Friday, December 27, 2013

16,000 Liters Of Ethanol Imported From Malaysia Illegally Has Been Seized

Another container contained 16,000 liters of imported Ethanol  in 80 barrels which has evading millions of tax money has been seized by the Customs Officials at Orugodawatta Container Yard.the seized container was imported from Malaysia and evading paying taxes worth Rs.10 million according to sources.

202 Quality Failed Drugs Have Been Suspended During Last 22 Months

Around 202 varieties of Drugs and Injections imported to Sri Lanka from 71 Drug Companies were suspended   during last 22 months(December 2011 to September 2013) due to quality issues according to National Drug Authority sources.out of these suspended drugs 32 drugs were quality failed multiple times the sources added.

A large number of drugs prescribed for Diabetes,Infections ,High Blood Pressure,Cholesterol and Heart Diseases are among these quality failed drugs and so far no action has  taken against the officer who is responsible  for registering these quality failed drugs in national drug authority according to government doctors.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Ninteen High Court And Civil Appeals High Court Judges To Be Transferred From 01st Of January

The Chief Justice Mohan Pieris has given transfers to 19 High Court and Civil Appeals High Court Judges with effect from 01st of January 2014.The transfers are as follows.

-             Colombo Civil Appeals High Court judge W.P. Dehideniya to be appointed Colombo no.1
Commercial High Court judge.

-         Kandy Civil Appeals High Court judge Leyon Seneviratne to be appointed Colombo Civil Appeals High Court judge.

c         Colombo High Court no.1 judge, Kumudhini Wickremasinghe to be appointed Mount Lavinia Civil Appeals High Court judge.

-           Mount Lavinia Civil Appeals High Court judge Rohini Walgama to be appointed as Judge of Colombo High Court no.1


-         Kandy Civil Appeals High Court judge Aruna Ranasinghe to be appointed Colombo no.2 Commercial High Court judge.

-          Judge of Kandy High Court no.2 Amendra Seneviratne to be appointed as Colombo no 3 Commercial High Court Judge

        Colombo High Court judge Prithi Padman Surasena to be appointed Kalutara High Court judge.

-            Kalutara High Court judge Amal Tillekeratne to be appointed Chilaw High Court judge.

-             Chilaw High Court judge Padmini Ranawaka Gunathilaka to be appointed Colombo High Court judge.

-         Colombo High Court judge Shiran Gunaratne to be appointed Ratnapura High Court judge.

-         Ratnapura High court judge Mohan Seneviratne to  be appointed Balapitiya High Court Judge

-         Balapitiya High Court judge A.A.R. Heiyanthuduwa to be appointed as the new Kegalle Civil Appeals High Court judge.

-         Gampaha Civil Appeals High Court judge Shiromi Perera to be appointed as the Kegalle Civil Appeals High Court judge.

-         North-Central Province Civil Appeals High Court judge Nissanka Bandula Karunaratne to be appointed Gampaha Civil Appeals High Court judge.

-         Colombo no.1 Commercial High Court judge Gamini Amarasekara to be appointed Kegalle High Court judge.

-          Colombo no.2 Commercial High  Court judge Mahinda Samayawardena to be appointed Kandy Civil Appeals High Court Judge
-         Colombo no.3 High Court judge Chamath Morias to be appointed Colombo High Court judge.

-           Kegalle High Court judge Menaka Wijesundara to be appointed Kandy Civil Appeals High Court Judge

-         Badulla Civil Appeals High Court judge Udaya Karalliyadda to be appointed Kandy no. 2 High Court judge.

Consumer Affairs Authority Has Seized Rs.4.4 Million Worth Food Items Not Suitable For Consumption

The Consumer Affairs Authority has today(24) seized Rs.4.4 million worth food items not suitable for consumption during a raid carried out in Fourth Cross Street at Pettah area.

The Authority has found unfit food items including 4000 Killo Grammes of Big Anions and 4000 Killo Grammes of Dried Fish
stored in a ware house during the raid carried out today.

Meanwhile consumer affairs authority has recovered  a  stock of food additives and pumpkin sauce  not suitable for consumption from a  hotel in Pettah Area.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Foreign Employment Bureau Appealed Sri Lankans Avoid Going For Work In Sudan

The Foreign Employment Bureau has appealed Sri Lankans avoid going for  employment opportunities  in African State of Sudan due to the current tense situation prevails there.those who want to leave Sudan  should be taken advise from the employment bureau prior to their departure  according to the bureau sources.

Around 75 Sri Lankans are reported as employed in Southern Sudan at present and Sri Lankan authorities ma bring them back home if the need arise the sources said.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Milk Powder Companies Have Requested Permission To Increase Milk Powder Prices

Due to the rising prices  in the world market Local Milk Powder Companies have requested the permission from consumer affairs authority to increase 400 gramme Milk Powder Pack by Rs.50 and 1 Killo Gramme of Milk Powder Pack by Rs.100.

According to the Milk Powder Companies they have lost profit heavily during last six months due to the rising prices  of milk powder in the world market .even government has failed to keep the promise on increasing milk powder prices at the end of the year sources authorities are silence over the issue milk powder companies have decided to increase their milk powder prices with effect from January next year.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Paul Farbrace Appointed As Sri Lankan National Cricket Coach

The Former Sri Lankan Assistant Cricket Coach Paul Farbrace has been appointed as National Coach of the Sri Lankan Cricket Team for a one year period the Sri Lankan Cricket has announced today(20).Farbrace will be replaced the ongoing Sri Lankan Cricket Coach Graham Ford of South Africa who is due to leave the job after the local cricket team's  current series against Pakistan at Sarjah.

Annual Budget 2014 Has Passed In Parliament

The 2014 Annual Budget was passed in Parliament this evening with majority of 95 votes.155 MP's have voted in favor of the budget while 60 were voted against it .the voting  has taken place after a weeks of debate on the third reading of the budget.

Before voting began President Mahinda Rajapaksha has addressed the Parliament.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Consumer Affairs Authority Seized Rs.9.6 Million Worth Epired stock of Chili Powder And Pieces

The Consumer Affairs Authority has today(18) raided a production plant at Mabola-Wattala and seized 8000 kilo grammes of expired chili powder and pieces worth Rs.9.6 million authority sources said.the owner of the production plant and the store keeper were arrested regarding the selling of expired food to the public .

Western And Southern Provincial Councils To Be Dissolved

The Western and Southern Provincial Councils are due to be dissolved withing next 2-3 weeks according to Minister Of Environment and Energy Susil Premjayantha,the elections for these councils will be held in due course he said.

A Controversial Direcor In Health Sector Tipped To Be Appointed As Deputy Director General Of Health Services(Laboratory Services)

The top Health Ministry Officials  are   planning to appoint the controversial director of National Drug Authority Dr.Hemantha Beneragama to the vacant post of Deputy Director General Of Health Services(Laboratory Services) despite his involvement in registering several black listed Drug Companies under one day service for the purpose of purchasing Cancer Injections .

The calling of applications for the top post which supervises  the functions of Director National Drug Authority,Director Of Medical Supplies Division,National Drug Quality Assurance Laboratory and Director Laboratory Services have already been closed   and three officers including the controversial director Dr.Beneragama have already shortlisted for the interview scheduled to be held on this Friday(20) at the ministry.

Also the application procedure too has not done in impartial manner  as the health ministry secretary himself keep all the records of the shortlisted candidates by removing the Deputy Director General Of Health Services(Medical Services1) who is responsible for keeping the reports of applicants who are applying for the  top posts of the ministry from his duty.

According to the Government Medical Officers Forum (GMOF) appointing a controversial Director like Dr.Beneragama who was severely criticized by the President himself regarding the controversial Cancer Injection Issue is a bad example for entire government service as he has clearly violated code of ethics under establishment code.

The GMOF has urged the health authorities to refrain from appointing the controversial director for the post of DDG(Lab Services) as other qualified officers are there in  health sector  for the post.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Health Secretary Has Directed National Drug Authority Director To Re Pay Rs.2 Million Earned Fraudulently

The Health Secretary Dr.Nihal Jayathilake has ordered the Director of National Drug Authority Dr.Hemantha Beneragama to Repay Rs.2 million from 60 installments which  he has earned as  the Consultant's Salary fraudulently for 15 years whilst being  a  non consultant.from 1997 to 2012 Dr.Beneragama has fraudulently earned  Rs.3 million by taking consultant's salary it has been revealed.however health ministry secretary has ordered Dr.Benearagama to repay 
Rs.2 million which is Rs.1  million shorter than the money he had drawn fraudulently.

The Health Ministry has  taken steps to deduct this amount from his salary according to ministry sources.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Five Southern Provincial Councilors Launched A Fasting Campaign Against Benthara-Alpitiya Sri Lanka Freedom Party Organizer

Five Southern Provincial Councilors belongs to the ruling party have launched an indefinite fasting campaign in front of Elpitiya Bus Stand (Southern Province)today(16)by demanding the removal of Popular Film Actress turned provincial councilor Geetha Kumarasinghe from the post of Sri Lanka Freedom Party Organizer in Benthara-Alpitiya .

The five provincial Councillors including southern provincial councilor Major Ajith Prasanna have demanding the removal of Mrs.Kumarasingha over the dispute between Major Prasanna and her occurred during a development committee meeting recently.the fasting politicians have pledged that they will continue their fasting
until meet their demand.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Government Should Be Resigned By Accepting The Responsibility Of Protecting Corrupted Politicians-Opposition MP Vijitah Herath

The Advertising Secretary Of leftist Janatha Wimukthi Peramuna(Peoples Freedom Front) MP Vijitha Herath has today(15) urged the Government to be resigned with immediate effect due to protecting number of ministers who are clearly been   involved in drug business,illegal Ethanol Business and Illicit Liquor Industry in the country.

Addressing a press briefing held in Colombo today MP Herath has said that the Politicians in the country are behind the recently reported  incidents including arresting of 216 killo grammes of Drugs ,,importing of large stock of Ethanol  to the country illegally and Transportation of Drugs.even some innocent people have paid from  their lives due to the  complaining of such incidents  to the police he has stressed.

As Prime Minister him self has not giving a clear answer over his  co coordinating secretary's involvement on  issuing a controversial letter to release a drug container  government itself should take the responsibility of these incidents and resigned due to the failure of taking action against these errant politicians " he has further said.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Public Given Free Hand To View Parliamentary Complex Without Permission

The Government has decided to allow public to view the Parliamentary Complex without and permission according to the speaker Chamal Rajapaksha.up to now public need pre permission to enter and view the Parliamentary Complex.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Health Authorities To Reduce The Nursing Staff In Government Hospitals

The Ministry Of Health has planning to restrict the Nursing Staff attach to Government Hospitals to 20,105 from 26,000 through the new service minute of Government Nurses introduced recently according to All Ceylon Nurses Union .As there is a severe shortage of nurses in government hospitals at present ,numbering around 30,000 health authorities should have increase the number of nurses instead of reducing them in view of improving the patient care in hospitals union has said.

All Radiography Tests Performs In Government Hospitals Were Canceled Today(12) Due To A Tarde Union Action

More Then 500  Radiography Tests including C T Scan ,X Ray ,MRI  and Angigramme Tests due to perform in Government Hospitals today(12) have been canceled due to the one day sick note campaign launched by Radiographers according to hospital sources.thousands of patients due to undergo these tests have faced severe difficulties due to this situation sources revealed.

As Radiographers attach to Maharagama Cancer Hospital too involved in this  sick note campaign for the first time in history all radiography tests due to perform  for Cancer Patients too have been canceled .

Around 550 Radiographers attach to Government Hospitals have participated this sick note campaign which due to be concluded tomorrow(13) morning by demanding to stop recruiting Advanced Level Passers to the training of Radiographers and filling the shortage of Radiographers in Government Hospitals through the Radiography Graduates passing out from government universities.

As a protest to the decision taken by Health Ministry to recruit Advanced Level Passers for the training of Radiographers the Government Radiographers Union has unanimously decided not to train them at Government Radiography Training School.

Ministry Of Co Operatives And Internal Trade To Register All Milk Powder Company Stores

The Minister of Co operatives and Internal Trade Johnston Fernando has instructed his Ministry Secretary today(12)to issue a special gazette notification stating the registering of  all stores belongs to the  Milk Powder Companies  at  Consumer Affairs Authority with immediate effect.the minister has also instructed the secretary to include  a special provision in the said gazette to   enable the  authorities to inspect stores of Milk Powder Companies during  24 hours a day .

It has been learn t that the Minister Johnston Fernando has taken this decision to register all milk powder company stores to avoid of
creating an artificial shortage of Milk Powder in the market by Milk Powder Companies .

However the Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) has stated that a shortage of Milk Powder Products in the market is a great help to  improve  the health of child and adults.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Health Ministry Is Dancing According To The Tune Of GMOA-President Of Public Services Nurses Union

As Health Ministry Officials have act only according to the instructions of Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) Ministry it self becomes a useless ministry the president of Public Services Nurses Union(PSNU) Venerable Muruththettuwe Ananda Thero has said today(11).

According to Venerable Ananda Thero the appointments of 200-300 Graduate Nurses to the government hospitals are delaying due to the unnecessary influence of the GMOA and  adding fuel to the fire Ministry Officials are acting according to it ."Doctors Union has created an unnecessary problem by trying to dictate health sector based  on their own agenda .the union has also undermining other health professionals and the delay of appointing graduate nurses to the government hospitals is a clear proof of this" he has stressed.

If the Health Ministry Officials are not taking  steps to giving appointments to the unemployed graduate nurses with immediate effect Nurses Union will take stern action against it soon Muruththettuwe Thero has further said.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Customs Removed The Restrictions Imposed On Wearing Gold Jewelery While Travelling Abroad

Sri Lankan Customs has decided to remove the restrictions imposed over passengers on wearing gold jewelery while traveling abroad.after  custom officials have received information on an illegal trade of human smuggling by wearing gold jewellery, they recently imposed restrictions that a females going abroad  should  wear  gold jewelery that not exceed 15 pounds  while the jewellery wear by males who are traveling abroad should not exceed 5 pounds.

However these restrictions have been removed  after
public made complaints against the restrictions.

Government Hospital Radiographers To Launch One Day Sick Note Campaign This Thursday

The Government Hospital Radiographers are  decided to launch one day island wide sick note campaign this Thursday(12) by demanding fill the shortage of radiographers in hospitals through radiography graduates instead through  advanced level passers.

Due to this sick note campaign all radiography tests including X Rays,C.T Scan Tests and MRI Scan Tests will be stopped in all government hospitals during this  Thursday according to Government Radiographers Union.

The Health Ministry has trying to fill the severe shortage of Radiographers in Government Hospitals through Advanced Level Passers although there are enough Graduates in Radiography passing out from Government Universities the Secretary of Radiographers Union Mr.Dharamakeerthi Apa has said.around 50 Radiography Graduates are passing out from government universities annually and through them can fill the shortage easily he has stressed.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Massive Protest Campaign Of Health Professionals In Front Of Minsitry Of Health

The Government Professions Supplementary To Medicine(PSM's),Nurses and Para Medical Officers are to be hold a massive protest campaign in front of Ministry Of Health from 12 noon to 1 p.m on 18th of December by demanding solutions for six of their service demands.according to the Joint Council Of Nurses-PSM'S And Para Medical Officers around 100 members representing 16 categories belongs to the council scheduled to be participated for this protest campaign .

Kidney Transplants Performs For The Chronicle Kidney Disease Patients Of North Central Province Decreased

Although around 200 kidney transplant surgeries should have been performed annually to the deadly Chronicle Kidney Disease patients  in North Central Province for their recovery only 17 such transplants have been done last year the Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) has said."as the only available effective  treatment for the deadly kidney disease the kidney transplant surgeries performs in north central province should have been increased "GMOA has stressed.

The shortage of Consultant Nephrologists and other staff members  in the newly built special kidney unit at Anuradhapura General Hospital is the main reason for the small number of kidney transplants performed in last year sources have revealed.

GMOA has prepared a 12 proposal plan to be implemented to combat the deadly chronicle kidney disease spreading in north central province at present  including the  setting up of a special unit in Health Ministry to provide instructions on combating the disease .the plan is due to be hand over to the Ministry soon GMOA sources said.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Forum Of Health Professionals Against Government Corruption To Take Legal Action Against A Errant Local Drug Agent

The Forum Of Health Professionals Against Government Corruption has decided to take legal action against a corrupted local agent company of  an Indian Drug Manufacturer which is responsible for importing low quality drugs and drugs with serious side effects to the country according to Forum Sources.

The said corrupted local drug agent company has responsible for the death of a child who was admitted to Karapitiya Teaching Hospital recently for drug poisoning and making ill so many other patients who have taken their drugs the Forum has said.the corrupted local company has black listed last year(2012) as well as in early 2013 for importing low quality drugs and  drugs with serious side effects  to Sri Lanka but in recent weeks their name was removed from the black list and given registration in National Drug Authority withing a short period of time to import same sub standard drugs which banned earlier Forum Of Health Professionals Against Government Corruption has revealed.

"As Health Ministry has turned blind eye on taking a action against the said corrupted local drug agent we have no other option then taking legal action against the company in view of safeguarding the lives of patients" a spokesman of the forum has stressed.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Fire Has Destroyed Over 50 Newly Built Shops In Pettah fire which  has broken out in the newly built shopping  line at Bodhiraja Mawatha in Pettah this evening has destroyed over 50 new shops in the line according to sources.due to the fire a large quantity  of toys,household products ,Textiles and Plastic Appliances stored in Newly Built Shops were destroyed sources have added.

The Fire Fighters who arrived the scene soon  after it broken out have doused the fire casualties have been reported due to this fire.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Two Engine Drivers Were Suspended Over A Running Of A Train Engine Without Them

The Services of  a engine driver and  assistant  driver attach to the  Sri Lanka Railways Department  have been suspended with  immediate effect following the  run of a Train Engine from Dematagoda To Mount Lavinia  without a driver this morning.the train engine was automatically started running at 1.45 a.m this morning and it went up to Mount Lavinia with the speed of 10 kilo meters per hour Railway Department sources have said.

The Railway Authorities finally stopped this engine
by derailing it .no one was hurt due to this incident according to the  authorities.

Meanwhile Engine Drivers have launched a strike this evening protesting against the service suspension of a engine driver and his assistant for the running of Train Engine without them.According to Railway Drivers Union the two drivers driving the engine stopped the engine and  handed over the engine  keys   to the Railway Officers who are in charge yesterday night."so the officials who have taken the keys of the engine are the ones who are responsible for this incident not the drivers " a union official said.

A Company Changing Expiry Date Lables Of Phramaceutical Packages Was Raided

The Police with the assistance of Health Officials have today(05)raided a private company located in  Nawala Area where the expiry dates of Pharmaceutical Products are being  changed.during the raid officials have found 4814 boxes of Hydrosone Oinment  and 10,000 other empty boxes which changes made to the expiry dates.

The Private Company which was raided is situated at Kirimandala Mawatha,Nawala and known as imported drugs to Sri Lanka.when the Panadura-Walana Anti Vice Squad and Medical Supplies Division Officials raided the company two employees of the company
have been engaged in pasting expiry date changing labels in Pharmaceutical product packages sources said.

Police Investigations on the incident are on and legal action is due to be taken against three directors and two employees attach to the raided company police sources said.

A Large Quantity Of Hidden Milk Powder Packs Found From A Private Ware House

For a  Consecutive second day Consumer Affairs Authority has today(05)found 257,658 Packets of 400 Gramme Milk Powder stored at  a private ware house in Seeduwa area.the  authorities believed the stock of milk powder packs Worth Rs.80 million were hidden in stores instead of releasing to the market may be  with the aim of  creating an artificial milk powder shortage in the market.

During the raids the Consumer Affairs Authority has yesterday(04)  recovered 13.5 tonnes of Milk Powder and 540 boxes of 25 gramme Milk Powder hidden in a Milk Powder Factory at  Welisara Area.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Inquiry On Registering Fraudulent Drug Company To Supply Cancer Injections To Be Completed In Two Weeks

The inquiry on Registering Fraudulent Drug Company in National Drug Authority under one day service to supply expensive Cancer Injections to Mahragama ,Cancer Hospital will be completed withing next two weeks according to Dr.Jayasundara Bandara who is conducting the inquiry .the report of the inquiry is scheduled to be handover to the Health Ministry Secretary Dr.Nihal Jayathilake Dr.Bandara said.

Meanwhile the Health Professionals Forum Against Government Corruption has protested the decision of Health Ministry Secretary to appoint Dr.Bandara who is the Deputy Director General Of Health Services in Dental Services by stating that  he has no knowledge on Cancer Drugs.the Forum has also said that Dr.Bandara is a batch mate of the Drug Authority Director Dr.Hemantha Beneragama so impartial inquiry cannot be expected from him,.

By denying the allegations  made against him by Health Professionals Forum  Dr.Bandara  has said that Dr.Beneragama is not his batch mate and he will continue his investigations in free and fair manner.

This inquiry is conducting under the instructions of President Mahinda Rajapaksha who has last week ordered Health Minister to inquire in the matter.

Government Has Lost Rs.112 Million Worth Tax Income Due To Illegally Imported Ethanol

Government has lost Rs.112 million worth tax income due to the illegally imported stock of ethanol found by Customs recently .the 74,480 liters of ethanol has found by customs recently stored in seven containers at Orugodawatta Container Yard.

This stock of Ethanol has been  imported to Sri Lanka illegally from Malaysia as Tar customs sources said.

Consumer Affairs Authority Has Found 13.5 Tonnes Of Hidden Milk Powder Stock

The Consumer Affairs Authority has  found a 13.5  tonne  Milk Powder Stock hidden inside  a well known Milk Powder Factory located in Welisara during a raid carried out by today(04)  .the hidden stock of Milk Powder is inside the factory besides releasing to the market.

The Authority has also found 540 Milk Powder Packs  contained 25 grammes of Milk Powder per pack from the same factory.Consumer Affairs Authority carried out this raid due to the complaints received by authority stating that
there's a  Milk Powder Shortage  in the market.

Government Has Allocated Only Rs.482 As Monthly Per Capita Health Expenditure For 2014

The government has only allocated around Rs.482 per person monthly as  their health expenditure for next year which is not a sufficient amount to deliver a quality health care service through government hospitals according to the Secretary of  of All Ceylon Medical Officers Association Dr.Jayantha Bandara .

"To deliver a good quality health care service under the free health care system in the country government should have increased this monthly health expenditure per person by few folds" he has from this years budget only allocated a sum of Rs.117 billion for the health sector expenditure for 2014 a Rs.8 billion short from  this years expenditure, authorities should at least try to allocate 5% of the estimated gross domestic product (GDP) of   next year Rs.9985 Billion  for the
health sector "Dr.Bandara has further said.

3 Million Sri Lankans Are Suffering From Some Form Of Disability-Dr Pinto

Around 3 million out of 20 million local population are suffering from some form of disability according to orthopedic Surgeon  Dr.Narendra Pinto.majority of these disabilities are occurred due to spinal injuries he has revealed.

 Government Hospital statistics have shown that around 1500-2000 people are admitting to hospitals annually due to spinal injuries he has further said.the majority of these victims are in the age group  between 51-60 and a significant number of young people too face spinal injuries annually  reports have revealed.

Addressing a press briefing held at Ministry Of Health in Colombo this morning to mark "International Day Of Disabled Persons " fall on 03rd of December  Dr.Pinto has pointed out that people should be careful when bringing accident victims to the  hospital as bringing them from some vehicles like  tri shaws will be harmful for their spines.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Farmers In Loin Cloths Have Protested In Colombo By Demanding Solutions For Their Demands

Hundreds Of Farmers representing All Ceylon Farmers Federation have gathered to Colombo this evening by clad in  their traditional loin cloths to protest over not giving fair solutions for their demands from the budget.the protesting farmers have said that 950,000 member farming community in the country has been cheated by this government as their pension arrears too not paid up to now.

The farmers have demanded solutions for six of their demands before the budget including paying farmers pension with arrears,issuing farmers a good quality seeds,giving Rs.40 per killo of paddybut the authorities have turned a blind eye towards these demands according to National Organizer of All Ceylon Farmers Federation Namal Karunaratne.

The farmers who clad in  loin cloth have seen distributing leaflets to the public on their demands.

Media Center For National Security Has Been Abolished With Immediatte Effect

The Media Center For National Security(MCNS) administered by it's Director Lakshman Hulugalle has been abolished by  Defense Ministry with effect from 01st of November  President's Office has announced today(02).the MCNS which is the brain child of President Mahinda Rajapaksha comes under purview of Defense Spokesman of the Government and Secretary Of The Ministry Of Defense.

The reason  behind the decision of abolishing  Media Center has  not yet revealed but it's director has come under criticism of  one of the leading local entrepreneurs recently for trying to destroy his business and family life.

Meanwhile the Director General Of Media Center For National Security Mr.Hulugalle has said that the Center has not been abolished but only defined and his post is still there.this decision has taken because there's no longer a war in the country  he has said.

The Media Center For National Security has been set up with the purpose of distributing all national security and defense related information and data to the media and the public through a one coordinating center.the media coordinators of all three armed forces namely the Army,Navy And Air Force attach to this center to ensure speedy collection and distributing of information.

79 Corona Positives Had Been Discharged From Hospitals Today (02)

A total of 79 Corona positives had been discharged today (02) from Hospitals after full recovery it has been reported . Accordingly th...