Monday, November 17, 2014

Kidney Transplant Surgeries Performed At Institute For Nephrology,Dialysis And Transplantation Have Been Suspended

The Kidney Transplant Surgeries performed at  the National Institute For  Nephrology,Dialysis and Transplantation at Maligawatte have been suspended since one month due to the post operative infections occurred in many  patients who were underwent surgeries there sources said.

Performing of  Kidney Transplant Surgeries at the institute  have been suspended as  the said patients were infected with "Acenobactor" Bacteria after the operations it has been revealed.

Due to this situation many kidney patients who are in the waiting list at the institute have faced severe difficulties and even their lives are at risk Doctors have said.

The National Institute For Nephrology ,Dialysis and Transplantations at Maligawatte which was built at a   cost of Rs.70 million was inaugurated in 2009 but the institute didn't perform any Kidney Transplant Surgery until last year(2013) due to human resource and logistics issues as well as due to the battle between doctors and nurses attach to the institute over a room there.

After these issues were settled to a certain extent the surgeries have began last year and around 2 kidney transplant surgeries have been performed there per week until the operations have been suspended. a month ago.

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