Sunday, April 29, 2018

Foreign-Hundrads Of Migrents Have Been Prevented From.Entering US


Three Wheel.And Bus Unions Are Threatening For Fare Hikes

Three Wheel and Bus unions have
threatened that the Three wheel and Bus fares will be increased if the government increases the petrol prices.

The All Ceylon Three Wheel drivers and owners Union has stated that if the price increase caused  Petrol liter to set it's price as more than  Rs.150 .Three Wheel fare will be definitely increased.

The Private Bus Owners Union has said that the Bus fares will be increased as per the increased rates of fuel prices .

Due to the value of an American Dollar is being increased against a Sri Lankan Rupee ,government was pushed towards  a status of imcreasing fuel prices  it has been revealed.

A Farmer Conducted A Pumpkin Dansala Yesterday (29)

A farmer in Makulugaswewa at Galewela area had held a Pumpkin Dansala (Alms giving center) to mark Vesak full moon poya day yesterday (29) at Makulugaswewa junction after failing to sell his pumpkin harvest for a reasonable price.

The fatmer has stated that he had cultivated pumpkin in a five acre land by spending Rs.500,000 ,But fails to sell his harvest for a reasonable price.

So decided to distribute the Pumpkins as doing in a Dansala  free of charge to the public he has stated.

President Has Instructed A State Funeral For Late Filmmaker Dr.Lester James Pieris

President Maithripala Sirisena has instructed the Presidential Secretary Austin Munasinghe  to conduct a state funeral for the  late Veteran Sri Lankan film maker Dr.Lester James Pieris who passed away yesterday(29).

The Late Dr.pieris has passed away in a private hospital yesterday after prolonging illness.

His remains lying at his residence in Dr.Lester James Pieris Mawatha(Road)in Colombo.

Veteran Sri Lankan Film Maker Dr.Lester James Pieris Has Passed Away

Veteran Sri Lankan film maker Dr.Lester James Pieris who celebrated his 99 th birthday recently has passed away today(29)it has been announced.

Was born in 05 th of April 1919 , Dr.Pieris had began his cinema career in 1949  and had direted over 28 films including short films and docuementeries during his long standing career.

He has directed a triology of Veteran novelist Martin Wikramsinghe "Gamperaliya", "Kaliyugaya"and "Yuganthaya" in to films which made him an outstanding film maker in Asia.

He survives his wife veteran film maker Sumithra Pieris.


Rotten Durian Fruit Causes Melbourne University Evacuation


Two Houses In Deniyaya Have Been Destroyed Due To A Fire

Two houses at Lower part of Beverly Canal in Deniyaya ,Matara have been destroyed due to a fire erupted in Yesterday (28).No casualties have been reported due to the fire as the residents of the houses at the canal had moved to a neighboring house due to the flood threats .
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A lit Candle in one of the houses had caused the fire it has been revealed during the investigations carried out over the incident.

An Upper Storey Of A Trade Stall In Matara Destroyed Due To A Fire

An upper storey of a Trade Stall at Kingswatte area in
Matara was destroyed due to a sudden fire erupted there this evening (29).

The fire brigade in Matara along with the Matara Police have doused the fire before it spreading further it has been revealed.

Police believes the thunderstorms occurred in the area with heavy showers this evening may have caused the fire.The value of the damage done to the trade stall due to the fire has not yet been estimated.

A Money Dansala (Alms Giving Center) To Mark Vesak

The former Sabaragamuwa Provincial Council member Indunil Shantha Gunasena had today (29)conducted a Money Dansala (Alms Giving Center) to mark Vesak full moon poya day to convey merit to his departed parents and relatives it has been reported.

The Dansala which was held in front of the former Provincial Councilor's hpuse at lollegoda in Mawanella from 9 a.m to 11 a.m this morning provided Rs.100 each for those participated it has been revealed. 

Eighteen Year Old Young Female Was Killed Due To Three Wheeler-Van Collision

A eighteen year old female was killed

and sixteen year old student was injured and hospitalized after the Three Wheeler they were travelling ,driven by the student colliding with a Van at Sundarapallama area in sub road of Pihitiya,Manikhinna area last evening(28)

The injured student driver have been admitted to the Kandy Teaching Hospital for treatment.

The deceased was identified as  a resident of Manikhinna area.

Police have arrested the Van driver over the incident.

New Plaster Use Nitric Oxide Gas To Heal Wounds Faster




61 Corona Positives Had Been Reported Today (28)

A total of 61 Corona Virus positives had been reported in the Country today (28) until 11.30 p.m ,increasing the total number of Corona ...