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Land Slide In Niyandagala ,Rathnapura area leaves 21 Families Homeless

Due to the landslide occurred in Pareyyangala Mountain in niyandagala ,pambahinna,Rathapura on last Tuesday 21 families residing in the area got affected according to Divisional Secretary Bandula Harischandra.

Around 86 members of these families are now stayed at temporary shelters in the area Mr.Harischandra has stated.

State Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Corporation To Manufacture 19 New Varieties Of Drugs From This Year

Image result for state pharmaceutical corporationThe State Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Corporation  (SPMC) is planning  to manufacture 19 new varieties of western medicinal drugs from this year according to SPMC Sources.At the moment the Corporation is manufacturing  48 Varieties of Drugs especially for government hospitals the sources have revealed.

The State Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Corporation which earned a good profit last year is planning to increase it's production capacity of drugs to 4 billion  according to SPMC Chairman Dr.Sayuru Samarasundera.

In view of increasing the production capacity ,SPMC is planning to open another two SPMC branches  in Kandy and Wattala and Japanese International Corporation Agency(JICA) is assisting the SPMC in this regard it has been reported.


Joint Opposition Group Made A Written Request From President And Prime Minister To Cancel The Order Issued To Withdraw VIP Military Security From Former President Rajapakshe

Several Leaders of Joint Opposition have yesterday(04) made a written request from  President and Prime Minister to cancel the order issued to withdraw Army Personal assigned for  former president Mahinda Rajapakshe's Security.

As the former president Rajapakshe still facing a threat to his life due to defeating world's most ruthless terrorist organization LTTE the VIP Military Security should be continued for him the Joint Opposition Group Leaders have stated .

The written request  was signed by Joint Opposition Group Leaders Dinesh Gunawardena,Bandula Gunawardena,Thissa Witharana ,Raja Kollure and Wimal Weerawansha .

Meanwhile the former president Mahinda Rajapaksha has issued a press release and stated that the Police Personal who have replaced the Army Personal numbering 50 for his security not trained on VVIP Security.


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Police Have Taken Into Custody 2 Kilo Grammes And 200 Grammes Of Cocaine At Ragama

Image result for narcotic in wordThe Mount Lavinia Police have today(04) taken in to custody 2 Kilo Grammes and 200 Grammes of Cocaine Narcotic stored in Polythene Bags at a property  in Ragama(In Colombo) .

The value of the stock of Cocaine is estimated as Rs.25 Million it has been reported.

The Stock of Cocaine had seized at a property near the house where the Eight Nigerians and Two Sri Lankans were detained on 01st of May with a stock of Cocaine .

The Mount Lavinia Police have handed over the stock of Cocaine to Police Narcotics Bureau.

Thirty Thousand Sri Lankan Attendants To Receive Job Opportunities In USA Hospitals -Sri Lanka Bureau Of Foreign Employment

The Sri Lanka Bureau Of Foreign Employment   and an Institute recruiting foreign employees which  registered in United States Of America have signed an agreement yesterday (03)on provision of  30,000 job opportunities for Sri Lankans in the Hospital Industry in USA.

The agreement is valid for five years and under it Sri Lankan Attendants will be recruited as Attendants for Hospitals in USA the Foreign Employment Bureau  has stated.

The first group of attendants is due to be recruited soon for USA Hospitals and a special training will be provided for the selected group at a Training Center attached to Foreign Employment Bureau.


Inquiry Report On Brawl At Parliament Recommended To Take A Stern Disciplinary Action Against Two MP's

The inquiry report that handed over to the Parliamentary Speaker Karu Jayasuriya this evening regarding the brawl occurred in the Parliament yesterday(03) between two groups of MP'S had recommended a stern disciplinary action against two MP'S Palitha Thewarapperuma and Prasanna Ranaweera for developing a small incident to a fight it has been reported.

The inquiry report was handed over to the speaker by Deputy Speaker and Deputy Chairman of the committees today(04).

According to the report a disciplinary action against the two above mentioned MP's should be taken immediately once the Parliament meets again.The report has also suggested to advise the group  of MP'S who arrived  in  the center  of  parliament house yesterday  and disturbed the Parliament Activities.

Fire Had Broken Out At Moratuwa University Lab

A Fire had broken out this evening in a Laboratory of  University Of Moratuwa according to Police.The Fire Brigade which arrived at the scene had managed to douse the fire.

The fire had caused extensive  damage to the laboratory it has been reported.

The cause for the fire and value of the damage are not yet revealed.  .

Another 38 Corona Positives Had Been Discharged Today (07) After Full Recovery

Another 38 Corona positives had been recovered and discharged today (07)from government Hospitals, increasing the total number of Corona...