Tuesday, December 15, 2015



Consumer Affairs Authority Has Fined Rs.4.5 Million From Errant Traders During First Half Of This Month

During the first fifteen days of this Month the Consumer Affairs Authority has been carried out 1683 Raids Island Wide and fined Rs.4.5 Million from Errant Traders through the Courts.

These raids were carried out In view of protecting consumers from errant traders during the festive season Consumer Affairs Authority has said.

The Consumer Affairs Authority is carrying out raids at the local market to trap errant traders who are selling essential commodities for consumers at higher prices,Not displaying Prices of commodities,not issuing bills for purchased commodities and those who are selling low quality goods to consumers according to the Authority.

The Public can make complaints on errant traders to the Consumer Affairs Authority through the Hot Line 1977.


Former UPFA Minister Johnston Fernando Granted Bail For Five Cases Filed Against Him On Failing To Declare His Assets

Image result for former minister johnston fernandoThe Former United Freedom Peoples Alliance(UPFA) Minister MP Johnston Fernando has been granted   bail by Colombo Chief Magistrate yesterday(15) over the cases filed against him by Bribery Commission regarding failing to declare his assets.

When the cases were taken up for hearing yesterday the Colombo Chief Magistrate Gihan Pilapitiya has ordered to release the former Minister Fernando on Personal Bail of Rs.1 million per each case and Cash Bail of Rs.10,000.Altogether Five Cases were filed against former Minister Johnston Fernando by the Bribery Commission on 27th of November for his failure to declare his assets during the period 2010-2014.

However the former minister has been barred from leaving the country and should seek permission from the court if he want to visit overseas.

The case will be taken up for hearing again on 27th Of April 2016.


Health Ministry Has Made A Promise Before Supreme Court To Provide Clinical Training For Malabe Priavte Medical College Students In Government Hospitals

Image result for sri lanka supreme courtThe representatives of the Ministry Of Health,Nutrition and Indeginous Medicine have  today(15) made a promise to Supreme Court to make an arrangements regarding providing  Clinical Training for Medical Students attach to controversial Private Medical College in Malabe through selected Government Hospitals according to the reports.

After the Supreme Court has taken into conisderation the Human Rights case filed by Students Of the Malabe Private Medical College ,The Health Ministry Representatives presnt at the court have made this promise.Accordingly Malabe Medical Students will be received the Clinical Training On Community Medicine and Judicial Medicine at Kaduwela MOH Office and Awissawella Base Hospital..

The Clinical Training of Malabe Private Medical College Students which should be conducted through Government Hospitals  has been delayed due to the opposition came from Doctors Unions

Heavy Traffic At Colombo Fort Due To A Protst Campaign Of Bank Employeeas

Image result for BANK employees protest in fortDue to the Protest Campaign conducted by around 2000 Bank Employees in front of Colombo Fort Station  today(145by demanding amendments to the 2016 Budget , A   heavy traffic  has been  reported in the area according to Police.

  The Protesters have been blocked a section of the Road in front of Colombo Fort Railway Station and Protesting  Police have said.

Corona Virus- Passangers Leave Diamond Princes Amidst Criticism Of Japan

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