Friday, November 10, 2017

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A Patient Had Committed Suicide At Ragama Hospital

A 65 year old patient who was in a ward of Ragama
Teaching Hospital had committed suicide by jumping from 04th floor of a Hospital bulding yesterday(10).

The deceased was admitted to the Ragama Hospital on Tuesday to treat a Kidney Ailment.

He may have committes suicide due to the grief he had over the disease according to the  authorities.


Two Trains Were Delayed Due To A Rousing Of A Wasp Nest

Running of the two trains "Udarata Manike" and
"PodinManike" from the Watawala Railway station had been delayed this morning(10) due to a rousing of Wasp nest at the Railway Station.

As the Wasp nest was rousing unexpectedly the "Udarata Manike" train running from Badulle to Colombo and "Podi Manike"train running from Colombo Fort to Badulle had been delayed for a short period of time according to the authorities.

Authorities are being taken steps to remove Thewasp nest From the Railway station it has been reported.

India To Spray New Delhi From On High Amid Deepening Smog Emergency

A Watet Board Worker Was Killed Due To A Wall Collapse

A 32 year old worker attached to the Water supplies
and drainage board in Trincomalee area was killed after a wall collapsing on him while involved in a repairing work of a water pump this morning (10) in kandalai area.

The deceased had been identified as a resident of Wilvali in Kinniya area.

An Oil Bowser Transporting Petrol Had Veered Off The Road In Ginigathhena

An Oil Bowser belonging to Ceylon Petroleum
Corporation which was transporting around 33,000 liters of Petrol from Muthurajawela Buoy to Kotagala Oil storage facility had veered off the road in Ginigathhena area on Hatton -Colombo road this evening (10) by causing a heavy traffic on the road.

Due to this situation transport activities of the road where the accident occurred restricted to one lane it has been reported.

No one was injured due to the accident and Ginigathhena Police are being taking steps to remove the Bowser from the road according to reports.

The accident occurred when the Oil bowser attempted to give space in the road  to  two high speed buses.


Fuel Distribution In The Country Back To Normalcy-Petroleum Corporation

Fuel distribution throught the Island has return to
normalcy now according to the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CEYPETCO) .

Today no long queues have been seen in front of the Oil Filling stations as in last seven days according to reports.

CEYPETCO has commenced distribution of 40,000 metric tonnes of Petrol brought to the country by "Neverska Lady" owned by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) from Muthurajawela Buoy yesterday (09). More than 200,000 metric tonnes of Petrol had been distributed throught the Island during today according to the Corporation.

An Indian Oil Carrier is due to arrive in Colombo today and another Oil Carrier due to be here during the weekend it has been revealed by the authorities.

Piyasena Gamage Has Been Appointed To Replace Geetha Kumarasinghe's Parliamentary Seat

Related image
Galle District United Peoples Freedom Alliance (UPFA) candidate Piyasena Gamage has been today (10) appointed as a new MP for the vacant seat of former MP Geetha Kumarasinghe who had lost her Parliamentary seat due to her dual citizenship status .

New MP Piyasena Gamage had sworn in his Post before the Speaker Karu Jayasuriya today.

Speaker had yesterday(09) informed the Parliament that Geetha Kumarasinghe will no longer be considered as a member of the house due to the Supreme Court's  verdict delivered last week declaring that former MP Kumarasinghe is not eligible to hold a MP Post in Sri Lankan Parliament due to her dual citizenship in Switzerland.

An Air Force Soldier Was Killed Due To A Road Accident

Image result for accidentAn Air force Soldier was killed after the Motorcycle he was riding in colliding with a rear part of a  Lorry parked at Kirimatiyana area on Naththandiya-Dankotuwa  road last night(09).

The critically injured Soldier was admitted to the Marawila Base Hospital for treatment and due to his condition later transferred to the Colombo National Hospital  where he had succumbed to his injuries this morning(10).

The solider  was on the way his home at Yakdessawa area in Katunayake after work when he faced the accident and the Lorry on which his Motorcycle was collided with parked in the area due to run out of fuel. it has been revealed.

Koswatte Police have arrested the Lorry Driver and taken into custody the Lorry as well regarding the incident.


Image result for osteoporosis symptoms and treatment

Image result for osteoporosis symptoms and treatment

Living Near Polluted Roads Boosts Risk Of Fractured Bones, Scientists Warn

Living in polluted areas increases the risk of brittle bones and devastating fractures in the elderly, a major new study suggests.

 Researchers at Columbia University in New York studied the records of more than nine million people and found that even slight rises in airborne particles from vehicle emissions was linked to lower bone density.
They believe that pollution affects the production of key hormones and bone minerals, leading to osteoporosis.

The debilitating disease is suffered by approximately three million people in the UK, disproportionately women, and becomes more likely with age.In some cases, patients suffer fractures simply from being given a hug.

Last month the Duchess of Cornwall, whose mother and grandmother both died after spending “agonising” years living with the condition, urged young people to build up bone strength through good diet and exercise before they reach 30.But the new study, published in the Lancet, found that pollution undermined bone strength regardless of lifestyle.
Dr Andrea Baccarelli, who took part in the study, said: "Decades of careful research has documented the health risks of air pollution, from cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, to cancer, and impaired cognition, and now osteoporosis.""Among the many benefits of clean air, our research suggests, are improved bone health and a way to prevent bone fractures."

In research published earlier this year, Dr Baccarelli reported that Vitamin B can diminish the effects of air pollution-induced cardiovascular disease, as well as epigenetic damage to DNA.
It is unclear, however, if the benefits of Vitamin B extend to bone loss.

The National Osteoporosis Society advises eating most dairy products, green leafy vegetables, broccoli and baked beans to gain healthy amounts of calcium and vitamin D, which is known to help strengthen bones.
Weight-bearing exercise is also essential, however the greatest value is gained before the age of 30.(Telegraph-UK)

The Duchess of Cornwall, then Camilla Shand, left, with her mother the Hon Mrs Shand, who died from osteoporosis

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