Wednesday, June 26, 2019


Funeral Of Late Songstress Indrani Senaratne Scheduled Today (27)

The funeral of the late Local songstress Indrani Senaratne is scheduled to be held at Borella Cemetery this evening (27).

She was 82 years old at the time of her death .


President Says He Had Signed Papers To Hang Four Drug Smugglers

President Maithripala Sirisena has told
yesterday  (26)that he had signed the papers to hang 04 drug smuggleers sentenced to death during a meeting held with Media heads .

Meanwhile after President's annocement the Drug Smugglers who had been sentenced to deAth are being terrified it has been reported. 

President Maithripala Sirisena Has Told Media Heads He will Be Not Going To The Parliamentary Select Committee Probing Easter Sunday Attacks Even He Is Invited

President Maithripala Sirisena has
stated that the Parliamentary Select Committee probing Easter Sunday attacks never invited him to appear before the committee so far to give an evidence and even if they invites   he will not be going there during a meeting held at President's House yesterday  (26)with media heads .

As the President he cannot be invited to appear before the committee and if someone thinks the Committee can do that it's a joke President has stressed .

He will not be going to the Parliament select committee as it's a political joke scripted by Temple Trees he has further said .


Two Persons Including A Police Constable Arrested With Live Ammunitions Had Been Released On Bail

A Police Constable attached to Colpetty
Police and a relative of Western Province Governor A.J.M Musammil who had been arrested with nearly 1000 live ammunitions in their possession had been released on bail by Colombo Additional Magistrate Thanuja Jayathunge yesterday  (26).

The two suspects who had been produced before the courts yesterday were released on two surety bails of Rs.100,000 each.

They are residents of Ahangama and Mahawela Gardens ,Dematagoda. 

No politician Influenced Regarding The Investigations On Easter Sunday Attacks -Army Commander

Army Commander Lieutinent General
Mahesh Senanayake had staTed no politician including president, Prime Minister and former Minister Rishad Baduideen had influenced him regarding the investigations and search operations carried out by the Armed forces related to Easter Sunday attacks by giving evidence before the Parliamentary Select Committee probing Easter Sunday attacks last evening (26).

Even Former Minister Baduideen had only asked him whether a person under a cerrain name was arrested during the search operations carried out in Dehiwala area after the attacks Army Commander had revealed.

"He (Former Minister Baduideen )never influenced the ongoing investigations but phoned me three times to ask regarding a person arrested during the search operation in Dehiwala area.That person was a son of his friend according to former Minister. When he phoned me the third time I have requested him to call me after one and half years as I have the power to keep a person arrested under Terrorism Prevention Act for one and half years under detention "Army Commander has further said .

"It was a general conversation and I have told the former Minister a person under the name given by him was arrested .Then he requested me to see what can he do regarding his arrest and it was not an influence "he has stated .

Questioning Of Former Minister Rishad Baduideen Over Easter Sunday Attacks Was Postponed Until Tomorrow (28)By The Select Committee

Former Minister of Commerce and
Industry Rishad Baduideen who had appeared before the Parliamentary Select Committee probing Easter Sunday attacks yesterday  (26)was asked to re-appear before the committee tomorrow (28)at 2 p.m by the committee members without questioning him .

Committee members had questioned the Secretary of the Ministey Of Commerce and Industry over the Easter Sunday attacks last evening and postponed questioning former Minister Baduideen as three committee members were absent at that time and the committee members had another urgent meeting to attend it has been revealed.

Committee wants to question Former Minister Baduideen deeply regarding the allegations levelled against him on the attacks it has been reported. Parliamentary Select Committee had met last evening at the Parliament complex .



Two Femsles A Chinese And A Sri Lankan. Had Been Admitted To IDH Hospital, Angoda Suspecting As Infected With New Corona Virus

Two females including a Chinese National  and a Sri Lankan suspected as imfected with New Corona Virus had been admitted to  IDH (Infect...