Sunday, December 31, 2017

China's Ban On Ivory Trade Comes Into Force


Navy Have Arrested 13 Indian Fishermen While Illegally Fishing In Sri Lankan Waters

Sri Lanka Navy have arrested 13 Indian Fishermen

along with the two trawler boats they have arrived in yesterday (31) while illegally fishing in Sri Lankan waters in Jaffna-Kachchathivu sea coast.

After observing the illegal fishing activities of Indian Fishermen the Navy officers have arrested the group of fishermen and taken into custody the stock of fish captured by them.

The suspected fishermen along with the stock of fish they have captured were handed over to the deputy officer  Fisheries in Jaffna for further investigations.

Four Persons Were Critically Injured Due To A Lorry Collision

Four persons were critically injured and hospitalized

due to a collision between two lorries one transporting vegetables Dambulle to Jaffna and other retuned from Anuradhapura after delivering cocks at Nawakkulama ,Madawachchiya  on Jaffna-Kandy A-9 Road early this morning (01).

The injured were admitted to the Vavuniya Hospital for treatment.

Madawachchiya Police are conducting an investigations on the incident.

A Sudden Fire Destroyed Chemicals Use To Manufacture Polythene In A Polythene Factory

A sudden fire broke out in a Polythene Manufacturing
Factory at Aththidiya,Dehiwala early this morning(01) was doused by the fire department in Colombo.

A large stock of chemicals use to manufacture Polythene had been destroyed due to the fire ,however the cause of the fire has not yet been revealed.


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Polythene And Plastic Ban To Be Implemented As A Law From Today

The Poythene and Plastic will be implemented as a law
in Sri Lanka with effect from today (01)according to the Central Enviornmental Authority.

The Ban of using Polythene and Plastic products banned in Sri Lanka from last September,However authorities have given three month period  for the manufacturers and consumers to getting use for alternative products for the Polythene and Plastics.

There are alternatives to Polythene and Plastics in the market at present the Central Enviornmental Authority has stated.

From today raids will be carried out to nab those who are violating this ban the Authority has announced.

Public Will Be Able To View The Rare Super Moon Today ,The Duruthu Full Moon Poya Day In Sri Lanka

Public will be able to view a rare "Super Moon" which
is 14 times larger than the normal moon today (01)which is Duruthu Full Moon poya day in Sri Lanka as a result of the moon becoming  nearer to the Earth according to the Astronomers.

Sri Lankans will be able to view this rare Super Moon after the Sun goes  down this evening and when the Moon is rising from eastern end and when the Moon goes down early morning tomorrow ,the head of of The Astronomy and Space Science unit of the Colombo University Dr.Chandana Jayaratne says.

This Super Moon is 30 percent brighter than the normal Moon and it will re appear as a "Blue Moon"on 31st of January as well which is Navam Full Moon Poya day here he has stated.

Moon will becoming nearer to earth from 50,000 kilo meters today it has been announced.As a result of appearing the Super Moon heredity will be increased and the sea water may be increased Dr.Jayaratne has stressed.

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A Person Was Arrested With A Haul Of Heroin

Special Police Task Force personal have arrested a
person with around 3080 mili grammes of Heroin in his possession in Kesbawa area.

The value of the haul of Heroin taken in to custody in possession of the suspect is around Rs.100,000 it has been revealed.

Special Police Task Force Personal Have Arrested A Person

Special Police Task Force Personal have arrested a
person with over 400 Grammes of Kerala Cannabis in their possession at Gamunu Road in Minuwangoda.

The estimated value of the Stock of Kerala cannabis taken in to  custody in possession of the suspect is around Rs.50,000 it has been revealed.

The suspect was handed over to the Minuwangoda Police for further investigations.

Four Persons Were Arrested Over Maintaining An Unlicensed Radio Channel

Four persons were arrested by the officials attached to
the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission and Criminal Investigations Department (CID) during a joint raid carried out ,over maintaining of an unlicensed Radio Channel in Deraniyagala area.

A stock of equipment belonging to the Channel  worth more than Rs.2 million had been taken in to custody during the raid.

The Channel had taken so many advertisements from the area to  broadcast it has been revealed.

Ten Persons Were Injured Due To A Road Accident

Ten persons have been injured and hospitalized after

the small van they were travelling in toppled over the road in lolugaswewa at Anuradhapura today (31).

The injured nine males and a female were admitted to the Anuradhapura Teaching Hospital for treatment.

The injured were on the way from pemaduwa, Thanthirimale to Anuradhapura for worship at the time of the accident.The accident was occurred as the driver of the van unable to control the speed of the vehicle.





A 53 Year Old Polish National Was Drowned In Southern Seas

A 53 year old Person from Poland has drowned and
died last friday noon (29) while bathing in seas of Thalpe in Habaraduwa area.

The Polish National had drifted away by the strong sea currents while bathing and residents of the area have saved him and admitted to the Karapitiya Teaching Hospital it has been reported.However he had prounounced as dead later.

The post mortem of the Polish national was held in Karapitiya Hospital.

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A Major Fire Broke Out In A Orugodawatte Store

A major fire had been erupted in a store of a
Cardboard and Regifoam collecting center near the Orugodawatte flyover bridge this noon (31)according to reports.

Three fire brigade trucks are being currently engaged in dousing the fire the Kotte Fire Brigade says.

Due to the fire a house nearby was damaged .

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