Saturday, August 13, 2016

Professor Bibile Commemorative Association Has Charged Health Authorities For Not taking Action To Reduce Drug Prices

Image result for drugs"As the health Authorities have failed to reduce the escalating Drug Prices in the local market ,patients have been facing enormous difficulties' the  organizer of the Professor Senaka Bible Commemorative Association Dr.Jayantha Bandara has stated.

Although the Health Ministry has stated that  the escalating Drug Prices will be reduced  through a price control mechanism still the authorities are not able to introduce such a mechanism Dr.Bandara has pointed out.

Due to this situation Multi National Drug Companies are earning  profits ranging 200 to 800 percent he had stressed.

The Ministry had also failed to give necessity powers to the Independent Drug Regulatory Authority on purchasing of Drugs Dr.Bandara has stated.

Meanwhile the Ministry Of Health has stated that  the Gazette Notification Regarding the reducing of Drug Prices is due to issue on 31 st of August.


'Cottages at Newlyn' by Granville Eliot (flour 1890) - Archived Paintings from the Swan Gallery

India's State Minister For Commerce To Visit Sri Lanka This Month

Nirmala SitharamanThe Minister of State For Commerce and Industry and Minister Of State For Finance and Corporate Affairs in India Nirmala Sitharaman is due to arrive in Sri Lanka at the end of August according to the reports.

She is due to arrive in Sri Lanka as per the invitation extended  by Sri Lanka"s Minister of Development Strategies and International Trade Malik Samarawikrama.

However Officials have confirmed that the visit has. Nothing to do with the ongoing talks between Sri Lanka and India regarding the Economic And Technology Corporation Association(ETCA)Agreement..


Seven Persons Who Had Transported 19,000 Kilo Grammes Of Refused Tea Leaves Detained At Kiribathgoda-Biyagama Road

Image result for refused tea leavesA special force personal in Kelaniya have detained seven persons who had transported a stock of rejected tea leaves in  three lorries at siyambalape junction on Kiribathgoda -biyagama road today (13).

Police have recovered 19,000 kilo grammes of refused tea leaves in three lorries it has been reported.

The suspects are identified as  residents of western and central provinces.Bagawanthalawa police are conducting an investigations on the incident.

Police Have Detained Six Persons Who Were Involved In Illegal Gem Mining

Police have detained six persons who were illegally involved in gem mining at Bridwell Estate canal in Bagawanthalawa (up country) area.

The illegal mining had taken place on the pretext of doing maintainance work at a cattle farm near Bridwell  Canal it has been reported.

Along with the suspects who are residents in Bagawanthalawa ,police have taken into custody a stock of gem mining equipment and slabs  containing gems. 


A Train Passenger Has Died Last Night After Fallen From A Moving Postal Train

A train passenger has died last night after fallen from a moving postal train  running from Colombo to Jaffna near Ganegoda Railway Station.

The deceased has been identified as a resident in Mahawa,Kekulawala area.

Meerigama Police are conducting an investigation on the incident.

An Unidentified Gunman Shot And Killed A Businessman At Ambalangoda

Image result for crimes sceneAn unidentified gunman has shot and killed a 53 year old businessman at  Manimulla area in Ambalangoda (Southern Province)around 9 p.m  last night according to the police.

The victim Halambage Premasiri who is a former cricketer and  chairman of  the Galle District Cricket Association was on his way home with his son in the vehicle when the shooting occurred.

After the shooting the victim was rushed to the Balapitiya Base Hospital in critical condition and he had succumbed to his injuries before being admitted to the hospital.

The reason for the Businessman's murder not yet been revealed and Ambalangoda Police are conducting further investigations on the incident.


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