Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Foreign-Three Explosions Went Off Near A Bus Carrying The German Football Team


Fifteen Undergraduates Of Peradeniya University Who Had been Remanded Over Ragging Further Remanded

Fifteen senior students attached to the
Faculty of Agriculture in University of Peradeniya who had been arrested and remanded over brutally ragging of  a group of first year students in the Faculty ,have been further remanded until 24th of April by the Kandy Chief Magistrate today(11).

The suspected students who are in remand since 20 th of February were further remanded after being produced before the Kandy Chief Magistrate today.

The Court has rejected the bail applications of suspected students four times it had been revealed.
'Athamun antharjalaye pamana ikmawa kiyawanawa day dani kanagatuwak athi wiya.Wediyen kiyawannan aduwen weda karay yanuwen kiyamanak athi bawa amataka nokala yutuya".

"Oba adaraya karana samepathamayinge sitha noridawanawa yanu obala atara pawatina adaraya ha senehasa tawat wardanaya karaganemaki.-Athapasuweem Awama karagannawa yanu wishwasaya wardanaya karaganeemaki.Madak sitanna adaraya ha senehasata wairaya ,sakaya ha krodayata wada ketharam wenaskamak kala hakida kiya".


A Female Was Arrested Over Attempting To Bribe Sapugaskande OIC

Sapugaskande Police have arrested a
female who attempted to Bribe the  Sapugaskande  Police station
OIC   by offering RS.500,000 to release two persons arrested over narcotic charges this morning (11).

Sapugaskande Police have earlier arrested a drug peddler and a 15 year old girl over transporting heroin.

The suspected female who was arrested later has attempted to bribe Sapugaskande OIC to release the drug peddler who is her brother and the 15 year old girl in police custody .


Customs Officers Arrested A Person With Illegally Imported Items Worth Rs.8 Million

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Sri Lanka Customs Officers have today (11) arrested a person with  around 30,000 small vials containing tobacco powder , more than 2000 beedi leaves and stock of shoes  illegally imported from Chennai,India in a container yard at Paliyagoda .

The estimated value of the items recovered is around Rs.6 million it has been revealed.

A 16 Year Old Female Student Drowned In While Bathing In Gorokgahakandura Falls

Image result for drownedA 16 year old female student has drowned while bathing with few of her friends in Gorokgahakandura Falls(Ella) in Randola,Badulla it has been reported.

The body of the deceased student had been recovered soon after she had drowned .She had been identified as a resident of Balangoda area.

Police Have Arrested A Female Over Torturing Her 73 Year Old Mother

Police have arrested a graduate female over torturing her 73 year old mother by throwing hot water towards her and hit her  from a broom in Kotalande area ,Gampaha.

The victim who is a retired teacher is currently receiving treatment in Wathupitiwala Hospital (Western Province) due to the brutal act of her daughter.

Police Have Arrested A 37 Year Old Businessman Over Abducting A 14 Year Old Girl In Kalawana

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Police have arrested a 37 year old Businessman who is a father of two children over abducting a 14 year old girl and hiding her in a house for 19 days in Kalawana area.

The abducted girl has been identified as  a daughter of a female who is working in a shoe company belonging to the suspected Businessman according to the reports.

Police have arrested the Businessman over the abducting of a young girl as per a complaint made by the mother of the missing girl on 22nd of March.

The abducted girl was found by the Police during a raid carried out in a house belonging to the Businessman and she had been hospitalized  for  a medical examination according to the Police.

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Government has amended  the current curfew schedule implemented in the country daily from tomorrow (06)according to the President's ...