Monday, March 23, 2020

Nigeria Faces Cholroqunin Poisoning After Trump Endorsed It For Corona Virus Treatment

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Police Have Arrested 2036 Persons Over Violating Curfew Rules

Police have arrested 2036 persons over
violating curfew rules during 6 p.m. on last friday (20)evening up to 8 p.m. today (23)according to the Police Headquarters .

Police have also  taken in to custody 501 vehicles including Motorcycles ,Three Wheeler s and Cars travelling during the curfew period .

Corona Virus Pandemic Is Accelerating -WHO Warns


Ten New Corona Virus Cases Had Been Reported -Now the Total. Number Of Patients Risen To 97

Ten New Corona Virus positives had
been identified today  (23)from Sri Lanka increasing the total number of Corona virus positives in the country to 97 according to the Epidemeology Unit.

All these patients are either those who had arrived from foreign countries mainly from Italy and those who are related to them or infected with the virus through a foreigner  it has been revealed .

Around 227 corona virus suspected cases are being treated at 18 Government Hospitals at the moment and out of them 220 are Sri Lankans and 07 are foreigners .

The majority of corona virus positives around 32 had been identified whilst in quarantine centers  and 19 are residents of Colombo .

Locked down Chinese City Wuhan Slowly Returns To Normal As Corona Virus Cases Dropped

Police Media Division Wants To Find out 12 Sri Lsnkan Returnees From Italy Who Are Avoid Quarantine Process

Police Media Division Of the Police
Headquarters had today  (23)requested  help of the Media to find 12 persons including children arrived in Sri Lanks from Italy recently and avoiding quarantine process on corona virus .

They are not even registered at Police stations for quarantine it has been announced .

Police Media Division has issued the details  and photographs of these returnees from Italy to the media to publish so the public will be able to provide information of them.These prople believes to be cutrently are in hiding .

Corona Virus -Cases Are On The Rise As Westetn Countries Are Still Planning To Implement Strict Measures

First Sri Lankan Corona Virus Patient Identified In The Country Got Cured And Discharged From The Hospital

The first Sri Lankan Corona Virus
positive patient identified in the country on 10 th of March had fully recovered and discharged from Infectious Diseases Hospital at Angoda this morning (23) it has been announced.

The patient a 52 year old tourist guide guided Italian tourists in Sri Lanka had been identified as infected with the virus after he was guiding a group of Italian tourists here .

He was later admitted to IDH Hospital and his family members two are currently being quarantined at their home .His son was admitted to the IDH Hospital with symptoms like headache and  phlegm ,however later discharged after being tested negative for corona virus. The Sri Lsnkan patient who had been discharged from.the Hospital is a resident of Mattegoda area .

The first Corona virus patient Identified in Sri Lanka who was a Chinese female also got cured znd discharged from the hospital last month (February ).

Island Wide Curfew Lifted For Eight Hours In Many Districts Today (23)Except 08 Districts in Many Districts Except Colombo ,Gampaha ,Puttalam And North -New Curfew Hours Announced With Restrictions

The islsnd wide curfew imposed from 6
p.m on last friday evening (20)in view of preventing the spreading of corona virus had  been lifted for eight hours from 6 a.m this morning  (23)in all Districts except Colombo ,Gampaha ,Puttalam and 05 Districts in Northern Province .

However this curfew has been re- imposed from 2 p.m this evening and scheduled to be lifted on 6 a.m on this Thursday (26) Presidential media Division has announced.

Meamwhile the curfew that had been imposed in  Colombo,Gampaha ,Puttalam amd 05 Districts in Northern Province simce last friday is scheduled to be lifted for the first time on 6 a.m tomorrow(24) and to be re imposed on 12 noon in the  same day .This curfew will be then scheduled to be lifted at  6 a.m.on this Friday  (27).

According to the new curfew hours announced today travel between Districts in the country has been banned as well as transporting tourists in the island .

Soon after the curfew has been lifted in outstation areas today people had  flocked  around the supermarkets and Trade stalls to purchase essential goods and groceries it has been reported .

However most people seen as following guidelines issued by the government regardung preventing the spreading of  Corona virus including distancing themselves from others and using protective masks etc . according to reports .

During the curfew period paddy cultivation activities are being allowed to carry on according to the  government .Transporting of vegetables, Essential goods including Gas cylinders are being allowed it has been announced.

Acting Inspector General Of Police has given permission to bank employees to use their Bank identity card as the curfew pass when  going back home after working  in Banks after  working  in  curfew lifted hours . Banks are being requested to open around two hours for banking everytime when the curfew is being lifted as well as co-operative shops .

Super markets are also arranged to open soon after the curfew is getting lifted .

New Zealand To Go In To A Month Long Lockdown To Fight Against Corona Virus


278 Sri Lankans Stranded In England Had Been Brought Back To Sri Lanka

A special Sri Lankan Airlines flight carrying 278 Sri lankans stranded in England due to Corona  pandamic had touched down the Katunayak...