Friday, June 19, 2009

Sri Lankan Stock Exchange Becomes Fourth Best In The World

Colombo Stock Exchange in Sri Lanka becomes the Fourth Best Performing Stock Market in the world according to the Sri Lankan Stock Exchange Sources.Peru,Brazil, and Russia are the Best Three Stock Markets of the World.

Colombo Stock Exchange creates History yesterday by recording highest number of Transactions numbering 15,290 trades in a single day.

Since the end of the three Decades old War in Sri Lanka Colombo Stock Exchange improving it's performance day by day.

Ministerial Inquiry On Missing Files Of Docs To Be Concluded Next Week

The Inquiry Carried out by the Special Investigations Unit of the Sri Lankan Ministry Of Health over the missing of 18 Personal Files belongs to the Sri Lankan Government Doctors is due to be concluded next week Ministry Spokesman said today.Maradana Police in Colombo began a Separate Investigation over this matter after the Ministry lodged a Complaint on this incident last week.

The Report of the Investigation carried out by the Ministry is due to handover to the Health Secretary after the completion of the Inquiry .

The above files which majority are belongs to the Doctors who did not returned to Sri Lanka after completing their Specialists Training in Abroad went missing from the Medical Services Branch of the Health Ministry since 10th of June.

Another Eight Suspected Swine Flu Cases Identified From Sri Lanka

Besides the Four Swine Flu Patients reported from Sri Lanka another Eight suspected Swine Flu Patients were admitted to the IDH Hospital during today Hospital Director Dr.Anura Senanayaka said.

These Eight Suspected Swine Flu Patients are relatives of the Four Swine Flu Patients so far reported and their Blood Samples were sent to the Medical Research Institute in Colombo for further tests he stressed.

Meanwhile Addressing a Press Briefing at the Ministry Of Health in Colombo to day Deputy Director Of the Epidemeology Unit Dr.Sudath Pieris said That quarantined 187 Passengers who were aboard in the Flight that carried Four Swine Flu Patients to Colombo will able go out side their homes after this Sunday."They arrived to the Katunayaka Air Port on last Sunday and if they do not developed the Swine Flu Symptoms within a Week then they will not getting the Disease afterwards" he stressed.Their Seven Day Quarantine Period due to end this Sunday.

Addressing the Briefing Health Minister Nimal Siripala De Silva said that Sri Lankan Authorities are taken every possible meassure to stop the spreading of Swine Flu in Sri Lanka."Already Twenty Government Hospitals including of IDH Fever Hospital prepared as an alert for treating the Swine Flu Patients if there is an Epidemic Situation " he added.

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