Thursday, September 15, 2011

Importing Of Sub Standard Petrol To The Country-CPC Sent Dep.Finance Manger On Compulsory Leave

The Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) authorities have sent one of the Deputy Finance Managers of the Corporation on Compulsory Leave with effect from yesterday (16) regarding the importing of Sub Standard Petrol to Sri Lanka recently.He was sent Compulsory Leave on Disciplinary Grounds accrding to the CPC Sources.

Petroleum Minister Susil Prema Jayantha has instructed the CPC Chairmen to take Disciplinary Action against those who involved in import ing sub standard petrol to the country.

The using of the Sub Standard Petrol imported by CPC damaged several vehicals in the Country and authorities have taken steps to pay compansation for the owners of those damaged  vehicals.

280,000 To 2.8 Million Lost Days In Sri Lanka Due To Mumps Disease To Be Saved Through MMR Vaccine ?- Dr.Sudath Pieris

Through the MMR (Measles,Mumps and Rubella) Vaccine which is due to be introduced to the National Immunization Programme from 01st of October this year it will expect  to save 280,000 to 2.8 million working days which are lost due to the people affected from Mumps in Sri Lanka according to the Senior Epidemiologist Dr.Sudath Pieris.

Dr.Pieris said that 0.1 to 1 percent of the Sri Lankan Population are affected with the disease Mumps every year and that is around 20,000 to 200,000 patients annually.Due to the symptoms of Mumps people have to keep away from their offices,schools and universities for long time and this  will affect the Economy badly he stressed.

As the MMR Vaccine is introduced to the Immunization Programme the Rubella Vaccine currently administered through the programme will be stopped as the protection against Rubella Disease too provided by the new vaccine.

Addressing a Media Seminar on MMR Vaccine held in Health Education Bureau today Dr.Sudath Pieris has said that the MMR Vaccine will be given to the Children aged One Year and Three Years and the Females 16-44 years with the effect from 01st of October this year.The Government will spend Rs.200 million for importing of one million doses of MMR Vaccines required annually he further added.

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