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Three Females Of A Same Family Have Died Due To A Fire At A Trade Stall

Three females of a same family have
died due to a sudden fire erupted in a Trade Stall at Passara,Badulla last night(13)it has been reported.

The mother,sister and aunt of the Trade Stall owner who have resided in a small room attached to the backyard of the Trade stall have died from the fire according to reports.

Badulla fire department officials have doused the fire before speeading it further.The cause of the fire not yet been revealed.



A Person Was Arrested With A Stock Of Hashish Narcotic

The officials attached to the Anti

narcotic division of the excise department have arrested a person while transporting 1.117 Kilo Grammes of Hashish narcotic by a Three Wheeler at Enderamulla area yesterday(13).

The suspect was arrested while transporting Hashish from Enderamulla to Hunupitiya area and the estimsted value of the stock is around Rs.2.2 million it has been revealed.

A Person Was Killed And Twenty Five Others Injured Due To A Bus Collision

A 60 year old person was killed and
around 25 others were injured and hospitalized due to a collision of Two private buses at Kapuwarala area in Alawwa yesterday(13) according to the Alawwa Police.

The injured were admitted to the Kurunagala Teaching and Alawwa hospitals where a 60 year old had succumbed to his injuries while receiving treatment at Alawwa hospital.

The accident occurred when a private bus travelling from Kaduruwela to Colombo colliding with another bus arrived in  from opposite side it has been revealed.Passangers in Both buses were injured.

The Chief Suspect Of The Gun Shooting Incident At Kataragama Kiri Vehera Temple Has Been Identified

The former Head of the Mahasen
devalaya attached to  the Kirivehera Temple in Kataragama(Kapu Mahattaya) Bopagedara Asela Lakshman Bandara has been identified as the chief suspect  of the Gun shooting incident which injured the Chief Incumbent of the Kiri Vehera Temple in Kataragama Ven.Kobawaka Dhamminna Thero and another monk of the Temple.

The suspect is currently missing and the Police officers attached to the Tangalle Police Division and Kataragama Police have taken in to custody the luxurious car of rhe Suspect while parked at his residence at Sella Kataragama Road in Kataragama yesterday(13).

The suspect along with two others believes to be arrived in from the vehicle and shot and wounded the Chief Incumbent of Kataragama Kiri Vehera  Temple and another monk last Tuesday(12)night.

Police are currently searching to arrest the three suspects of the incident.



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More Than 80 Houses And Trade Stalls Have Been Damaged Due To Strong Winds In Hungama

More than  80 houses and trade stalls have been severely damaged due to the strong winds blown across the Hungama area early this morning (13).

Related imageDue to the strong winds lasted few minutes around fifty trade stalls and more than  thirty houses were damaged according to the Disaster Management Center.

Trees had fallen in to many houses and trade stalls and  asbestos sheets and roofs of many housed fallen to the ground due to the wind the Center has stated.

As trees had fallen to power lines electricity supply in the area disconnected and transport activities too being disrupted it has been reported.

The damage occurred not yet been estimated .

Tax On Imported Fruits To Be Increased

Image result for imported fruits to sri lankaTo protect the local fruit farmers , tax imposed on imported Fruits will be increased in near  future according to the President Maithripala Sirisena.

President has stated that the tax on imported fruits will be increased to protect local farmers after fruit farmers in Thalawila Grama Shakthi production village had shown the president that the imported fruits are a threat to their production.

Government has also decided to dried the excess fruit harvest and export them. 


Ten Persons Have Been Arrested With Four Locally Made Firearms

Ethimale Police have last night  (12) arrested ten persons with four locally made firearms in their possession during a sudden raid carried out at Kotiyagala in Monaragala area .

Image result for arrestedThe suspects had kept the firearms in their possession to hunt animals in conserved areas and they have even engaged in selling the meat of the animals they have hunted it has been revealed.

Police have received many complaints against them on hunting animals and as a result the Police have carried out the raid.


Around 12 Line Houses Were Destroyed Due To A Fire

Image result for fireAround 12 line houses at Balmoral Estate in Agarapathana area have been completely destroyed due to a sudden fire erupted this morning (13).

Nearly 50 persons have been displaced as a result of this according to the Agarapathana Police.

The fire was erupted in a line house and it spreads to other houses afterwards it has been revealed.

The estate workers along with the Police have doused the fire before spreading it further.

Injured Chief Incumbent Of Kiri Vehera Temple Was Airlifted To A Private Hospital In Colombo

Image result for kiri vehera temple chief incumbentThe Chief Incumbent of the Kataragama Kiri Vehera Raja Maha Temple Venerable Kobawaka Dhamminna Thero who was injured and hospitalized due to a Gun shooting incident occurred last night(13) near the Temple had airlifted  to a Private Hospital in Colombo from Hambanthota Hospital today(13) under the instructions of President Maithripala Sirisena.

The  Venerable Thero who was first admitted to the Debarawewa Hospital and later transferred to the Hambanthota Hospital for further treatment.He had undergone a surgery in the Hospital as well.

Later under the Instructions of the President he was AIRLIFTED to Colombo.The thero and another monk of the Temple were  injured due to a gun shooting done by an unidentified gunmen arrived in a Jeep last night.

The cause of the  gun shooting not yet been raveled.

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