Thursday, August 13, 2009

Colombo Municipal To Take Legal Action On Unhygienic Eating Houses

The Public Health Department of the Colombo Municipal Council decided to take legal action against 35 Eating Houses in the Heart of Colombo Next Weak for the Charge of selling unhygienic food to their consumers Colombo Chief Medical Officer Dr.Pradeep Kariyawasam said today.

Agulana Residents Clashed With The Police

Moratuwa Agulana area in the Colombo Suburbs became a Small Battlefield today as the Residents in the Area attacked the Office of the Officer In Charge (OIC)Of The Agulana Police following a Killing of Two Youths arrested by the Police on yesterday.The Two Youths were arrested by the Agulana Police yesterday Night on the charge of harassing a women.However the Two Bodies of the stained Youth were found in the Beach this Morning and it led people in the area to Violent Activities against the Police.

The Office of the Police OIC whom the residents of the area says the Prime Suspect of the Killing of Two Youths was injured after he was stoned this morning by the Residents.Police too fired towards the Violent Residents who were involved in the Attack and Police and Army officers were put in charge in the Area to control the Situation.

Residents who are Angry over the Killing of Two Youth blocked the Coastal Railway Track in the Area this morning which caused Railway Department to Cancel Coastal Train Services Temporarily this Morning for few Hours.However Crowd became calm after the Visiting Police Chiefs from Colombo had taken steps to Transferred the controversial OIC of Agulana Police who is the Prime Suspect of the Youths Killing and few other Police Officers involved in the incident with immediate effect.

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