Monday, November 1, 2010

Court Of Appeal To Appoint Three Member Judges Panel Tomorrow To Consider General Fonseka's Request

The Court of Appeals today postponed the appointing of a Three member Judges Panel to consider the Imprisoned Former Army Commander General Sarath Fonseka's request to allow him to participate  the Parliament proceedings to tomorrow.

Sri Lanka Opposed France On Setting Up A Statue Of A Late Terrorist Leader

Sri Lanka opposed the French Government  in setting up of a statue of former Political Wing leader of  LTTE Thamil Selvem in a french town  of La Courneuve .Sri Lankan Ministry of external affairs said today that the Sri Lankan Embassy in France will write to the french authorities including the mayor of the town where the statue is to be erected in the north eastern suburbs of Paris.

Thamil Selvam killed during the war against sri lankan army three years ago and the organizers of erecting the statue already laid down the foundation for the statue it has been reported.La Courneuve is having a large number of Tamil population.Already sri lankans lives in Germany and France   wrote to French President and the mayor of town where the statue is going to be placed  against erecting a statue of a terrorist leader.

Government Reduced The Import Tarrifs Of Potatoes And Anions

Government has decided to reduced the import tarrifs imposed in bombay anions and potatoes with immediate effect.Under this decision the Rs.30 tarrif imposed in killo of potatoes will reduced to Rs.10 and the Rs.25 tarrif imposed in a killo of anions will reduced to Rs.10.

The secreatry of the Ministry of corporatives said that the government expecting a Rs.20 reduction of a killo of potatoes and Rs.15 price reduction in a killo of bombay anions following the tarrif recduction..

Colombo Additional Magistrate Refused Granting Bail For 21 University Students

Colombo aditional magistrate today refused to grant bail to 21 university students who are remanded for illegally entering and damaging the property of the university grants commission building in colombo.By refusing granting the bail colombo additional magistrate rashmi singappuli said that the magistrate court is not having a power to granting bail to these students and requested the lawyers representing students to applied for bail from a higher court.Additional magistrate also ordered to remand the 21 students till 12th of november.

Meanwhile lawyers of the university students who are in prison already applied bail for these students from the colombo high court.

French Bus Driver Dies Over Face Mask Attack europe-53367432