Monday, July 8, 2013

Low Quality Dextran-40 Saline Bottles Were Distributed To Government Hospitals

The Low quality Dextran-40 Saline Bottles have been distributed among government hospitals island wide according to Health Services Trade Union Alliance(HSTUA).a large amount of by waste and white particles were found inside of several saline bottles the alliance has said.

The said saline is using mainly to treat dengue patients and patients with accidental injuries.

The dextran-40 saline bottles were imported from Thai drug company in February this year and 5000 saline bottles were imported as another 2900 bottles were in medical supplies division stores at that time  the president of HSTUA Saman ratnapriya has said during a press briefing held in Colombo today(08).

Ratnapriya has appealed the health authorities to investigate on this stock of low quality saline bottles and take a stern action against those who responsible for importing them.