exchange has became the Best Performing Stock Market in the World in last weak after the All Share Price Index (ASPI)marked as Record Breaking  3019.0.


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