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Cinnamon Helps Burn Fat Cells- A Study Reveals





Veteran Violinist Ruwan Weerasekare Passed Away

A veteran Sri Lankan Violinist Ruwan Weerasekare has passed away at  a Private Hospital in Colombo this morning (28) after prolonged illness.

The Musician was admitted to the Private Hospital as his condition worsened four day ago.

Due to the Diabetes related illness  he was in coma condition  for many months previously  .

Thirteen Bus Passangers Were Injured And Hospitalized Due To A Road Accident In Tangalle

Thirteen Bus Passengers including Twelve Males and a Female were injured and hospitalized after the Private Bus they were traveling in colliding with a Tree at Yayawatte area in Tangalle this morning(28).

The injured were admitted to the Tangalle Hospital and non of the injured are in serious condition it has been announced.

 However both the Bus driver and the Conductor had fled away from the area after the accident and Tangalle Police have launched a search operation to arrest them regarding the accident.

According to the Police the accident might be occurred due to the slippery condition of the road as a result of  the rain and high speed of the Bus. 

Airport Customs Arrested A Person With Around Rs.2.3 Million Worth Currency Notes

Airport Customs officers had arrested a 40 year old Sri Lankan attempted to smuggle Sri Lankan currency notes worth around Rs.2.32 million to Dubai at the Katunayake ,Bandaranaike International Airport this morning(28).

The suspect who is a resident of Colombo had concealed the Rs.1000 currency notes inside his luggage and attempted to aboard a flight to Dubai when the arrest was made it has been revealed.

The currency notes in possession of the suspect had confiscated and the suspect was released after paying Rs.100,000 fine.

Cardio Thoracic Unit Of Colombo National Hospital To Be Shut Down For Renovation

The Cardio Thoracic Unit of the Colombo National Hospital is scheduled to be closed down from 01st of December for renovation  work according to Hospital authorities.

Due to the closure of the Cardio Thoracic Unit the Heart surgeries performs in the unit will be performed in a Theater belongs to the Epilepsy unit of the Hospital and in another Theater the authorities have stated.

The renovation  work of the Cardio Thoracic Unit of Colombo National Hospital had already   handed over to the contractor .

Number Of Toxic Chemicals Applied To Vegetables Has Risen 17 Folds Since 1960's




Two Youth Armed With A Sword Arrested In Chavakachcheriya Area

Police had arrested two young men who were riding  a
Motorcycle armed with a sword on Mattuwil-Sivankovil road at Chavakachcheriya area during a raid carried out early this morning (27).

The 21 and 22 year old youth were suspected as members of "Ava"sword group operates in Jaffna according to the Police headquarters.The suspected youth who are residents of Chavakachcheriya area do not have a licence for their Motorcycle it has been revealed.

A Heroin Smuggler Was Arrested With 38 Grammes Of Heroin

Kalpitiya Police had arrested a Heroin smuggler with
38 grammes of Heroin in his possession at Sottupitivadiya fisheries village in Kalpitiya area.

The estimated value of the haul of Heroin taken in to custody in possession of the suspect is around Rs.600,000 it has been revealed.

During the questioning the suspect has stated that he has purchased a Gramme of Heroin for Rs.10,000 and sold it for Rs.15,000 in Kalpitiya area.

Five Persons Injured Due To A Vehicle Collision At Matara

Five persons were injured, one of them critically and
hospitalized after a Van was veered off the road and colliding with six Motorcycles and four Three wheelers parked there on a side of the road near the fish market in wellamadama,Matara today (27).

The injured were admitted to the Matara General lHospital for treatment.

People on the road ran away to save their lives after the Van colliding with other vehicles.

Twenty Five Passangers Have been Injured And Hospitalized Following A Road Accifent

Around 25 Bus passangers have been injured and

hospitalized due to the Sri Lanka Transport Board (SLTB) bus they were travelling in slipped away  and  veered off the road and toppled over in front of  a  House
in Mahagammana,Karaawanella area today (27).

The injured including the Bus driver and Conductor were admitted to the Karawanella Base Hospital for treatment.Among the injured there are 19 males and 6 females it has been revealed.

The high speed bus belongs to the Hatton Depot was travelling from Hatton to Colombo at the time of the acciden



President Maithripala Sirisena Had Left South Korea For An Official Visit

President Maithripala Sirisena had left the Island today(27) to South Korea for a three day official visit .President Sirisena accompanied by a 17 member delegation due to reach the South Korean Capital Seoul tomorrow(28).

During the visit President is due to hold bi lateral talks with South Korean Leaders including President Moon Jae In and also scheduled to sign several agreements with Korea.

The visit will be taken place coincided with the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Diplomatic ties between Sri Lanka and South Korea,



A 21 Year Old Female Was Injured And Hospitalized After Jumping From A Running Motorcycle

A 21 year old female had been critically injured and hospitalized after jumping from a running Motorcycle ridden  by her Boy friend at Galbokke in Aranayake area yesterday (26).

The critically injured female who is attached to a Garment Factory was admitted to the Kegalle Teaching Hospital for treatment .

The injured female had jumped from the running Motorcycle by opposing a request of her Boy Friend who is an Army Soldier from Wellawaya to  go to a Lodge after their  meeting  in Kegalle City last noon.

During the meeting the Boy friend of the injured female had proposed her to go to a place to talk which she agreed and while riding the Motorcycle he proposed to go to a lodge which she denied and to oppose the proposal the female had jumped from the running Motorcycle it has been revealed.

Kegalle Police had arrested the boy friend of the injured female as per a complaint made over the incident today(27) and also taken into custody the Motorcycle owned by the suspect.

Two Year 10 Students Had Been Injured And Hospitalized Due To A Knife Attack

Two Students studying  year 10 class of a School on Kosgoda area had been injured and hospitalized due to a Knife Attack of another student of the School it has been reported.

The Injured were admitted to the Balapitiya Base Hospital for treatment.

The incident occurred when one of the injured students had an argument with another student of the class and as a result the latter student attacked the other student with a knife towards his stomach area.When attempting to prevent the knife attack another student was also injured it has been revealed.

Kosgoda Police had arrested the Student who was responsible for the knife attack.

A Female Sex Worker And A Manageress Attached To A Brothel House In Mount Lavinia Had Been Arrested

A Female sex worker and a Manageress attached to a Brothel House maintained on pretext of a Massage  Center(SPA) in Aththidiya,Mount Lavinia had been arrested by the Police Officers of Law Enforcement Unit in Mount Lavinia Division yesterday(26).

The 21 and 32 year old arrested  females who are residing in Padukke and Wadduwa areas respectively had been handed over to the Mount Lavinia Police it has been announced.

They are due to be produced before the Mount Lavinia Magistrate Court today(27).

Put Down That Cake Batter: Uncooked Flour May Have E. Coli

(CNN)Think twice before licking that spoon as you prepare cake batter or cookie dough for holiday treats. Salmonella from raw eggs is no longer the only concern in baking.
A study published this week in the New England Journal of Medicine details an outbreak of E. coli in 2016 linked to flour and found that the problem may be more common than previously thought."Our data show that although it is a low-moisture food, raw flour can be a vehicle for foodborne pathogens," the study said. Other foods are more commonly associated with E. coli outbreaks, including undercooked or uncooked meat, produce such as lettuce, and unpasteurized milk and cider.
Symptoms of E. coli can begin one to 10 days after exposure to the bacteria. They can include stomach cramps, diarrhea, vomiting and fever, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Most people get better in five to seven days.However, some develop a severe complication called hemolytic uremic syndro…