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Several Acres Of Land Belonging To A Badulla Reserve Had Been Destroyed Due To A Fire

Several  acres of land belonging to the
Alugolla Mountain reserve in Badulla had been destroyed due to a sudden fire erupted in the reserve last night (30).

An Attempts made by  the fire  brigade attached to Badulla Municipal Council, Army personal and Police to douse the fire had failed due to the current dry weather conditions prevailing in the area it has been reported.

A large varieties of endangered tree species and rare birds are being located in the reserve it has been revealed. 

Health Minister Sent A Letter Of Demand To GMOA Demanding To Pay Rs.One Billion As Damages

Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne
had sent a letter of demand to the Government Medical Officers Association  (GMOA)last Thursday (27)through a legal firm  demanding to pay billion to him within three weeks time over damaging his reputation during a press briefing conducted by GMOA by presenting inaccurate facts it has been reported .

The letter was handed over to the GMOA Secretary Dr.Hartha Aluthge according to the Health Ministry .

In his letter of Demand Health Minister Has stressed that GMOA Officials had damaged his good name by presenting inaccurate facts to the Media during a press briefing held on 17th of June .

If the GMOA has  not been able to pay billion to him within a three week period Minister will file a legal case in courts against GMOA it has been announced .


Board Of Directors Of The National Alcohol And Tobacco Authority To Resign If Licence Issues To Import Chinese Cigarettes

President of the National Alcohol and
Tobacco Authority Dr.Palitha Abeykoone has stressed in a letter sent to the Finance Minister Mangala Samaraweera that the Board Of Directors of the Authority will tendered their resignations if the Finance Ministry offered licence to import Cigarettes from China.

As World Health Organization has stated that due to Cigarette smoking around 20,000 Sri Lankans are dying annually it will become a health threat if the Ministry allows to import Chinese cigarettes for the minority Chinese employees working in the country .

If Cigarettes are importing from china Majoroty of Indian workers here too might attempt to import cigarettes for them also Dr.AbeyKoon has stated in his  letter.

A Person Had Been Drowned Whilst Bathing In DevaHuva Reservoir

A 55 year old person had been drowned
whilst bathing in Devahuva Reservoir at Galewela Police division yesterday  (30) it has been reported.

The body of the deceased who was a resident of Jalashaya Road ,Galewela had been sent to Dambulla Base Hospital..

Galewela Police are conducting an.investigations over the incident. 

A Police Constable Was Injured And Hospitalized Due To An Assault By MP'S Son

A Police Constable attached to the
Ministerial Security Division Had been injured and hospitalized Due to an assault by an eldest son of the Government MP Shantha Sisira Kumara Abeysekare (United National Party)at Saturday night  (29).

The injured Police Constable had been admitted to Chilaw Base Hospital for treatment. He had complaint to the Chilaw Police that the son of the MP Abeysekare had assaulted him under the influence of liquor .

However MP Abeysekare too had lodged a complaint at Chilaw Police stating Police Constable had assaulted his son under the influence of liquor it has been reported.

No arrests were  made in this regard so far according to the Police Media Spokesman SP Ruwan Gunasekare .

Chilaw Police are conducting an investigations over the incident .



A Sudden Water Cut Implemented In Few Areas Of Colombo Today (30)

අදාළ රූපයNational Water Supplies And Drainage Board has today (30) implemented an eight hour sudden water cut in three Divisions belonging to Colombo Due to a Water leak of a main water pump carrying water from Ambathale to Matatakkuliya area . 

Accordingly the sudden water cut has been implemented in Colombo -13,Colombo -14 and Colombo-15 

A Sudden Fire Erupted In A Match Box Store

A Sudden fire erupTed in A Match box
store at Aladeniya area in Katugasthota today (30)had doused by Fire fighters ,Police along with the Residents of the area before spreading it further .

No casualties had been reported due to the incident and the cause behind the imcifent has not yet been revealed .Katugasthota Police are conducting an investigations over the incident. 

Three Females Were Killed And Three Others Injured Due To A Van-Lorry Collision

injured සඳහා පින්තුර ප්‍රතිඵලThree females including a 23 year old pregnant female had been killed and Three others were injured  and hospitalized After the Van they were travelling in from Thambuttegama to Anuradapura had colliding with a Lorry arrived in from the opposite direction  at Tsunami Junction at Moragoda,Thalawa in Thambuttegama-Anuradhapura main road in  wee hours of this morning (30).

The injured persons including  the lorry driver and his assistant had  been admitted to Aanuradhapura Teaching Hospital for treatment .The deceased females were residents of Glnawa area.

Thalawa police are conducting an investigations over the incident .

Five youth Had been Critically Injured Due To A Wasp Attack In Passara

Five youth had been critically injured
and another five received minor injuries after wasps attacking them during their visit to Small world's end at Pitamaruwa area in Passara,Badulla this noon (30).

The critically injured had been admitted to Matigahathanna District Hospital for treatment it has been reported .

The injured were a group of youth arrived in small world's end from Kalutara of the age group 20-25 years it has been revealed.

The Wasps attackEd as a result of provoking them by a Hawk.

Montpellier melts under a 45C high as Europe hit by record heatwave


Saturday, June 29, 2019

Do not prevent protests over water crisis: Madras HC to TN govt

A Mother Elephant And Her Baby Had Rescued from An Unprotected Well

A Group of Wild Life officers at Athimale area have rescued a Female Elephant and her Baby
elephant who had fallen in to an unprotected Agri well in the area today (29).

The Baby Elephant who had attempted to drink water from the well due to the drought prevails in the area had fallen in to the well and when attempting to rescue the baby Elephant  Mother Elephant too had fallen in to the well it has been reported.

The Wild life officers who had arrived in after informing on the incident by residents of the area  had rescued both  of them and chased them away to the Yala reserve.


No photo description available.Cat friendship quotes සඳහා පින්තුර ප්‍රතිඵලImage may contain: one or more people and textImage may contain: one or more people, sky, text and outdoorImage may contain: textImage may contain: text


A Singaporean Couple Was Arrested With 4.850 Kilo Grammes Of Gold jewelry At Katunayake Airport

Airport Customs have arrested a Singaporean Couple who had attempted to smuggle 4.850 Kilo Grammes of Gold Jewelry illegally to Sri Lanka at the arrival lounge of Katunayake,Bandaranaike International Airport last night (28).

The couple who had hidden the stock of Jewelry worth more than Rs.20.6 million in their trouser pockets and body had arrived in Sri Lanka through a Singapore Airlines flight from Singapore it has been revealed .

The couple was 45 and 55 years old and owners of a leading foreign exchange company  in Singapore according to sources.

the suspected couple had visited Sri Lanka six times previously and attempted to smuggle the stock of Jewelry includes chains and pendents the Customs have stressed.

Police Have Arrested 1150 Kilo Grammes Of Beedi Leaves At Kaplpitiya

Kalpitiya Police have today (29) recovered 1150 Kilo Grammes of Beedi Leaves  illegally
transported from India and hidden in a Jungle area at  a seacoast belonging to point of Anavasalain Kalpitiya area .

The stock of Beedi Leaves had been stored 30 Kilo Grammes each in 37 wrappers and worth more than Rs.5 million it has been revealed.

Klapitiya Police are conducting an investigations to arrest the suspects who had transported the stock of Beedi leaves to Sri Lanka and the vehicle they have used for this purpose .

As Chennai Runs Out Of Water, 9 Million Pray For Rain: Foreign Media

A 25 Year Old Person Was Killed Due To Three Wheeler -Tipper Truck Collision

A 25 year old person had been killed
and the Three Wheeler Driver had been hospitalized with critical Injuries after the Three Wheeler they were travelling in Colliding with a Tipper Truck at Galkiriagama area  in Galewela on  Dambulla --Kurunagala main road
today  (29).

The critically injured passanger amd the Three Wheeler Driver had been admitted to Dambulla Base  Hospital  for treatment where the Passanger had succumbed to his injuries after admission .

Galewela Police have arrested the Tipper Truck driver over the incident and the suspect is due to be produced before the Dambulla Magistrate Court .

The incident occurred  when the Tipper Truck transporting to Mahiyanganaya to Giriulla had collided with a Three Wheeler transporting a backo machine for repair it has been revealed .

Friday, June 28, 2019



Europe sees first heatwave of the year

Railways Department General Manager Had Lodged A Complaint At Colombo Fort Police Against Strikers

General Manager of the Sri Lanka Railways Department Dilantha Fernando had made a
complaint to the Colombo Fort Police against Railway Workers who had participated in yesterdays (28)island wide one day Railway strike without accepting the circular which declares  the Railway Service an essential service  

In his complain General Manager of Sri Lanka Railways Department has stated that a group of Railway Department Employees had engaged in the strike launched by Railway Trade Unions in an environment that the Railway Service declared as an essential service .He had requested the Police to take a legal action against those who have violated the circular .Under the circular those who have launched a trade union action by causing inconvenience to the public when their service is an essential service can be punished severely the Railway Department General Manager has stressed . 

After the Complaint Colombo Fort Police have launched an investigation on the issue it has been reported.

Five categories of Employees attached to   Railway employees including Engine Drivers ,Stationmasters,Guides ,Controllers and Inspection Managers had launched a 24 hour island wide Railway strike from midnight of Last Thursday (27) until midnight last night (28) demanding to implement the approved  cabinet proposal on removing their salary anomalies with immediate effect .

However amidst the strike Sri Lanka Railways Department had operated seven office trains last morning from Colombo Fort Railway station with the help of  retired engine drivers it has been revealed.

"කලණ මිතුරා සැපෙහි මෙන්ම දුකෙහිද, අවශ්‍ය සැම විටකදීම ඔබ සමග සිටියි .-කිසි විටෙක සිය මිත්‍රයාගේ සංවේදි බව ,අවංකකම හෑල්ලුවට ලක් නොකරයි "

lion and human love සඳහා පින්තුර ප්‍රතිඵල




GMOA To Launch Protest Campaigns In Kalutara Hospitals Against Attacking Private Dispensaries of Two Of Its Members -Health Minister Had Also Criticized The Incident

Government Medical
OfficersAssociation  (GMOA )has decided to launch protest campaigns at Kalutara Nagoda General ,Horana Base and  panadura Hospitals Against damaging properties of It's Assistant Secretary Dr.Navin Soyza and Former Kalutara Branch union Secretary last night (27) at Kalutara .

A group of persons had damaged the Private dispensaries  of The two GMOA Members at Waskaduwa ,Kalutara last night and the Union blamed Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne over the incident.

However Minister Dr.Senaratne had today (28)condemned the attacks and says he had instructed the Higher Polive officers to probe on the incidents and brought those who were responsible to justice .Minister has further said that he is not aware on the Dr.Soyza s clinic in wasKaduwa .

Had Phoned Army Commander Three Times To Find Out On A Youth Arrested In Dehiwala -Former Minister Baduideen

Former Minister of Commerce and
Trade Rishsd Baduideen who had appeared before the Parliamentary Select Commiteee probing Easter sunday   attacks   this evening (28)has revealed that he had phoned Army Commander Lieutinent General Mahesh Senanayake three times on  26 th ,27th and 28th of April to find out details on a Youth Arrested from Dehiwala during search operations .

Had Phoned the Army Commander Three times as he didn't give a proper  answer to his question , Former Minister Baduideen has told before the select committee.

"I have phoned the Army Commander to check whether a son of a friend arrested during the search operations carried out in Dehiwala .Never influenced the ongoing investigations regarding Easter Sunday attacks at a time everyone concerned over National security "He has stressed.

Former Minister Baduideen had given evidence before the Parliamentary Select Committee for  nearly  two hours .The select committee had met at Parliamentary Complex. 

Prisons Commissioner Had Informed The Court Of Appeal That He Has Not Received Any Report To Implement Capital Punishment

Prisons Commissioner General
eJayanath Jayalath ThennnnaKoon had today (28)informed the Court of Appeal he has not received any report regarding the implementing Capital punishment.

Prisons Commissioner had  informed the Court of Appeal that he can ensure the Capital punishment will not be implemented until next week .

Commissioner has made this remarrk during the hearing of a petition filed by Journalist Mahinda Seneviratne agaimst implementing the capital punishment. The petition requests the court to issue a writ order to Prisons Commissioner and Welikada Prison Superintendent preventing the implemending of Capital punishment.

few days ago President Maithripala Sirisena had announced he had signed  papers to implement capital punishment against four drug dealers during a meeting held with media heads .



Thursday, June 27, 2019

"පුදුමයි යලි මේ හමුවීම අපේ "- අද අවසන් ගමන් ගිය ඉන්ද්‍රානි සේනාරත්න නම් වූ හෙළයේ ගීත කෝකිලාවියට උපහාර වශයෙනි


අවංක ආදරය හා මිත්‍රත්වය ඇති තැන ජීවිතය පවතී -අව්‍යාජ ගතිපැවතුම් (ව්‍යාජ බවින් තොර)එවැනි සබඳතාවයක් තවත් ශක්තිමත් කරනු ඇත"

අදාළ රූපය

CID Informed The Kurunagala Court That No Proof There To Confirm Allegations Levelled Against Dr.Safi

Criminal Investigations Department 
(CID) had today (27)submitted a 210 page report to the Kurunagala Magistrate Court regarding the Senior House officer attached to Kurunagala Teaching Hospital Dr.Seigu Siyabdeen Mohommad Safi who is under detention of CID over the allegations levelled against him on Illegal sterilization of Females and earning assets illegal means .

In the Report CID has stated there's no proof to confirm Dr.Safi has performed illegal sterilization, earned assets illegally and related to a Terrorist Organization .

However Kurunagala Hospital Director Dr.Sarath Weera Bandara has submitted a report on the CeaserIan Operations performed by Dr.Safi to the court and accordingly he has performed 3479 Operations to Sinhalese females ,860 to Muslim females and 33 operations to Tamil females. However he is not a consultant VOG but a normal doctor it has been revealed.

CID had also informed the Magistrate Court thst out of the 515 complaints received by the police against Dr.Safi over illegal sterilization 147 had been selected and 13 had been finally referred to Consultant team appointed to inquire on this for the tests .

However only 02 females are eligible to go for the tests and other females have made false complaints CID has revealed. When CID requested the court to give permission to perform tests on these females on 30 th June, Court has refused it .However Court has requested CID to submit a report on how the consultant committe plans to perform tests on the female.

CID is currently working to release Dr.Safi from detention it has been reported 

CID Had Recovered A Stock Of Explosives Buried In Kaththankudy

Criminal Investigations Department 
(CID)has today (27)recovered a stock of Deternators, Jelignite Sticks ,Liquid Jelignite and cartridges buried at Olli kulam in Kaththankudy area believes to be belonging to Thowheeth Jamaath Organization.

The stock of Explosives including near 1000 Deternators, 300 Jelignite Sticks, nearly 300 cartridges, 08 litters of Liquid Jelignite, A T-56 firearm had been recovered.

This stock had found as per the information provided by Close aides of Mohommad Zahran ,Mohommad Milhan who had been arrested whilst staying at a lodge near the Jeda  in Saudi Arabia.

Milhan had fled away from the country  a day before the Easter Sunday attacks and resided in Jeda it has been revealed .

Parliament Extended The State Of Emergancy By Another Month

Parliament has today (27)approved the
extending State Of Emergancy by another month .

The Gazette Notification in this regard has been issued on 22nd of June by the president.

State of Emergancy has been declared in the country following the Easter Sunday attacks .

Railway Service Declared As An Essential Service

Government has issued an extra
ordinary Gazette Notification declaring  Railway service as an Essential service from today  (27).

The Gazette Notification has been issued as the Railway Trade unions planned to launch an Island Wide one day strike with effect from midnight tonight  (27)demanding solutions for their demands imcluding  implementing of the Cabinet proposal regarding removing their salary anomalies .

However State MInister of Transport And Civil Aviation Ashok Abeysinghe has stated that under the Gazette Notification a stern legal action can be taken against  Railway Workers who will join the strike .

Ministry of Transport has recallEd  retired engine drivers to work on temporary basis to carry out Railway service it has been announced .

Railway trade unions have decided to launch one day token strike once a week till their demands are met .

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Funeral Of Late Songstress Indrani Senaratne Scheduled Today (27)

The funeral of the late Local songstress Indrani Senaratne is scheduled to be held at Borella Cemetery this evening (27).

She was 82 years old at the time of her death .


President Says He Had Signed Papers To Hang Four Drug Smugglers

President Maithripala Sirisena has told
yesterday  (26)that he had signed the papers to hang 04 drug smuggleers sentenced to death during a meeting held with Media heads .

Meanwhile after President's annocement the Drug Smugglers who had been sentenced to deAth are being terrified it has been reported. 

President Maithripala Sirisena Has Told Media Heads He will Be Not Going To The Parliamentary Select Committee Probing Easter Sunday Attacks Even He Is Invited

President Maithripala Sirisena has
stated that the Parliamentary Select Committee probing Easter Sunday attacks never invited him to appear before the committee so far to give an evidence and even if they invites   he will not be going there during a meeting held at President's House yesterday  (26)with media heads .

As the President he cannot be invited to appear before the committee and if someone thinks the Committee can do that it's a joke President has stressed .

He will not be going to the Parliament select committee as it's a political joke scripted by Temple Trees he has further said .


Two Persons Including A Police Constable Arrested With Live Ammunitions Had Been Released On Bail

A Police Constable attached to Colpetty
Police and a relative of Western Province Governor A.J.M Musammil who had been arrested with nearly 1000 live ammunitions in their possession had been released on bail by Colombo Additional Magistrate Thanuja Jayathunge yesterday  (26).

The two suspects who had been produced before the courts yesterday were released on two surety bails of Rs.100,000 each.

They are residents of Ahangama and Mahawela Gardens ,Dematagoda. 

No politician Influenced Regarding The Investigations On Easter Sunday Attacks -Army Commander

Army Commander Lieutinent General
Mahesh Senanayake had staTed no politician including president, Prime Minister and former Minister Rishad Baduideen had influenced him regarding the investigations and search operations carried out by the Armed forces related to Easter Sunday attacks by giving evidence before the Parliamentary Select Committee probing Easter Sunday attacks last evening (26).

Even Former Minister Baduideen had only asked him whether a person under a cerrain name was arrested during the search operations carried out in Dehiwala area after the attacks Army Commander had revealed.

"He (Former Minister Baduideen )never influenced the ongoing investigations but phoned me three times to ask regarding a person arrested during the search operation in Dehiwala area.That person was a son of his friend according to former Minister. When he phoned me the third time I have requested him to call me after one and half years as I have the power to keep a person arrested under Terrorism Prevention Act for one and half years under detention "Army Commander has further said .

"It was a general conversation and I have told the former Minister a person under the name given by him was arrested .Then he requested me to see what can he do regarding his arrest and it was not an influence "he has stated .

Questioning Of Former Minister Rishad Baduideen Over Easter Sunday Attacks Was Postponed Until Tomorrow (28)By The Select Committee

Former Minister of Commerce and
Industry Rishad Baduideen who had appeared before the Parliamentary Select Committee probing Easter Sunday attacks yesterday  (26)was asked to re-appear before the committee tomorrow (28)at 2 p.m by the committee members without questioning him .

Committee members had questioned the Secretary of the Ministey Of Commerce and Industry over the Easter Sunday attacks last evening and postponed questioning former Minister Baduideen as three committee members were absent at that time and the committee members had another urgent meeting to attend it has been revealed.

Committee wants to question Former Minister Baduideen deeply regarding the allegations levelled against him on the attacks it has been reported. Parliamentary Select Committee had met last evening at the Parliament complex .



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Pakistan Cricket Squad Quatantined After Testing Positive In New Zealand