Wednesday, April 24, 2013

18 Low Quality Drugs Were Withdrawn From Government Hospitals During First Three Months

During first three months of this year 18  essential drugs and injections were withdrawn from Government Hospitals throughout the island as they were in low quality.Metformin,Salbutamol,Sodium Valporate are among the drugs withdrawn from hospitals according to sources.

These low quality drugs were tested at national drug quality assurance laboratory in Colombo.

175 Dengue Patients Were Reported From Colombo City In April

Around 175 dengue patients and 2 dengue deaths have been reported from Colombo City limits during month of April so far  according to Colombo chief medical officer Dr.Pradeep Kariyawasm.most of the dengue cases were reported from Borella,modara,mattakkuliya and central Colombo areas.

During first three months of this year 903 dengue patients were reported from City Of Colombo he has stressed.

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