Monday, March 27, 2017

"Kisiam dedeneku atara sulu matha gatumak ho vadayak athi wu wita ema dedena ek kireema kese wethath pawathina sulu matha gatuma thawath wardanaya wana ayurin  gindara damamin ema dedena wen kireemata mana balana samajayaki ada nirmanaya wee aththe.Hondin wimasa balanna kawurin ho dedeneku sulu karunakata nihandawa sitiyahot ayathanawala nam ema dedena wen kireemata taram nathi prashna awulawamin mana balana kopamana pirisak sitinawada kiya".

Ada boho denata awasi wanuye yahapath mithuran ho pawule samajikayin athara nathi prashan athi karamin owun wen kara sathutu weemataya.Ewani sulu mathabedayak athi wu witadi boho dena dena upadesa eya hari yay yanna nowa atha harinna ,eyata wada honda aya innawa  yanna bawa samajaye noyek denage katha bas walin pahadili we.Eheth dempawpiyan ha awanka mithuran kisis dineka ewani thathwayak nirmanaya karanawa thaba sithannewath nomatha.E nisa samajaya thula jeewath weemedi thama samabandathawan awul kireemata mana darannan gana awabodayen katayutu kireema katath wadagathya.

Awanka mithurannam ewani thama sambandathawan awul kireemata mana balana minisunge upakramawalata norawatenu athath ada wanuye athamun thama mithurata wada ewani katha sadana minisun wishwasa kireemata yama bawa samajaye wena sdiduwwem walin pahadili we.

 Kelam wishwasa nokiremen ha aththa athi satiyen awaboda karagena  misaka poorva nigamanawalata elambeemata thath nokireemen thaman wishwasaya matha goda nagagath sambandathawaya raka ganemata haki wanu atha. 


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Bribery Commision Officials Had Arrested A Labor Officer While Accepting A Bribe

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The Bribery Commission Officials had arrested a labor officer in Thuduwa Junction ,Hakmana(Southern Province) yesterday (27) while accepting a Rs.30,000 bribe from a Businessman .

The labor officer  requested a sum of Rs.60,000 from the Businessman to avoid taking a legal action against him over not paying EPF(Employees Provident Fund) to his employees and the Bribery Commission officials had arrested the officer while accepting Rs.30,000 from the requisite money .

 Bribery Commission officials had arrested the labor officer as per a complaint made by the Businessman.

The suspect is due to be produced before the courts today(28).

Police Recovered Hand Grenades And Bomb Fuses in A Canal

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Police had recovered 14 hand grenades and 12 bomb fuses(Explosives)  in a canal in Pudhukuduyiruppu area (North) yesterday (27)it has been revealed.

The Police Bomb disposal unit officers arrived at the scene had safely defused the grenades and bomb fuses  and they were confiscated afterwards.

Police are conducting an investigation on the matter.

Indian Naval Ship "Dharshak" Arrived At Colombo Harbor

An Indian Naval Vessel "Darshak" arrived at Colombo
harbor for a goodwill visit according to sources.

During it' s stay the cabin crew members of the Ship are due to participate various programmes organized by Sri Lanka Navy.

The ship is due to depart from  Colombo on 30th of March.

Two Persons Arrested In Southern Province With Hand Granades

Poloce  had arrested two persons with hand granades
in their possession in Hikkaduwa and Hungama areas (Southern Province) on sunday (26).

Accordingly a 33 year old person and a 32 year old person arrested with hand granades during a raids carried out in Hikkaduwa and Hungama areas respectively .

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"Around 75% Of The Overweight Pregnant Females In Sri Lanka Are Being Consuming Six Meals Per Day And Increase The Risk Of Getting Diabetes"-Dr.Renuka Jayathissa

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Around 75% of the overweight Sri Lankan pregnant females  are being consuming six meals per day although doctors have  recommended them only to consume  three major  meals per day, and increased the risk of getting diabetes and other nutritional disorders to them as well as to their new born infants  according to a latest island wide survey carried out on local pregnant females  ,Medical Nutritionist attached to the Medical Research Institute in Colombo Dr.Renuka Jayathissa has told this writer today(27).

According to the survey  around 24% out of the  approx 380,000 females getting pregnant in Sri Lanka annually are overweight .

Doctors have advised these overweight pregnant females  to consume more food items containing  protein such as Fish and Eggs so they will not get hungry much in the day and to consume three major meals per day with lots of green leaves,vegetables and fruits which they dont consider as essential  Dr.Jayathissa has stressed.

According to Dr.Jayathissa around 73% of the overweight pregnant females in the country have consumed an extra morning meal, 87% an evening meal and 10% an extra night meal prior to sleep.

A 15 Hour Long Water Cut To Be Imposed In Colombo On Wednesday

There will be a 15 hour long water cut implemented  in areas of  Colombo supplied water from Ambathale Water Purification plant  on this Wednesday(29) according to the National Water supplies and drainage board.The water cut will be implemented in areas of  Colombo,Kotte,Dehiwala,Kaduwela,Boralesgamuwa,Maharagama,Kolonnawa,Mulleriyawa,Kotikawatte and Rathmalana from 9 a.m in the morning to 12 in the midnight.
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The cause for this  water cut  is the power cut imposed in Ambathale Water purification plant by the Ceylon Electricity Board over a maintenance work Water Board has announced.

A Person With Two Kilo Grammes Of Brown Sugar Arrested In Valvettithurai

Image result for arrested Officers attached to the Intelligence Unit of Sri Lanka Navy along with the officials of Excise Department  had today(27) arrested a person with two kilo grammes of Heroin variety "Brown Sugar"  in his possession in Valvettithurai (North) area.

Accordingly four packets containing  500 grammes each of Brown  Sugar narcotic were taken into custody along with the suspect .

Proposed One Day Token Strike Of Train Drivers Called Off

Image result for train drivers clip artThe proposed one day token strike due to be launched by the Train drivers(Railway Engine Drivers) with effect from midnight tonight(27) has been called off following the discussions held between Train Drivers Union representatives and Transport Minister Nimal Siripala De Silva this morning(27).

The Train Drivers decided to launch the strike by demanding solutions for their service demands  including removing salary anomalies.


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79 Corona Positives Had Been Discharged From Hospitals Today (02)

A total of 79 Corona positives had been discharged today (02) from Hospitals after full recovery it has been reported . Accordingly th...