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'Instant' Blood Test For Heart Attacks

A blood test that could rule out a heart attack in under 20 minutes should be used routinely, say UK researchers.
A team from King's College London have tested it on patients and say the cMyC test could be rolled out on the NHS within five years.

They claim it would save the health service millions of pounds each year by freeing up beds and sending well patients home.

About two-thirds of patients with chest pain will not have had a heart attack.
A heart trace, called an ECG, can quickly show up major heart attacks, but it is not very good at excluding more common, smaller ones that can still be life-threatening.

Currently, patients with suspect chest pain and a clear ECG can have a different heart-attack blood test, called troponin, when they arrive at A&E. But it needs to be repeated three hours later to pick up signs of heart muscle damage.

Alison Fullingham, 49 and from Bolton, did not realise she was having a heart attack when she experienced pain in her upper che…

Foreign-Loving Vincent:The First Fully Painted Film




Government Yesterday Accepted The 30 Familes Removed From Mount Lavinia Are Rohingya Refugees-They Will Send To Another Country: Co-Cabinet Spokesman

Government has yesterday (27)officially accepted that
the 30 families resided in a housing scheme at Mount Lavinia and later taken to the Bussa Army camp for protection due to the ptotests of Buddhist monks belonging to Sinhala Ravaya and residents are Rohingya refugees of Myanmar and assured that they will be sent to another country within next few months .

Co- Cabinet Spokesman Dayasiri Jayasekare has revealed this during the cabinet briefing held at Government Information Department in Narahenpita yesterday.

The group of refugees captured by the Sri Lanka Navy on 30th of April this year while in Sri Lankan waters  it has been revealed.

However they will keep here until the legal activities regarding them completed by United Nations High Commission For Refugees and soon after it finishes they will stay in Sri Lanka co cabinet spokesman has said.

Addressing the briefing Co-Cabinet spokesman Dr.Rajitha Senaratne has said the group of Rohingya Refugees will not provide shelter here.

A Large Number Of Villagers Protested In Front Of Anuradhapura District Secretariet Demanding Solutions For Wild Elephant Problem

A large number of Villagers belonging to three
provincial secretariets in Anuradhapura district had conducted a protest campaign in front of the Anuradhapura District Secratariat office yesterday (27) by demanding solutions for the wild elephant problem they are being  faced and forcibly entered the Office to get a discussion with the District secretary over the issue.

The protestors demanded solutions for the long standing wild elephant problem faced by 22 villages belonging to thalawa,thambuttegama and nochchiyagama privincial secretariets.

After entering the District secretariet office amidst the opposition of security officers the villagers went up to the top floor of the office and demanded a meeting with District Secretary R.Wanninayake.However additional District secretary had discussed with the villagers as the secretary was at a meeting and promised the protestors that the electric fence will build to prevent wild elephant attack and future steps will be taken to solve the …

President Instructed Authorities To Import Five Metric Tonnes Of Rice-Ordered To Sell Essential Items Including Coconuts For Reduced Prices

President Maithripala Sirisena had instructed the
authorities to import five metric tonnes of Rice with immediatte effect.The stock of Rice is due to import to prevent any Rice shortage in the market and price hike as a result of the current adverse weather it has been revealed.

President has also instructed the authorities to take steps to sell big anions,potatoes and Rice on reduced prices to the consumers through all Sathosa outlets and ordered to sell coconuts for reduced prices as well through the mobile vehicles belonging to Coconut Cultivation Board.

Coconut prices goes up to Rs.83-100 during last few weeks as a result of short supply. Coconut Cultivation Board has declared Rs.75 as the control price for coconuts as a result however traders in the open market still selling Coconuts for higher prices which caused problems for consumers.The Board has recently decided to issue 100,000 coconuts to the market to control the rising prices of Coconuts.

Seven Accused Of Vidya's Rape And Murder To Appeal Against The Verdict

The seven acccused rapists and murderers of Jaffna
school girl Shivayoganaden Vidya including the main accused Swiss Kumar who had been sentenced to death by a tribunal Judge panel in Jaffna yesterday (27),due to appeal against the verdict within two weeks according to their lawyers .

The seven accused of the rape and murder of Vidya had been sentenced to death and received a 30 year rigorous imprisonment from the Judge panel delivered the verdict yesterday .

Before delivering the verdict of the case all the seven accused had been declared themselves as not guilty for the offense it has been reported.

Don’t Let Osteoporosis Erode Your Bones

Osteoporosis can be intimidating and inhibiting. The prospect that a simple fall could break your hip or wrist can make you watch every step you take. Fear can replace the freedom to do all the things you love.  The two major risk factors for osteoporosis are being a woman and having passed through menopause. In the years after menopause, women can lose up to one-fifth of their bone mass. But men aren't immune to the disease. Two million American men have osteoporosis and one in four over age 50 will suffer an osteoporosis-related fracture.
In Osteoporosis: A guide to prevention and treatment, Harvard Medical School doctors will show you the positive, proactive, and practical steps you can take to protect your bones now and in the years ahead.
You will be alerted to red flags that signal you’re at greater risk for a broken bone. You'll be warned about medications that hasten bone loss. And you’ll find out if you should have your bone density checked — and which…

Foreign-Darjeeling Tea Estate Workers Strike Ends After 100 Days




Heavy Traffic Had Been Reported Due To Fallen Tree In Ward Place

A heavy traffic had been reported in Ward Place Colombo -07 this morning (27)due to a Tree fallen down  on a parked vehicle at Ward Place as a result of the heavy showers and winds prevailed in Colombo since morning.

No one was injured due to the incident and measures had taken to remove the fallen tree from the road according to the Police.

Prices Of Tea,Rice And Hoppers To Be Increased Due To Gas Price Hike-Canteen Owners Association

Due to the increase of the prices of 12.5 Kilo Gramme ,5 Kilo Gramme and 2.3 Kilo Gramme Gas Cylinders on Monday , the All Ceylon Canteen Owners Association has decided to increase the price of Tea,Rice and Hoppers with effect from tomorrow(28).

Accordingly  the price of a cup of Plain Tea will be increased to Rs.20 ,The price of cup of Milk Tea to Rs.40 ,price of a Hopper to Rs.15 and the Price of Fish Rice pack to Rs.130 the Association has stated.

Gas companies had increase the prices  12.5 Kilo Gramme,5 Kilo Gramme and 2.3 Kilo Gramme Gas Cylinders by Rs.110,Rs.44 and Rs.20 respectively.

All Accused Of The Vidya's Case Are Ordered To Pay A Compansation Of Rs One Million Each To Vidya's Mother

In addition of the death sentence all seven accused responsible for rape and murder of Jaffna Schol Girl Shivayoganaden Vidya are being ordered by the Tribunal Judge Panel in Jaffna which delivered the verdict of the case, to pay a compensation of million each to the mother of the deceased girl Vidya .

Also fourth and Ninth Accused Mahalingam Sasidarena and Swiss Kumar are being ordered to pay a fine of Rs.70,000 each and the other five accused to pay a fine of Rs.40,000 each to the court.

Tribunal Judge Panel In Jaffna Sentenced Seven Accused Persons To Death Over Rape And Murder Of Jaffna School Girl Vidya

The tribunal Judge panel comprising with three High Court Judges ,Jaffna High Court Judge Manikavasagar Ilanveliyan,Vavuniya High Court Judge Balendran Shashi Mahendran and Trincomalee High Court Judge Annalingam Premashanker had today(27) sentenced seven out of nine accused persons of  rape and murder of Jaffna School Girl Shivayoganadan Vidya to death.

Two of the accused of Vidya's case have been released  by the Judge Panel due to lack of evidence against them.

The seven accused persons who received death sentence today including the main suspect Mahalingam Shashi Kumar allias "Swiss Kumar " have found guilty over abduction and rape and murder of 15 year old Jaffna School girl Shivayoganadan Vidya on 13th of May 2015 in Jaffna.

The school girl was abducted by the accused under the instructions of main suspect Swiss Kuamr who arrived in Jaffna from Switzerland to make a blue film it has been revealed.When the residents of Jaffna assaulted the main suspect Swiss Kumar afte…