Sunday, August 27, 2017

Why Are Ship Collisions Still Possible


A Person Was Arrested With Heroin In Pitigala

Wanduramba police have arrested a person with 02
grammes and 200 mili grammes of Heroin in possession in pitigala area.

The suspect had been identified as a 30 year old resident of  wanduramba area.

A Hotel In Chatham Street In Fort Damaged Due To A Fire

A hotel in Chatham street,Colombo Fort had damaged
due to a fire erupted in the Hotel building yesterday (27)evening.

Two fire trucks belonging to the Fire brigade department had doused the fire.

The cause of the fire not yet been determined.

Foreign-Storm Harvey:Up to 2000 Rescued As Houston Hit By Catastrophic Floods


Special Task Force Personal Had Arrested Three Persons Over Illegally Mining Gems

Special police task force personal have arrested three

persons illegally mining gems in bakamuna, digannaw
 a and dambulla areas yesterday (26).

The Equipment suspects have used for mining gems are also taken in to custody by the task force personal.

A Person Was Arrrsted With A Stock Of Cocaine

Police have arrested a person with 09 grammes and
950 mili grammes of Cocaine in his possession at a garage belonging to  a shopping complex in Colpetty area this morning (27).

The suspect who is a 37 year old resident of Battaramulle area is due to be produced before Colombo Fort magistrate court.

Colpetty police are investigating on the incident.

A Chinese Female Arrested Over Staying In Sri Lanka Without Valid Visas

Colpetty police have arrested a chinese female over
staying illegally in Sri Lanka without a valid visa in Colpetty area.

The suspected Chinese female is due to be produced before the Colombo fort magistrate .

A Prison Officer Was Killed After A Prison Bus He Was In Toppled Over

A prison officer was killed after a prison bus he was
travelling in toppled over near kudaoya bridge on Anuradhapura-Badulle main road.

The prison bus belonging to the Badulle prison was toppled over while returning  after handing over a prisoner to the Anuradhapura prison it has been reported.

The deceased was killed after had gone under the prison bus.


All Island Curfew Schedule To Be Changed From Tomorrow(06)

Government has amended  the current curfew schedule implemented in the country daily from tomorrow (06)according to the President's ...