Sunday, January 15, 2017


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An Indian National Attempted To Smuggle Three Gold Biscuits Arrested At Katunayake Airport

gold biscuits க்கான பட முடிவுAirport Customs Officers have arrested a 28 year old  Indian National who attempted to smuggle three Gold Biscuits to Chennai ,India at Katunayake,Bandaranaike International Airport on wee hours today(16).

The value of the Gold Biscuits the suspect attempted to smuggle estimated as Rs.1.6 million.He was arrested while trying to leave Chennai.

A Youth Was Committed Suicide By Jumping In Front Of A Train

trains sri lanka க்கான பட முடிவுA 26 year old youth  had committed suicide by jumping in front of a moving train traveling to Galle near Galle Train Station (Southern Province)according to sources.

The body of the deceased youth has sent to Karapitiya Teaching Hospital .

The whereabouts of the deceased not yet been revealed and Galle Police are conducting an investigation on the incident.


A Cyclist Was Critically Injured And Hospitalized Due To A Wild Elephant Attack

A cyclist was critically injured and hospitalized due to
a wild elephant attack  in Bakamuna area (North Central Province) according to the Police.

The cyclist who was on the way home at the time of the Wild Elephant attack , was admitted to the Bakamuna Provincial Hospital and later transfered to Dambulla Hospital for further treatment.

The injured has been identified as a resident of Bakamuna area.

Fifteen Acres Of Land At Hali Ela Destroyed Due To A Fire

Fifteen acres of land belonging to the Rubber Land at 
Unagollawatte,Hali Ela area (Uva Province)had been destroyed due to a sudden fire occurred last Saturday (14).

Residents  of the area along with Police and Army peesonal had doused the fire it has bren reported. 

No casualties have been reported due to the fire .

A Janitor Was Arrested With 66 Air Rifle Bullets In His Possession

Airport security officers have arrested a worker
attached to a private janitorial company with 66 Air rifle bullets in his possession at the Departure Lounge of  Katunayake Bandaranaike International Airport today (15).

The suspect has revealed to the authorities that he found the bullets from a garbage dump.He has been identified as a resident of Minuwangoda area (western province.


Temperature Level Of Air Conditioners In Government Institutions To Be Restricted

A special circular will be issued soon to government
institutions to keep the temperature level of Air Conditioners in use at 26 degrees Celcius in view of saving electricity due to the current dry weather condition the deputy minister of Power and Renewable Energy Ajith.C.Perera has stated today (15).

Due to the dry weather prevailing in most parts of the country ,the natural water reserves are drying and this situation affects the production of electricity as well he has stated.

A Person Has Died And Two Others Hospitalized Due To A Toxic Gas Inhalation At Nuwara Eliya

A person has died and two others were hospitalized in
an unconcious situation after inhaling a toxic gas believed to be released from a Barbaque Grill in their room at a Hotel in Hawa Eliya-Nuwara Eliya (Upcountry ) today (15).

The deceased who was the driver of the group has died after admission to Nuwara Eliya Hospital in an unconcious situation it has been reported.The other two persons in tbe Hotel Room who inhaled the toxic gas are receiving treatment at the same hospital and they are out of danger  it has been reported.

The three persons had been identified as residents of Nittambuwa (Western Province)area who were on vaccation at Nuwara Eliya.They have brought a Barbaque Grill to their room last night (14) due to the cold weather and the driver of the group  reported as in an unconcious situation after inhaling a toxic gas this morning according to reports.



Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe To Leave Switzerland Tomorrow (16)

Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe is due to leave
Switzerland tomorrow (16) to attand a World Economic Forum scheduled to be held from 17th to 20th of January in Davos-Klosters,,Switzerland.

During the forum Prime Minister is due to hold talks with several world leaders and international entrepreneurs.

The forum which will be attended by leaders  of more than 40 countries will be deeply look into the new trends of world economy it has been stated.

Prime Minister Wikramsinghe is scheduled to be stayed in Switzerland until 21st of January.


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