Friday, May 31, 2013

Government Hospital Nurses To Withdraw From Extra Servics From 15th Of June

The Public Services Nurses Union(PSNU)the largest nurses union in Sri Lanka has decided to remove all government hospital nurses from extra services perform in hospitals with effect from 15th of June according to it's president Venerable Muruththettuwe Ananda Thero.

PSNU has decided to launch this trade union action by demanding the paying of proposed increment for  nurses and 3 other service demands.the decision on the trade union action was taken by general assembly held in Abayaramya Temple on Tuesday.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Colombo Public Health Department Filed Court Cases Against Another 4 Schools Maintaining Dengue Mosquito Breedng Places

During inspections conducted  within last two days Colombo Public Health Department officials has filed court cases against 4 schools in Colombo City maintaining dengue mosquito breeding places in their school gardens the chief MOH in Colombo Dr.Pradeep Kariyawasam has said.another 22 schools in the city were issued notices due to keeping mosquito breeding environment he has stressed,.

Altogether Colombo Public Health Department has conducted inspections in 129 schools in the city during last three days and filed court cases against 12 schools and issued notices to 51 schools for maintaining dengue mosquito breeding places .these inspections due to continue tomorrow as well.

Colombo Public Health Department has launched these inspections as it has been revealed that 52% out of the total number of dengue cases reported from the city are school children.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Government Hospital Nurses To Decide Trade Union Action Tomorrow(30)

The nursing representatives attach to Public Services Nurses Union(PSNU) scheduled to meet tomorrow(30) at Abayaramaya Temple,Narahenpita to decide the date of launching trade union action regarding withdrawing  extra hour services .

Nurses Union have decided to launch this trade union action as a protest of not implementing the proposal which recommended to increase extra hour payments for nurses."the health ministry is totally responsible for delaying of implementing the proposal the president of Nurses Union Venerable Muruththettuwe Ananda Thero has said.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Colombo Public Health Dept.Has Filed Court Cases Against 8 Leading Schools Over Dengue Mosquito Breeding Places

The Colombo Public Health Department has today(28) filed court cases against 8 leading schools situated in Colombo City  and suburbs and issued notices for 29 other schools in the city which are maintaining dengue mosquito breeding places in their school gardens according to chief MOH of Colombo Dr.Pradeep Kariyawasam.

One of the leading girl's school which was among the 8 schools facing legal action have seen as a paradise of  dengue mosquito breading he has stressed.due to the majority of dengue patients found in Colombo City are school children Colombo Public Health Department has today launched an indefinite inspections in schools situated in the city.

Around 52% out of the total number of dengue patients reporting in Colombo City are children Dr.Kariyawasam has stressed.during the inspection launched with the participation of public health inspectors and medical officers attached to Colombo Public Health Department the authorities learned that the dengue control committees formed in school level few years back are not functioning.

The dengue  inspections in Schools will continue today(29) as well .

Monday, May 27, 2013

Colombo Public Health Department To Launch An Indefinite Dengue Inspections In Schools

The Colombo Public Health Department has decided to launch an indefinite inspections to find  Dengue Mosquito Breading Places in all government and private schools located within Colombo City with effect from tomorrow(28) as majority of the dengue patients currently reporting in the city are school children.

According to the statistics around 52% out of the total number of dengue patients reported in Colombo City are school children.these school children are in the age group of 4-20 years the chief medical officer of Colombo City Dr.Pradeep Kariyawasam has said.the emergency inspections are to be conducted in 150 schools located in the city.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

PHI'S Warned 810 Dansal's Over Unhygienic Way Of Preparing Food

Public Health Inspectors(PHI'S) have inspected 5773 Dan Sala's(Alms Giving Centers) throughout the island withing last two days (Vesak Poya Day and the day after) and advised 810 Dansala's  for preparing unhygienic food according to Sri Lanka Public Health Inspectors Union .after been warned the said Dansal organizers correct their mistakes union has said.

Around 1200 PHI'S have participated this inspection held 24th(Vesak Day) and 25th(day after Vesak)and it is due to continue today as well.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Buddhist Monk Set Himself Fire Was Succumbed To His Injuries

The Buddhist Monk who set himself fire near Dalada Maligawa(Temple Of Sacred Tooth Relic) in Kandy Yesterday succumbed to his injuries this eve at Colombo National Hospital where he received treatment for his burn injuries.

Before set fire himself the buddhist monk venerable Bowatte  Indraratne Thero has made several demands in front of media near the main entrance of Dalada Maligawa including stop cattle slaughter for meet and stop converting Buddhists to other religions according to sources.the police and people around doused the fire and admitted him to the Kandy Hospital.

However due to burn injuries he has received  he  was transferred to Colombo National Hospital yesterday eve.meanwhile police investigating in to the incident now investigating how the monk obtained petrol to immolate himself.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Buddhists Around The World Celebrates Vesak Festival Today

Millions of Buddhists including majority of   Sri Lankans have been celebrating "Vesak Festival " (Vaiśākha,-in sanskrit, Veasak Poya in Sinhala) today(24)which marks the birth,enlightenment (nirvana)and demise(Parinirvana) of Lord Buddha the founder of Buddhism.this  traditional holy day has  mainly observed by Buddhists in Sri Lanka,Tibet,
India,Bangladesh,Bhutan,Nepal,Singapore,Thailand,Vietnam,Cambodia,Laos,Philippines Malaysia,Myanmar and Indonesia.

Buddhism varies according to countries as Theravada and Mahayana.according to Wikipedia In Theravada countries following the Buddhist Calender, it falls on a full moon Uposatha day, typically in the 5th or 6th lunar month. Vesākha Day in China and Korea is on the eighth of the fourth month in the Chinese Lunar Calender. The date varies from year to year in the Western Gregorian calendar, but usually falls in April or May. In leap years Vesākha is celebrated in June.

In Sri Lanka where majority are Buddhists celebrating this festival with making colorful Pandals,lighting Buckets and  Lanterns, giving alms(Dana) through Alms Centers(Dansal).the Vesak day which also the traditional full moon poya day here and the day after Vesak are declared as holidays in Sri Lanka.


A Buddhist Monk Set Himself In Fire As A Protest Against Cattle Slaughter

A Buddhist monk who set himself fire near vahalkada of Dalada Maligawa(Temple Of Sacred Tooth Relic) in Kandy was admitted to Kandy General Hospital with serious burn injuries this morning.this evening he has transferred to National Hospital in Colombo for further treatment.

the Buddhist Monk reported as doused himself with petrol and set himself a blaze protesting against cattle slaughter.He has been identified as a monk attach to temple in Kahawatta Area.

Eight Essential Drugs Are Out Of Stock In Karapitiya Hospital

Eight essential drugs have been out of stock these days at karapitiya teaching hospital(Southern Province) causing severe hardships for patients hospital sources said.the drugs including"Thyroxine Tablets,"Losarten",Enelopril and "Atovastatine" have been out of stock in the hospital since several weeks according to sources.

Due to this shortage patients have  recommended to purchase these drugs from the private sector.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Fire Has Damaged Jaya Container Terminal In Ports Authority

A fire was broke out in a ware house at Jaya Container Terminal early this morning causing heavy damages to the ware house ports authority sources fighters rushed to the scene doused the fire the sources added.

Government Hospital Nurses To Withdraw From Extra Services On 01st Of June

The Government Hospital nurses are threatening to withdraw  from  extra duties  with effect from 01st of June if the health authorities fails to implement the extra duty payment scheme for nurses proposed  by Public Services Nurses Union(PSNU) recently. according  to PSNU sources due to the current nurses shortage experienced in government hospitals one nurse need to carry a workload  of three nurses to avoid the shortage .

Therefor the proposed extra payment scheme for nurses should be implemented  without a delay PSNU spokesman has said.

Meanwhile the President of PSNU venerable Muruththettuwe Ananda Thero has sent a written request to the health ministry secretary Dr.Nihal Jayathilake asking him to give a solution for the nurses union demand by 30th of May else facing the trade union action.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Thailand Prime Minister To Address Sri Lankan Parliament

The prime minister of Thailand Yingluck Shinawatra is due to address Sri Lankan Parliament on 31st of May the deputy speaker Chandima Weerakkody has said today(22).the thai premier is to address parliament during her state visit here.

Doctors Attach To Kuliyapitiya Base Hospital Are Threatening To Strike Over A Theater Problem

Doctors attach to Kuliyapitiya Base Hospital (North Western Province) threatening to launch a continuous strike if the health ministry fails to function the newly built operation theater complex inaugurated six years ago.the four theater operation theater complex is not functioning since it's opening due to the non supplying of medical equipments.

Due to this situation six specialist surgeons works at the hospital are to perform surgeries in an old theater in the hospital which is not having a healthy environment to perform surgeries dr.nilantha imbulpitiya one of the surgeons attach to Kuliyapitiya has said."we have to perform 50 routine and casualty surgeries per day at this old theater with great risk and the lives of mothers ,infants and other patients are in danger due to the unhealthy environment there"dr.imbulpitiya has stressed.

Due to this most of the patients who were in awaiting lists shifted to private hospitals for surgeries it has been learn t.meanwhile the media spokesman of the Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) has said health authorities should look in to this matter in patient's perspective and act according to it.if the authorities fails to function the newly built theater complex within two weeks time we have no other option  than going for a stern trade union action he has stressed.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Trade Unions To Launch An Island Wide General Strike Tomorrow(21)

The Trade Unions representing various government professionals are to  be launched an one day island wide general strike tomorrow(21) as a protest against recent electricity tariff hike.the unions representing teachers,lawyers ,university teachers and other professionals are due to participate this one day general strike according to trade union alliance which  coordinate this strike.

The trade unions attach to leftist Janatha Wimukthi Peramuna (JVP)and main opposition United National Party(UNP) are due to lead this strike while some of the major health trade unions have decided to refrain from strike due to their personal problems with one of the  trade union leaders who is leading this strike.

Met Department Has Warned Public Over Floods And Rising Water Levels

The meteorology department has warned the public  to be in alert over the rising water levels of Gin and Nilwala rivers in southern province as few surrounding areas have already submerged.the areas pitabaddara,paandugama and tawalama were already under floods  the department has said.

The met department in it's latest weather forecast has said that the prevailing rainy weather will continue and thunder showers are expected in western,sabaragamuwa,southern and  central provinces.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Twenty Five Health Trade Unions To Boycott Proposed Island Wide Strike Against Electricity Tariff Hike

Around 25 health trade unions have decided not to participate the proposed island wide strike to be launched on 21 st of this month against proposed hike in electricity  tariff .the unions including government medical officers association and public services nurses union have decided not to participate this strike in view of the fact that they do not like the   trade unionist who is one of the heads of striking committee.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Opposition Accused Government On Trying To Increase Milk Powder Prices

The government is planning to increase prices of Milk Powder by at-least Rs100 by spreading Arsenic has contained in imported Milk Powder ,the secretary of main opposition United National Party(UNP) has said today(14)government has already began discussions on  increasing milk powder prices he has stressed.

Government authorities yesterday claimed a harmful substance has contained in milk powder imported from New Zealand and the samples of them already sent to foreign laboratories to check on this.

Jyawardenapura Hospital Trade Unions Have Protested Against Using Casualty Ward For A Bio Medical Course

Admitting outdoor patients to the casualty medical ward number 07 of Sri Jayawardenapura Teaching Hospital,Kotte is halted due to the decision of government owned bio medical institute in Colombo to use the ward to conduct a bio medical course for bio technology officers .the join trade union council pf sri jayawardenapura hospital has protested against this move today and handed over a letter to hospital director dr.a.s.k gamage stating trade unions will launch indefinite strike action if the ward is use for conducting a class.

Ward number 07 of the hospital is also known as the dermatology and medical ward also treated non infectious , child and neuro patients when required.around 62 beds are there in the ward which is now residence to 30 patients and they have no where to go if the ward space use for the course hospital sources said.

When contacted hospital director dr.gamage has said that he is currently trying to solve the matter through negotiations with bio medical institute.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

East Coast Fishermen Warned Refrain From Fishing Due To Rough Seas

The Sri Lankan Meteorology Department has today warned fishermen reside in east coast refrain from involve in fishing activities as seas may become rough with strong winds as a result of Cyclone storm"Mahasen" which developed in south east bay of Bengal.

Cyclonic Storm"Mahasen" is centered in 700 kilio meters east of Mulativu and expected to intensify further and moves towards north west wards direction.the sea areas extending from Jaffna to Hambanthota via Batticloe will experience strong winds and strong winds assisted by rain according to met department.fairly strong winds ranging 40 kilo  Meter per hour will expected over Sri Lanka and neighboring countries department has stated.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Three Essential Drugs Prescribed For Blood Preasure And Cholesterol Are Out Of Stock In Karapitiya

Three essential drugs prescribed for High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol are out of stock these days in Karapitiya Teaching Hospital(Southern Province) causing patients severe difficulties  according to hospital sources.the drugs "Losartan" and Enalapril prescribed for High Blood Preasure and "Atorvastatin" prescribe for Cholesterol are out of stock in the hospital sources added.

As a result Doctors at Karapitiya Hospital now prescribed patients to purchase these drugs through private pharmacies hospital sources further said.

Friday, May 10, 2013

CID Has Released Former Municipal Councilor Azath Salley

Former member of Colombo municipal council and secretary of national unity alliance Azath Salley who was arrested by Criminal Investigations Unit(CID) last Thursday (02) on charges of making statement  which threatened national security was released on bail today(10).he was admitted to   the Colombo national hospital ward on the time of his release as he has refused to drink or eat since his arrest .

Mr.Salley was arrested under the prevention of terrorism act in connection with the statement he was given to indian paper "Junior Vikatan"on 24th of April 2013 which is described as a threat to national security .saleey was in hunger strike since his arrest which  led to his admission to national hospital.he was released after his affidavit sent to president Mahinda Rajapaksha seeking justice.after been released salley has said that his statesmen given to the Junior Vikatan paper was misquoted  by the paper and he will  never harm the sovereignty and integrity of sri lanka. 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Public Utilities Commission Has Approved Revised Electricity Tariff Proposal

The Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has approved the revised electricity tariff proposal based on the directive given by president Mahinda Rajapaksha on 01st of May by granting tariff reduction for the low income electricity consumers.

According to the revised electricity tariff proposal increase will not apply for consumers who are using below 60 units while those using units 61-180 will received 25% reduction of the fuel surcharge the power and energy ministry has said.under the proposal electricity consumers using 61-66 units the tariff will be same as 60 unit users and 91-96 unit users will be charged for 90 units.meanwhile those who are using 121-126 units will be charged foe 120 units the ministry has stressed.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ravana Balakaya Has Requested Film Corporation To Ban Importing Of Some Tamil Films

The Ravana Balakaya an organization formed by a group of Buddhist monks today(08) made a special request from Sri Lanka Film Corporation chairman Mr.Ashoka Serasinha to banned importing of Tamil Films to Sri Lanka casting 4 of popular Tamil Actors with immediate effect following an anti sri lankan protest campaigns held  by them in Tamil Nadu.the organization has requested banning of Tamil Films casting Rajini Kanth,Kamal Hassan,Vijay Kumar and Sarath Kumar as they continuously engaged activities against sri lanka according to ravana balakaya.

This request has been made during the discussions held today between members of ravana balakaya and film corporation corporation chairman has stated that he will take a decision on this after discussed the matter with higher authorities.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Number Of Dengue Patients Reported This Year Exceeds 11,000

A total of 11,133 dengue patients have been reported and 34 patients died due to the Dengue Fever during the period  January up to yesterday (07) the epidemiology unit has announced.around 1783 dengue patients were reported throughout the island in the month of April it said.

Out of the total number of dengue patients reported throughout the island so far this year 40.73% were reported from western province it  has been revealed.

Six Soldiers Got Injured When A Detonator Exploded In Northern Province

Six soldiers were injured when a detonator left by LTTE rebels exploded in udayarkattikulam jungle in northern province security sources said.the injured soldiers were admitted to Mulativu andAnuradhapura Hospitals according to sources.

These soldiers were injured when they have engaged in clearing mines fixed by former LTTE cadres .

No Confidence Motion Against Minister Dilan Has Defeated

The no confidence motion presented by main opposition united national party(UNP)against foreign employment promotion and welfare minister dilan perera has been  defeated today (07) in parliament with majority of 104 votes.during the voting 136 parliamentarians voted against the motion while 32 parliamentarians were voted in favor.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Government Hospital PSM'S To Launch A Work To Rule Campaign From 15th Of May

The professions supplementary to medicine (PSM's) have decided to launch an island wide continuous work to rule campaign from 15th of may by demanding recruiting of 600 unemployed PSM Graduates to state hospitals the Joint Council On Professions supplementary to medicine has announced.

Under this trade union action PSM's have  decided to withdraw from blood,x ray tests and physiotherapy treatment of  in ward patients and from 20th to withdraw all educational activities in hospitals according to secretary to the Joint Council On Professions Supplementary to medicine saman jayasekera.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Health Officials Advised People To Be Aware On Seasonal Influenza Flu

The Health Officials have  warned the public to be aware on Influenza A and B epidemics currently spreading in some parts of the island.around 3 persons were died due to the Influenza A virus commonly known as H1N1 or swine flu during last month and few other patients were reported as getting treatment in few of the government hospitals at present epidemiologists said.

Cough,Cold and fever are identified as the main symptoms of these Influenza flu and people are advised to be seek medical advice from a qualified medical practitioner if these symptoms occurred .

Flash Floods Affected 479 Families In Gampaha

Due to flash floods occurred in Gampaha District today (05) around 479 families have been affected the Disaster Management Center (DMC)  has announced.due to this situation some 81 families provided with accommodation in evacuation centers  DMC  has said.

Meanwhile the meteorological department has announced that heavy showers with thunder and lightning will be experienced in most parts of the island these days during evening and night .

Friday, May 3, 2013

Import Tax On Potatoes Increased

The import tax on Potatoes has been increased by Rs 10 per kilo gramme with effect from today(03) government has announced.according to new price increase the current import price of potatoes has been increased by Rs.10 from Rs.15 to Rs.25 per killo gramme.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Power Ministry Has Reduced Fuel Surcharge Of Electricity Bill

The Power Ministry has decided to revised the electricity tariff by reducing fuel surcharge of domestic users who are using 61-180 units per month.earlier the ministry has increased the electricity tariffs which caused unrest among public.

How Sri Lanka successfully curtailed the corona virus pandemic