Saturday, August 5, 2017

Blue Whale: World's Largest Heart On Display


Always honor the true love and care of parents and closed ones.Never loose them for fake people who only like the beauty of someone's face not the heart.

When we have the block button in our hands use that to remove those fake people not the real ones who cares about u.Unfortunatley people always remove  their closed ones and keep their enamies who only love their face with them .The reality of this cruel society is this.

Foreign-Bioglass To Fix Broken Bones

Price Of Heart Stents In The Local Market Has Been Reduced

The price of the Stents use for heart patients  in the
local maket has been reduced with effect from middnight yesterday(04) according to the Ministry of Health.

Accordingly the price of metel Stent has been reduced to Rs.24,000 from Rs.75,000 and the price of a Stent which releases Drugs has been reduced to Rs.105,000 from Rs.350,000  under the Number 05 of the National Drug Regulatory Authority act in 2015 .

The Drug Authority is due to launch an investigation to find out whether the Stents in local market sell according to the price reduction or not.

Due to the higher prices of Stents in the local market Heart patients have faced enormous difficulties when purchasing them.

Under the instructions of Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne Stents are now providing free of charge for the Heart patients in Government Hospitals.


A Sharp Drop Of The Demand To Imported Rice

Although government has reduced the prices of
several varieties of imported rice the demand for them has been reduced sharply it has been reported.

According to the essential commodities importers Association due to the fear grows among public over entering of plastic rice to the local market through importing normal rice it has been revealed.The Association will assure the quality of the imported rice it has been announced.

A Giant Pit Was Created After Sinking Of A Part Of The Road In Batuwanthudawa Junction

A giant pit was created in An area of Batuwanthudawa
junction in Hapugala ,Galle this morning (05)due to the  sinking  it has been reported.Few cracks too appeared  in few places of the road and huge flow of water gushed out from the pit according to the sources.

It is suspected that the water flow occurred as a result of a bursting of an underground water pump.

A Buddhist Monk Was Killed Due To A Van-Car Collision

A buddhist monk was killed after a van colliding with
a motor car parked a side of the road where the monk was in at Madaeliya,Hungama area early this morning (05).

The critically injured Buddhist Monk who was the chief incumbent of Sri Sambodhi Temple in Lunugamvehera had passed away after admission to the Ambalanthota Hospital for treatment.

The deceased monk was transported to the hospital by a private bus travelling Colombo to Katharagama .

The accident was occurred when the motor car where the deceased monk was in and  travelling to weligama to attend a funeral along with two others stopped at madaeliya area as a result of a technical default.While correcting the default of the car a van carried pilgrimage to Katharagama colliding with the car it has been revealed.

The Van driver was arrested by the Police regarding the accident.

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