Thursday, July 28, 2016



Three Persons Have Detained At Hambanthota For Stealing Cash And Jewelry From A Dispensary
The Police have detained three persons yesterday(28) over stealing cash and gold from a Dispensary belonging to a Doctor at Ranna Area in Hambanthtota.

Two persons who had arrived at the Dispensary by claiming that they have fever had threatened the doctor and stolen  Rs.18,000 in cash and and some gold jewelry belonging to the doctor according to Hungama Police.

The suspects had  been previously arrested and remanded for several times the Police have stated.

Thirty Two Persons Including Buddhist Priests Have Been Remanded At Ambalanthota Over A Protest

The Hambantota Magistrate Court has yesterday(28) ordered to remand 32  persons including Buddhist Priests    until 01st of August over a protest launched by them On 25th of July by obstructing the Thissa- Matara main road at Ambalanthota(In Southern Province).

The protest was held by demanding drinking water for the people in Ambalanthota,Karabagalamulla and Godakoggalla, in Ruhunu-Rideegama Area it has been reported.

A heavy traffic has occurred at the main road due to the four hour protest launched by the protestors.

Over 2500 persons belonging to 540 families in the above mentioned areas are experiencing a shortage of drinking water at present.


Protest March "Jana Satana" Has Concluded It's First Day Journey After Reaching Hing ula

The Protest March "Jana Satana" commenced by the Joint Opposition from Peradeniya has concluded it's journey for today (28)after reaching ganethanna area in Hingula(Peradeniya) this evening.

The protest march is due to reach Colombo on 01st of August.

Supreme Court Has Dismissed The Petition Filed By National Freedom Front Leader Wimal Weerawansha Against Bribery Commission

The Supreme Court has today (28) dismissed a petition filed by the National Freedom Front leader and MP Wimal Weerawansha by seeking a court order to suspend   an investigations launched against him by the Bribery Commission  over misappropriation of assets.

The petition filed by MP Weerawansha has alleged that the Bribery Commission is conducting a biased investigation against him over the misappropriation of assets .

However the Supreme Court has dismissed the MP's petition by announcing there's no illegality on the investigation carrying out by tne Commission.

Quick Response Emergency Ambulance Service Provided By Indian Government Has Commenced In Sri Lanka

The quick response Emergency Ambulance Service provided to Sri Lanka by the Government Of India has commenced today(28) at Galle Face Green in Colombo under the patronage of Sri Lanka's Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe.

Under the Emergence Ambulance Service the Government of India had provided around Eighty Ambulances and in the first phase it will be operated at Western and Southern Provinces.

In a case of an accident or a severe illness anyone can call 1990 hotline and get the service free of charge according to officials.

The officials of the Government Medical Officers Association have severely criticized this Ambulance Service during last few months.




Canadian Foreign Minister Conducted Talks With Sri Lanka's Higher Government Offcials

The Canadian Foreign Minister Stephane Dion who arrived in Sri Lanka yesterday(27) for an official visit had met and held talks with President Maithripala Sirisena,Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe and Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera  today(28).

The Canadian Foreign Minister is due to visit Jaffna tomorrow(29) and meeting with the Northern Province Governor Reginald Cooray.

This is the first time after thirteen years that a Canadian Foreign Minister has visited Sri Lanka.

Four Persons Have Been Detained And Remanded Over Stealing Of A Lorry Which Transporting 342 Rice Sacks

Image result for robbing a lorry clipart Four Persons have been detained and remanded over stealing a Lorry which transporting a stock of Rice worth over Rs.2.2 million  and Cash at Mahawa area(North Western Province).

Mahawa Police have detained the suspects who had stolen a Lorry with 342 Rice Sacks worth Rs.2,258,920 and cash in the Lorry it has been reported.

The suspects who are residents in Ambanpola and Mahawa Areas have been remanded until 03rd of August by the Nikaweratiya  Magistrate after being produced before the Court today(28).

Joint Opposition's Protest March Has Commenced From Peradeniya

Image result for protest arch clip artThe protest march(Paadha Yathra) of the Joint Opposition Group had commenced from Peradeniya (In Central Province) this morning despite the retraining order issued against it by Kandy Chief Magistrate yesterday(27).

A large number people including the supporters of  MP's belonging to  Joint Opposition Group have seen involved in the protest march which named as "Jana Satana"(People's Fight:).The former president Mahinda Rajapakshe along with several other Joint Opposition MP's are currently moving along the Colombo -Kandy road with the protest march  it has been reported.

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