Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Unsafe Abortions Are In Arise Among Married Women

Around 90 percent of women who are under going  Unsafe Abortions in the country are married women according to the Gynecologist Dr.Lakshman Senanayake.Unwanted Pregnancies and related Socio-Economic reasons are the main causes behind these Unsafe Abortions Dr.Senanayake stressed.

S peeking at the Media Workshop organized by  Family Planning Association (FPA) today he said that although some organizations and individuals giving  statistics of the number of Abortions performs in the country per day it cannot calculate correctly due to the lack of date available at the moment.Under the Penal Code of the country Abortion can perform legally only to  save a life of a women and even there is malfunction of the fetus or in a rape case Abortion cannot perform according to the law Dr.Senanayake said.

1350 HIV Postives And 313 AIDS Patients Reported From Sri Lanka Since 1987

Around 1350 HIV infections were reported from Sri Lanka up to now since 1987 and out of this number 313 developed HIV/AIDS according to the Director National Sexually Transmitted Diseases/AIDS Control Programme Dr.Nimal Edirisinha.The First HIV Positive was detected from the country in 1987.

So far 221 HIV Positives have died from the disease Dr.Edirisinha has said.According to the latest HIV/AIDS Statistics there are 47 infants who got the disease through their mothers and 9 of these infants are reported during this year.

However besides these statistics Sri Lanka still rated as the low prevalence country on spreading HIV/AIDS and currently the prevalence rate stands as less then 0.01% Dr.Edirisinha has stressed.

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