Monday, September 6, 2010

While A Section Of Buddhist Clergy Opposing The Amendment Few Unper's To Support It

As the much  debated 18th Constitutional Amendment is to be  presented to the Parliament in two days time a section of Buddhist Clergy clearly opposing the Amendment as the Government planned to pass the Amendment as an emergency Act.

Even some of the Chief Incumbents clearly stated that this is a great threat to the Democracy of the Country.Meanwhile the Opposition MP's who supported the Amendment said another Five MP's of the Main Opposition United National Party(UNP) will vote with the Government when the voting is held on Wednesday.

TNA To Vote Against The Amendment

Tamil National Alliance(TNA) today decided to vote against the 18th Amendment which is to be presented to the Parliament in this Wednesday.TNA said the main reason behind their decision is that the proposed Amendment affects the rights of Minorities in the Country.

Government Leftist Parties To Support The 18th Amendment

The leftist Parties attached to the Government decided today to vote for the proposed 18th Amendment on 08th of September despite of some  disagreements they have on the Amendment.Earlier the leader of the Democratic Leftist Movement Vasudeva Nanayakkara stressed his party is opposing the proposed Amendment.

President To Continue Contesting Elections Till Forwarding A Strong Opposition Candidate

President Mahinda Rajapaksha told the Media heads this evening that he will contest for the Future Presidential Elections till the Opposition has forwarded a Strong Candidate against him.Addressing a special briefing for the Media Heads held at Temple Trees President stressed that there will be not much opposition for the proposed 18th Amendment.

Leftist Parties To Announced Their Decision On 18th Amendment Today

Leftist Parties are due to announced their decision on whether to support or oppose the 18th Constitutional Amendment today.According to the Leader of the Democratic Leftist Movement Vasudeva Nanayakkara his Party and the Lanka Samasamaja Party (LSSP) attached to the Governing Party already have decided their cause of action and the Communist Party attached to the Government is due to announced their decision today.

The decision of the Tamil National Alliance is also scheduled to be announced today.The Parliamentary Debate and the voting on the proposed 18th Amendment is due to held in this Wednesday(08).

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