Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Colombo Public Health Dept.Ordered Every Employee Of The Hotels In Colombo To Get A Medical Certificatte By 30th Of June

The Colombo Public Health Department has ordered the owners of 500 Luxary,Semi Luxary and small Hotels and Restuarents to get a Full Medical Report of the employees who involved in preparing and serving food in these institutions by 30th of June or face legal action or cancelling of their license.

The Chief Medical Officer of Colombo Dr.Pradeep Kariyawasam has said that although he made it compulsory for every worker in these Hotels and Rest who are involved in Catering to get a Full Medical Report on Diseases including Tuberculosis,Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Respiratory Diseases once a year still the reponse is too low and it make him to go for legal action against the owners of the hotels after 30th of June if they do not responded for this postively.He stressed that a large number of small hotels and rests in Colombo City are still not received  their annual license and the poor response of these hotel owners to the request may have caused cancelling of the licenses.

A Large Stock Of Out Dated Pethidine Injection Vials Stored In Medical Supplies Division Since Two Years

A stock of more then 100,000 Vials of Pain Killer Injection "Pethidine" which removed from Government Hospitals in  2009 after it got expired  is still stored in Medical Supplies Division(MSD) Stores without destroying the stock according to the Health Sources.This Stock is worth around Rs.1 Million the sources added.

This stock of Pethidine Injection Vials was removed from Government Hospitals on February 2009 after it got expired on 31st of January 2009.After removal of the stock an official inquiry has been conducted along with a inquiry of Auditors General.The Auditors General has concluded his Inquiry in few months back according to the Medical Supplies Division Sources.

Meanwhile a higher official of the Ministry Of Health has said that the out of date stock of Pethidine Injections will destroy after receiving the inquiry report and action will be  taken  against the responsible officers who were involved in importing large quantity of Pethidine Injections more than the required quantity .

Joint Strike Action Of Doctors In Four Hospitals Has Suspended

The Joint Strike action launched by the Doctors of Four Government Hospitals suspended due to the the problem related to the strike has been resolved this morning according to the Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA).The Doctors attached to Polonnaruwa,Anuradhapura(North Central Province),Kurunagala(North Western Province) and Kandy(Central Province) launched a tiken strike this morning demanding to hand over Doctors Rest Room of Pollonnaruwa Hospital which was forcibly occupied by a Matron of the Hospital according to GMOA Secretary Dr.Bimantha Gunesekera.

This was the third time that Polonnaruwa Hospital Doctors launched a strike regarding the issue in last few weeks and after Ministry Of Health today has taken steps to handover the rest room to  Doctors officially GMOA has suspended the Strike  Dr.Gunesekera said.

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