Tuesday, May 10, 2016



Two Police Constables Detained Over A Rape Case Have Been Further Remanded until 24th of May

The two police constables  detained over a female rape case at Kaththankudi(In Eastern Province) were further remanded until 24th of May by Batticloe Magistrate yesterday(10).

The two police constables  attached to Batticloe and Dehiwala Police Stations were detained last week on the charge of taking a female to a house in Kaththankudi from a three wheeler and rape her.

The suspects were further remanded after being produced before Batticloe Magistrate Court,

President Sirisena To Leave England Today(11)

President Maithripala Sirisena is due to leave England today(11) to attend International Anti Corruption Summit scheduled to be held in London, England.

President Sirisena is participating the summit following an invitation made by English Premier David Cameron.

After the Conference both leaders are due conduct bilateral talks .


Police Detained Three Civil Defense Force Personal Over Stealing 1407 Coconut From A Coconut Land

Image result for stealingMadampe Police had detained three Civil Defense Force Personal   regarding an allegation on stealing 1407 Coconuts from a coconut land belonging to Chilaw Plantations Company at sebbukattiya in Madampe Area.

The arrests were made following the complaint made to Madampe Police by the land owner.The three detained Civil Defense Force Personal were in charge of security at the coconut Land belonging to  Chilaw Plantations Company it has been reported.

Madampe Police are conducting further investigations on  the incident.


Foreign Employment Bureau Has Detained Four Persons For Operating An Illegal Foreign Employment Racket

Image result for detainedThe Sri Lanka Bureau Of  Foreign Employment  has detained four persons over operating an illegal racket to send Sri Lankan Females aboard for an employment.

The suspects were remanded after being produced before the court yesterday (10).

The detained persons were made fake passports and visas for sending females abroad for an employment and somehow managed to get registration at the foreign employment bureau for their work  it has been revealed .

The Foreign Employment Bureau is now investigating to arrest a female attached to a registered Foreign Employment Agency who played a major role in  the illegal racket .

Around 70 Persons Removed From Surrounding Area Of Pettigala Mountain Due To A Landslide Threat

Around 70 persons belonging to 20 families of estate workers  were removed from the surrounding area of Pettigala Mountain in Balangoda(In Ratnapura District) today (10) due to the landslide threat faced by the mountain  according to Ratnapura District Secretariat.

The removed persons were temporarily recruited to safety camps the Secretariat has announced.

The Officials attached to Disaster Management Center and National Building Research Organization who  visited the Pettigala Mountain at Balangoda recently have   identified there's a landslide threat there.


All The Twelve Sri Lankan Migrants Send Back To The Island By Australian Authorities Last Week Are Under The Detention Of CID-Government

Image result for SRI LANKAN MIGRANTSSri Lankan government has confirmed that the twelve  Sri Lankan migrants send back to the island last week by Australian Authorities  are currently under the detention of Criminal Investigation Department(CID).

Accordingly the Sri Lanka Immigration Emigration Department has stated that all the twelve Sinhalese Migrants send back to the country by Australian Authorities are being treated well although they are under the detention of CID.

The Group of Sri Lankans migrated to Australia through a boat was being investigated to find out how they went to Australia from Sri Lanka and who organized their trip according to Immigration Emigration Department.

The above mentioned migrants last week  have reached the Cocos Island in the Indian ocean situated north west of Australian Mainland.

Nearly 50 Workers Attached To Bogala Graphite Mine Have Launched A Satyagraha Campaign inside the Mine

Nearly 50 workers attached to Bogala Graphite Mine have today(10) launched a "Satyagraha"Campaign around 1670 feet underground of the mine by demanding solutions for several of their service demands. 

Due to the Satyagraha Campaign of Bogala Graphite Miners organized by Bogala Branch of Inter Company Workers Union the operations of the mine had come to a standstill according to sources.

According to the Bogala Graphite Mine authorities some demands of the workers including the increasing their salaries by Rs.10,000 are hard to be granted due to the low earnings recorded by company last year.

The Bogala Graphite Miners have launched the "Satyagraha "Campaign by demanding increasing their salaries,a Uniform for the employees and prevent the violation of workers rights .


Two Sons Of Former President Mahinda Rajapakshe Appeared Before Presidential Commission Of Inquiry And FCID To Give Statements Regarding Allegations Leveled Against Them

Namal Rajapaskhe and Yoshitha Rajapakshe the two sons of former president Mahinda Rajapakshe had appeared before presidential commission of  inquiry and Financial Crimes Investigation Division(FCID) respectively this morning to give statements regarding an allegations leveled against them.

Accordingly former president's eldest son MP Namal Rajapakshe had appeared before Presidential Commission Of Inquiry to give a statement regarding an allegation on misuse of property belonging to the Sri Lanka Air Force and former president' s second son Yoshitha Rajapakshe had appeared before the Financial Crimes Investigations Division to give a statement regarding a financial irregularity  at the request of Kaduwela Magistrate. 


Itchy Skin Symptoms

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When to see a doctor

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61 Corona Positives Had Been Reported Today (28)

A total of 61 Corona Virus positives had been reported in the Country today (28) until 11.30 p.m ,increasing the total number of Corona ...