Thursday, July 31, 2014

Nearly 22,000 Kilo Grammes Of Spoiled Big Anions,Potatoes And Wheat Flour Had Recovered

Nearly 22,000 Kilo Grammes of Spoiled Big Anions,Patatoes and Wheet Flour which are not suitable for human consumption have been recovered from stores in 4th cross street in Colombo Fort and Hatton-Dikoya Area   by the  authorities today(31).

Around  15,000 Kilo Grammes of spoiled wheat flour,5000 kilo grammes of big anions and 2000 Kilo Grammes of Potatoes were taken in to custody at the stores in 4th cross street ,Fort  and hatton-dikoya  the authorities have confirmed.The stores were sealed and the spoiled  food items were taken into custody and produced before the  district courts in Colombo and Hatton-Dikoya.

The recovered stocks of spoiled food  were worth more than Rs. 170,000,00 it has been revealed.

Meanwhile after producing before the district court in hatton  the accused who is charged for storing expired stock of wheat flour in stores had been released on Rs.750,000 Personal and Rs.25,000 cash bails according to the sources.

Nearly 200 Doctors Including Consultants In National Hospital Decided To Form The Branch Union Of GMOA

A group of nearly 200 Doctors attach to the Colombo National Hospital who met yesterday(30) evening  amidst tight security at the Neuro Surgery Unit Auditorium  have unanimously  decided to form the Colombo National Hospital  branch union of the Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) during two weeks time it has been revealed. 

The National Hospital branch union of GMOA which has been inactive since last year was dissolved twice this year by the Former GMOA executive committee due to their opposition to the GMOA leaders.

The group of doctors including 45 Consultants who  met after their planned meeting at the National Hospital Doctors Quarters has been abandoned by a group of doctors belongs to the former executive committee of GMOA has also passed a resolution condemning the bad behavior shown by the former exco members of GMOA to the consultants.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

More Photos Of Physical Attacks Exchanged Between Two Factions Of Doctors

The other Photos of the Physical Attacks exchanged between two factions of doctors at the Colombo National Hospital are here.A large number of Police Officers were deployed at the Colombo National Hospital to prevent further violent clashes between the two factions.

Two Factions Of Doctors At The Colombo National Hospital Physically Attacked Each Other

A Brawl had ensued between two factions of doctors at the Colombo National Hospital this noon after around 15 former Executive Members of the Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) whose membership were annulled by the court have invaded the meeting conducted by around 175 doctors including Consultants  at Doctors Quarters premises in Colombo National Hospital .Around 25 consultants attach to the  the National Hospital were among the doctors gathered  there at the meeting when the incident occurred.

The brawl which had lasted around 40 minutes was settled with the intervention of the Police Officers hospital sources said.

The Group Of Doctors who invaded the meeting had manhandled some consultants and threatened them to stop the meeting by using obscene language the eye witness doctors  who were participated at the meeting have said.The former exco members of the GMOA had also broken the tumblers there in the tables and pushed the chairs it has been reported,Due to this  unexpected intervention of some of the former exco members of GMOA the meeting was abandoned and later it was held at the Neuro Surgery Unit Auditorium of the Hospital a midst the tight security of the police.

The reason behind the rude behavior of the former exco committee members of the GMOA is that due to the most of the doctors gathered at the meeting were  planning to form a branch union of the suspended GMOA at the Colombo National Hospital for solving their service problems.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Group Of Doctors To File A Contempt Of Court Charges Against GMOA Media Sub Committee

A group of Seven Doctors who were taken the Interim Court Order from Mount Lavinia Magistrate Court to ban activities of Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) had decided to file a court case against the media sub committee formed by former GMOA Executive Committee in charges of contempt of Court according to the group sources.

The Doctors Group made this decision after examined the illegal things done by members of the said media committee by undermining the court order."The media sub committee currently functioning within the GMOA had illegally used the official logo of the GMOA when inviting media to their press briefings as well as when issuing press releases to the media institutions" they have stressed.

The said media sub committee has also violated the interim court order by  conducting media briefings illegally  they stressed.

The group has decided to file the contempt of court charges against the media sub committee in Mount Lavinia Magistrate court .

Health Workers Belongs To 27 Categories Are To Be Launched An Island Wide Sick Note Campaign Tomorrow(30)

Health Workers numbering more than 45,000 belongs to 27 Categories are due to launch an island wide sick note campaign tomorrow(30) in all government hospitals and health institutions by demanding solutions for five of their service demands  the Joint Trade Union Committee has said.

According to the trade union committee ,health workers including Minor Health Staff,Kitchen Chefs ,Lift Operators,Laborers  and Telephone Operators representing 20 trade unions are due to be take part in this sick note campaign.During the trade union action a large number of health workers  involve in sick note campaign  will be marching towards President's Place from Colombo National Hospital to hand over a letter containing  their service demands.

Correcting the salary anomalies of 27 health categories,declaring a 5 day working week for the workers are among the demands that produced by the joint trade union committee.A continuous Fasting Campaign of health workers is currently underway  in front of Colombo National Hospital  to win these demands 

Monday, July 28, 2014

124 Residents In Colombo City To Face Legal Action Due To Breeding Dengue Mosquitoes

The Colombo Public Health Department has decided to file court cases within this week against  124 Residents in City Of Colombo who are responsible for breeding Dengue Mosquito Larvae in their back yards.According to the Chief Medical Officer In Colombo Dr.Ruwan Wijemuni these residents are reside in places belongs to eight urban Divisions belongs to the Colombo City.

These residents were identified during the raids carried out by  Colombo Public Health Department Officials on last Thursday(24) and Friday(25) within Colombo City Limits he has stressed.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Postal Rates To Be Revised While Increasing The Minimum Postal Rate By Five Rupees

The Government has decided to revise postage rates with effect from 01st of August by increasing the minimum postal charge by Rs.5.According to the latest revised Postal charges the minimum Postal Charge will be Rs.10 from the previous charge of Rs.5.

Although the minimum postage rates increased certain other postage rates are expected to be reduced according to Postal Department sources.The proposal of making relevant changes to the Postal Rates have been received the Cabinet Approval.

The Gazette Notification regarding the revised postal rates is expected  to be issued next week.Although the postal charges are usually  revised for every three years the latest price revision comes after six  years.

Four Australians Were Hospitalized Due To A Wasp Attack

Four Australian Nationals were hospitalized today(27) due to a wasp attack occurred while they were climbing the Sigiriya Rock Fortress .The four Australians including two women were admitted to the  Kimbissa Hospital and later discharged after received treatment.

The Police has said that the the group of Australians have  faced this accident near the Lion's Paw Stairway at Sigiriya.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Trade Ministry Has Reduced The Special Commodity Levy Imposed On Grains

The Ministry Of Trade has decided to reduce the Special Commodity Levy imposed on imported grains with effect from today(26) due to the short supply of grains by the local farmers .Due to the reducing the levy the prices of essential imported grains in the market like Mysoore Dhal ,Vatana Dhal, Green Gram Cow pea ,Chick Pea and Kurakkan are to be reduced from  Rs.3 ,Rs.7, Rs.32   Rs.30,Rs.5 and Rs.30 per Kilo Gramme respectively according to the Trade Ministry.

 Due to the drought experienced in several parts in the country the supplying of local grains to the market have been reduced now the Trade Ministry has said. Therefore to avoid a shortage of grains in the local market and keep the market steady the special commodity levy has been reduced Ministry has further stated.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Sri Lankan Weightlifter Sudesh Pieris Won The First Medal For Sri Lanka In Commonwealth Games

Sri Lankan Weightlifter Sudesh Pieris has won the first medal for Sri Lanka at the 20th Commonwealth Games currently underway in Glasgow,Scotland when he received the Silver Medal in the 62 Kilo Gramme Category worked out yesterday(25).Sudesh who is from Sandalankawa Area is also  the Captain of  104 member Sri Lankan Contingent  to the Commonwealth Games this year .

He was also the Bronze Medalist in the same weightlifting Category at the last Commonwealth Games held in Jawahallal Nehru Stadium in New Delhi,India on 2010.As Sudesh has won the Silver Medal ,Dimitris Minasidis of Cyprus won the Gold Medal in this Category  this morning while Vaipana Loane of Samoa won the Bronze Medal .

Sri Lanka'S Sudesh Pieris is on the left in the pix.

Half oF Of The Dengue Patients Reported From The Island Wide Have Been reported In June And July

Nearly half of the total number of Dengue Patients reported from Island wide during last seven months have been reported in the Months Of June and July according to the
Epidemiology Unit.Out of the 23,355 Dengue Patients that reported throughout the Island from 01st of June to 25th of July this year 10,387 Dengue Patients have been identified on June and July the Epidemiology Unit has revealed.

In the month of June 6439 Dengue Patients have been reported and in  July up to now 3948 Dengue Patients have been identified Epidemiologists Said.The majority of the Dengue Patients have been reported from the Colombo District and the number is 8258 patients.

Meanwhile the Entomology Assistant Officers have warned that the Dengue Mosquito Density in the City Of Colombo has been increased by 3 folds which stands in the Britaux Index as 20.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

DCD Contained Milk Powder Packs Identified Last Year Might Re Entered The Market-Minister Champika Ranawake

There is a great possibility to believe that the  20% out of the total milk powder imports last year(2013)that were confirmed by the Industrial Technology Institute (ITI)  as containing  DCD Agro Chemical  re entered the local market according to the Minister of Technology And Research Champika Ranawake.

Addressing a special media briefing held today(24) at the Industrial Technology institute in Colombo Minister Ranawake has said that the Ice Cream samples collected from the alms giving centers(dansalas) conducted to mark poson festival last June proved that the DCD contained Milk Powder used to make those ice creams.All the seven ice cream samples collected from the alms giving centers in Colombo City  have been contained DCD chemical he has stressed.

Out of the total amount  of Milk Powder imported by Sri Lanka last year numbering around 80,000 metric tonnes ,20% were contained with DCD Chemical the minister had revealed.Although the ITI had sent the DCD Test Results to the Health Ministry there are no reports on whether the said stock of Milk Powder has been removed from the market else destroying it he has said.Therefor it might re entered the market in form of a Milk Product else as a Milk Powder minister has further added.

While commanding the facilities available in ITI to identify DCD Chemical in Milk Powder the Minister has sympathize over the remarks made by some factions  within the Health Sector regarding the tests conducted by ITI on the said Ice Cream samples.Those factions are  questioning the way the institute had collected the samples without the help of Public Health Inspectors he has urged."The ITI has the facilities to identify DCD chemical in Milk Powder and no one can challenge that fact" Minister Ranawake has further said.

Meanwhile Addressing the briefing the Director General of ITI Mr.Premakumara has said that the tests will continue to find whether the Milk Powder and Milk Products in the local market are made from the DCD Contained Milk Powder identified by ITI last year.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Famous Yala National Park Due To Be Closed On September

The famous  local tourist attraction "Yala" National Park is due to be closed for a month period from 02nd of September to 30th of September 2014 due to the dry season prevails there at that time according to the authorities.
It will be reopened during first week of October if the dry season is over at that time authorities revealed.Yala National Park was closed down during September-October period last year too due to the dry season.

Health Alert On DCD Contained Milk Powder

Health Authorities have not taken a single  step to either removed or destroyed the imported Milk Powder Packs which confirmed as contained DCD Chemical up to now the President of the Sri Lanka Public Health Inspectors Association Upul Rohana has said today(23).

After found that the DCD contained imported Milk Powder has entered to Sri Lankan Market last year so many tests of them have been carried out by the Industrial Technology Institute(ITI).The ITI has also issued the batch numbers belongs to the DCD Confirmed Milk Powders but the authorities not able to destroy or remove a single DCD contained Milk Powder Pack up to now Upul Rohana has said.

Addressing a Press Briefing held this morning-in Colombo the President of the Public Health Inspectors Association has revealed that around 1455 DCD contained imported Milk Powder Packs have  been identified during this year, but  the authorities have failed to remove any of those packs from the market up to now  he has stressed.

Also when the samples of the said stock 0f Milk Powders has sent to a laboratory in Singapore they confirmed that no DCD trace has found in those stocks he has further said.The stock of Milk Powder weighing 124.4 Metric Tonnes which said to be destroyed by the Health Ministry few months back due to the contamination of DCD  had destroyed due to they were expired Upul Rohan further said.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

15,000 Kilo Grammes Of Fake Chili Powder Recovered From A Grinding Mill

Around 15,000 Killo Grammes Of Fake Chili Powder made by using Rice Flour,White Flour and Cloth Dyes were recovered from a grinding mill situated in Sedawatta ,Wellampitiya area (Colombo Suburbs ) according to the Consumer Affairs Authority.

This fake chili powder  are being distributed  to Hatton and Awissawella areas for sale sources said.The Consumer Affairs Authority has been questioning the two persons  attach to the grinding mill that produced  the fake chili powder .

Special Commodity Tax On Imported Sugar Has Been Increased By Rs.3

The Special Commodity Tax imposed on imported sugar has been increased by Rs.3 per killo gramme with effect from 16th of July according to government sources.under this new tax increase the tax per one killo gramme of imported sugar has been increased by Rs.25 to Rs.28.

The commodity tax has been increased   to protect local sugarcane farmers and against the drop of sugar prices in the international market  .Due to the new tax increase the price of imported sugar in the local market will not be increased according to the sources.

Nursing Officers Association Requested Authorities To Inquire Availability Of DCD Contained Milk Powder In The Market

As there's a possible threat of re entering Dycyanamide (DCD) contained Milk Powder to the local market ,the Government Nursing Officers Association has today requested the Health Ministry and the Consumer Affairs Authority to conduct a full inquiry  to see whether DCD contained Milk Powder are available in the market at present.

The President Of the Nursing Officers Association Saman Ratnapriya has said that  according to the statement made by Industrial Development  Minister Champika Ranawake few days back, the Ice Cream distributed among devotees through the Poson Alms Giving Centers(Dansala's) in island wide last month were made from DCD Contained Milk Powder and it proves that  the DCD Contained Milk Powder has re entered to the local market,

Even Industrial Technology Institute(ITI) has confirmed through the tests carried out on the Ice Cream Samples collected from Alms Giving Center that those Ice Creams contained DCD he has stressed.although the Health Ministry has said that the detained stock of DCD contained Milk Powder removed from the market last year had destroyed it either re entered the market else the stock has secretly transported to the Food Manufacturing Companies to make Milk Foods Ratnapriya has said.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Senior Members Of The GMOA Had Accused Suspended EXCO Members For Violating Court Order

The Senior Members  of the Doctors Trade Union ,Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA)   had accused the suspended Executive Members of the Association  on illegally  renting a Room in the Epidemiology Building in Colombo to run activities of the Trade Union despite the Court Order has prevented them to do so .The Former Executive Committee Members whose activities were suspended by the Mount Lavinia Court recently including the using of the Trade Union's Office  at OPA Center in Colombo were also charged for organizing press briefings through non exco members to  violate  the court order further.

Meanwhile a group of Doctors are planning to complaint to the courts on  the  said illegal activities of  former exco members . 

The Largest Haul Of Heroin Ever Found In Sri Lanka Had Been Seized At Orugodawatta Container Yard

Around 100 Killo Grammes Of Heroin stored in three Industrial grinding machines imported from Karchchi, Pakistan had been seized this evening by the Sri Lankan Customs Officials at Orugodawatta Container Yard in Colombo.The grinding machines which were declared as used ones were received  the Container Yard last week.

The said   stock of Heroin which estimated as worth Rs.700 million is known as the largest haul of Heroin ever taken in to custody in Sri Lanka.One suspect who had imported the machinery from Pakistan along with the two wharf clerks  who arrived the container yard to clear the  machines  had been  arrested in this regard Customs Sources said.As the two wharf clerks who were  taken to custody are fasting at present,officials have decided to question them regarding the stock of heroin after they breaking their fast.

The stock of heroin seized were stored  inside the cylindrical part of the machines as 1 gramme packs it has been reported.

Meanwhile the Customs Officials have been reported as dismantling the grinding machines imported from Pakistan after seizing the stock of heroin.  

Minor Staff Workers Strike Had Paralyzed the Patient Care Services In 34 Central Government Hospitals

Due to the Seven Hours Strike launched today(21) by the Minor Staff attach to 34 Central Government Hospitals island wide ,Patient Care Services including Surgeries have been cancelled during the striking period the hospital sources have said.Patient assistant services,carrying patient to Wards and Clinics,Surgeries ,collecting blood samples and Issuing Numbers to Clinical Patients are among the services paralyzed due to today's strike sources added.

Thousand of patients have faced enormous difficulties due to the strike action it has been revealed.
Around 25,000 minor staff workers have been participated the strike and during the strike period striking  workers have seen gathered in front of their working places and conducting  protest campaigns,

The Minor Staff has launched this strike in protest of not solving few of their service demands including not solving their salary anomalies caused under the 2006 Government Circular the organizers of the strike Joint Trade Union Council said.After the Discussions held between the council officials and the Health Minister Maithripala Sirisena this noon , the strike was temporarily suspended as minister has promised to solve the demands by next week.

However a large number of Minor Staff members have seen engaged in Fasting and protest Campaigns in front of the most Central Government Hospitals including Colombo,National Hospital today.The protests are to be continued till the demands are meet The Joint Trade Council has said.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Fourteen Sri Lankan Workers Trapped In Libya Returned

Fourteen Sri Lankan Workers who were trapped in Libya due to the recent war situation there have been returned to Sri Lanka this morning according to the Foreign Employment Bureau.

The workers who were trapped in Libya since long time   were bring back to  the island via Dubai by the Foreign Employment Bureau.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Portugal Prime Minister To Visit Sri Lanka Tomorrow(20)

The Portugal Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho is due to arrive in Sri Lanka tomorrow(20) for a one day official visit according to the government sources.The portugal premier is due to hold bi lateral talks with President Mahinda Rajapaksha ,Prime Minister D.M Jayaratne and External Affairs Minister Professor G.L Pieris and due to visit two of the Portugal's Aid Projects here.

This will be the first visit of Porugal Premier to Sri Lanka. He is also  due to participate the signing ceremony  of the Memorandum Of Understanding(MOU) between Foreign Trade And Investment Agency(AICEP) of Portugal and it's Sri Lnakan Counterpart.

Health Ministry To Consider Allowing Private Practice For PSM'S After Their Working Hours

 The Ministry Of Health has submitted a Cabinet Paper regarding allowing Professions Supplementary To Medicine(PSM'S) to engage in private practice after working hours (after 4 p.m) in  government hospitals the Ministry Secretary Mrs.Sudharama Karunaratne has present only Government Doctors and Nurses are given permission by the health ministry to do private practice after working hours

According to the Health Secretary,Health Minister Maithripala Sirisena has submitted a cabinet paper per a demand made by Joint Council of Professions Supplementary To Medicine(JCPSM) to allow their professions namely Government Pharmacists,Radiographers,Medical Laboratory Technologits(MLT),Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists to do private practice after working hours in their hospitals.

The PSM's who were staged a two day island wide strike last Thursday and Friday also put the private practice demand among their  six demands which lead them to the strike.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Tooth Decaying Among The Age Group Between 35-44 Is On Increase-Dental Surgeons

Tooth Decaying is high among the Sri Lankans in the age group between 35-44 according to the Dental Surgeons .among the age groups the tooth decaying among the people belongs to the age group between 35-44 is 89.78%  it has been revealed.

The second highest rate of tooth decaying is reported among the age group between 65-74 with 71.1%  and children under 5 years old having   the third highest rate of tooth decaying in Sri Lanka with 68.31% .

According to the Dental Specialist Dr.Prasanna Jayasekera the tooth decaying among some age groups in Sri Lanka as mentioned earlier is on increase .The main reason for this situation is bad food habits including consuming too much of sweets and sugary drinks Dr.Jayasekera has stressed.sweets and sugary drinks should be consumed in between main meals he has said.

Meanwhile the Community Dental Specialist Dr.Iresha Perera has said that the tooth decaying in Sri Lanka is becoming a national disaster and the authorities should implement educational programmes  to avoid tooth decaying."Tooth Decaying is now becoming the worst disease among Sri Lankans more than Dengue" she has  stressed.

To avoid tooth decay everyone needs to pay special attention on their teeth and should get the necessary advise through the  Dentists she has revealed.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Health Ministry Secretary Has Got Caught To The False Alarm Of Opposition MP

The  new Secretary of the Ministry  of Health Mrs.Sudarma Karunaratne along with few health ministry officials had gone  to the medical supplies division (MSD) yesterday (15) evening per a false information received from the United National Parliamentarian Sajith Premadasa stating that a group has trying to rob two vehicle loads of medicine stocked at MSD  and returned to the ministry empty handed it has been reported. 

When the health secretary and the  group of ministry officials went to the MSD premises situated just near the ministry building to seal the vehicles if found that the medicines are going to rob.however they found   that the said vehicles are loading medicine to transport them to the State Pharamceutical Corporation stores and not that  anyone trying to rob the said stock of medicine.

After this incident The Medical Administrators attach to the Health Ministry are due to meet the Health Ministry Secretary withing next few days to advise her  not to trust the information received through out side persons including opposition MP;s and to consult medical administrators of the ministry before taking any action..

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

More Then 300,000 Lives In Sri Lanka Are Suffering From Epilepsy -Professor Ranjani Gamage

There are more than 300,000 Epilepsy patients lives in Sri Lanka at present according to the Neurologist Professor Ranjani Gamage.out of 1000 people here 9 are suffering from epilepsy she has said.

As there is a simple treatment available  that can control the symptoms of epilepsy to a certain extent and for some can be completely cured through that  nowadays ,there's no need to discriminate epileptic  patients in the society Professor Gamage has stressed.

However some people in the society are still trying to discriminate epileptic patients by labeling them as  mental patients else people suffering from a rare deadly disease she has pointed out.

As the Epilepsy Task Force that has been set up to manage epileptic patients in Sri Lanka few years back are working fir the benefit of epileptic patients the society need to realize that epilepsy is a normal disease which is not affect the patient's education,employment ,marriage and child delivery  she has further said.

These facts have been revealed during a media seminar held today(15) at the Health Education Bureau in Colombo regarding the public awareness on Epilepsy .

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Strong Monsoonal Winds Have Been Damaged Over 300 Houses In 3 Districts

The Strong  Monsoonal Winds have been damaged over 300 houses in three districts  according to the Disaster Management Center.the damaged houses were situated in Badulla,Nuwara Eliya and Ratnapura Districts.

Meanwhile the authorities have closed down the Sabaragamuwa University until 21st of July due to the adverse weather condition prevails in the area it has been announced.

The Meteorology Department has said that there is a possibility of developing south west monsoonal winds speed up to 70 -80 kilo meters per hour in most parts of  the island in time to time especially in the western slopes of the central hills and sea areas.sea areas around the island too will be rough and the met department  has advised the fishermen to be vigilant  in this situation.

Seventy Two Infants Born To HIV/AIDS Infected Mothers Have Been Infected With The Disease

Seventy Two ((72) Infants who were infected with HIV/AIDS Virus through their mothers have been born in Sri Lanka since 1987 up to now according to the Director of the National Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Aids Campaign Dr.Sisira Liyanage.out of this number twelve (12) infants were born during last year (2013) Dr.Liyanage has said.

Around 40% of these infants have already died due to the HIV/AIDS it has been revealed.a special programme to prevent transmitting HIV/AIDS Virus to the new born children through their infected mothers has been implemented already by the National Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Aids Campaign Dr.Liyanage has stressed.

Government Hospital PSM'S Are To Be Launched A Two Day Island Wide Strike On Wednesday And Thursday

The Professions Supplementary To Medicine(PSM'S) attach to all Government Hospitals have  decided to launch a two day island wide strike on this Wednesday(16) and Thursday(17) by demanding solutions for three of their service demands.

According to the secretary of the Joint Council Of Professions Supplementary To Medicine Mr.Saman Jayasekera the PSM's are to be launched this two day strike from 8 a.m on This Wednesday to 8 a.m this Friday by demanding for  implementing   delayed service promotions of Grade One and Special Grade PSM'S ,recruiting 200 PSM Graduates who have completed their intern period to the government hospitals and abolishing the diploma course of training PSM'S .

Due to Humanitarian Reasons the PSM'S attach to Castle Street Maternity,De Soyza Maternity,Peradeniya Children's ,Borella Lady Ridgway Children's and Maharagama Cancer Hospitals are not participating this two day strike he has said.

The Government  PSM's comprised  with Government Pharmacists,Medical Laboratory Technologists(MLT'S) ,Radiographers,Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sri Lankan Off Spinner Has Been Banned By International Cricket Council

The International Cricket Council(ICC) has today (12) instructed the  Sri Lanka Cricket Board to ban Sri Lankan off spinner Sachithra Senanayake from playing international cricket matches with immediate effect based on a lab report which stated his bowling action is illegal and not suited for cricket.

Sachithra Senanayake has underwent a test at a laboratory in Welsh capitol Cardiff last month during the England Tour of the Sri Lankan National Cricket Team after  some umpires have complained that  his bowling action is suspicious.he has been charged for delivering four deliveries in an over during the  fourth one day match played at Lords between Sri Lanka and England deemed to be breech of 15 degree elbow extension permitted under the ICC rules.

Due to this he has been suspended from playing few matches in England as well.the said test report was handed over to the ICC recently and according to the report the international cricket body has  instructed sri lankan cricket to ban sachithra from playing international matches.

The sri lankan left arm off spinner and all rounder had played the one day series against South African Team which concluded today at Hambanthota.the sri lankan cricket is scheduled to be taken a decision on ICC's latest move the sources said.

Sachithra was the leading wicket taker during Sri Lankan Cricket Team's visit to England last month and involved in controversial " Mankading" run out of England Wicket Keeper Jose Butler during the final one day international played in Edgbeston when sachithra was removed the bails of butler at the non strikers end  while he is out from his crease before delivering the ball.

Meanwhile the  Sri Lankan Captain Angelo Mathews has said recently that the complaint against sachithra on his bowling action might be made by either the England Cricket Team else the officials of England Cricket Board .

Former Sri Lankan Ace Spinner Mutthaia Muralideran too faced a similar fate while he was playing against Australian Team in Australia in 1995 while Australian Umpires Darrel  Hair  had signaled his deliveries as no balls by complaining his bowling action was illegal,however Muralideran was later cleared through the lab tests.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Court Cases Were Filed Against 218 Residents In Colombo City For Maintaining Dengue Breeding Places

The Colombo Public Health Department has filed court cases against 218 house owners in City Of Colombo few days back for maintaining dengue breeding places in their backyards according to the Chief Medical Officer Of Health in Colombo Dr.Ruwan Wijemuni.these cases were filed at the Maligakanda Magistrate Court dr.wijemuni has said.

These house owners who are facing legal cases due to  maintaining  dengue breeding places are reside in borella,kirulapana,m attakuliya,maradana,dematagoda and central colombo areas he has stressed.  

Supreme Court Ordered The Tobacco Company To Carry Pictorial Warnings Covering 60% Of The Cigarette Pack From 01st Of January 2015

The Supreme Court has yesterday (11) ordered the Ceylon Tobacco Company to implement the decision on   publishing  pictorial warnings covering 60% of the  the cigarette  pack surface on health hazards  with  the effect from 01st of January  2015.

According to the verdict given by the court tobacco company should carry pictorial warnings on the 60% surface of their Cigarette Pack with the new cigarette packets release to the market from 01st of January next year. the appeals court had earlier given orders to the tobacco company  to publish pictorial warnings covering  60% of a Cigarette Pack with effect from 01st of July.

However as the tobacco company wants to release cigarette packets to the market with  current packing without the pictorial warnings till the supreme court announce it's decision ,the implementation of the said appeals court order has been delayed.

The verdict of the supreme court has delivered by the three member judge bench headed by Chief Justice Mohan Pieris after considering the fundamental rights petition  filed by Ceylon tobacco company challenging  the gazette notification issued by the health ministry on pictorial warning decision  .through the petition the company has requested  to reduce the 60% space of publishing pictorial warnings.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ninety Complaints On Cosmetic Related Allergies Have Been Reported During Last Eighteen Months

During last 18 months(January 2013   to June 2014 )  Around 90 complaints on  cosmetic related allergies have been received from island wide  Sri Lanka Food And Drug Inspectors Association has stated.out of these complaints 22 were received during first six months of this year and 68 complaints  have been received during last year the association has stressed.

While addressing a press briefing held in Colombo yesterday(09) the president of the  Sri Lanka Food And Drug Inspectors Association Mr.Damith Perera has said that these allergies have been caused due to both registered and unregistered cosmetics and majority of them were due to the hair dyes .

\The samples related to these complaints on allergies were sent to the National Drug Quality Assurance \\Laboratory for further tests he has said.
Due to these allergic reactions of cosmetics people should check the registered number ,the manufactured date and the expiry date of the products before purchasing cosmetic products  Mr.Perera has further added.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Circular Issued To The School Canteens Banning selling Of Soft Drinks And Short Eats Still Inactive

The Circular issued by the Ministry Of Education on 2011  regarding  the banning of  selling Soft Drinks,Short Eats,Meet Products and Junk Foods in 9568 School Canteens island wide  is still not able to implement  due to the failure of Health Authorities on activating the circular according to the president of Sri Lanka Public Health Inspectors Association Mr.Upul Rohana.

The Health Ministry Officials are purposely delaying the activating of the said circular numbering 2011/3  and due to this non infectious diseases like Diabetes,High Blood P reassure,Heart Diseases and stroke   among school children are on increase  Mr.Rohana has said.due to the non implementation of the circular School Canteen owners are selling sugary soft drinks,short eats ,meet products and junk food to the school children freely he has stressed.

Addressing a press briefing held in Colombo this morning the president of the Sri Lanka Health Inspectors Association has said that their is a greet need to implement the said circular as soon as possible  and all the authorities need to do is to introduced the circular as an interim constitution to  the food act of 1980.

Monday, July 7, 2014

The Shortage Of Triple Blood Bags Caused A Shortage Of Blood Platelets In Most Of The Blood Banks

There's a severe shortage of Triple Blood Bags which  use to take  blood from blood donors   in the majority of Blood Banks throughout the island these days according to the  Government Nursing Officers Association.

The Blood Banks in peradeniya,kandy,matara,hambanthota,ratnapura,ampara,kurunagala are affected severely with the shortage of three layer triple blood bags the nursing officers association has pointed out.due to this shortage Blood Platelets which are derived from blood by using these bags are also out of stock in several blood banks the association has stated.

As there's a Dengue Epidemic in most parts of the island blood platelets are need to transfuse to these patients the president of the nursing officers association Saman Rathnapriya has said.therefore he  has urged the health authorities to distribute this all important  Triple Blood Bags to the blood banks with immediate effect he has stressed.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Twenty Indian Fishermen Have Been Arrested Whlie Fishing In Sri Lankan Waters

Sri Lankan Navy Officers have arrested another 20 Indian Fishermen in seas of North Mannar who were illegally fishing in Sri Lankan Waters.Navy  Four  trawlers  the Indian Fishermen were  traveled in also taken in to the custody navy sources said. 

These fishermen were arrested due to violating International Maritime Boundary Line and pouching in Sri Lankan Waters sources have added.

The arrested Fishermen and Trawlers were handed over to the Department Of Fisheries And Aquatic Resources for a legal action.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

An Elephant Was Killed After Hit At Train In Kekirawa

A train runs from Trincomalee to Colombo was derailed late  last night after it was
hit at wild elephant in Kekirawa(North Central Province) according to Railways Department.the wild elephant was killed due to the accident and no one in the train has injured the sources revealed.

Due to this accident train services in the line got delayed around eight hours and brought to normal early this morning.however four trains got delayed due to the accident railways department has said.

According to  the authorities around 200 elephants have been killed last  year due to the  human -elephant conflict.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Dengue Mosquito Larvae Also Breeds On Dee freezers ?

The dengue mosquito "aedis egyptai" who is responsible for spreading dengue are laying their eggs on defrosted water in freezers too according to the Colombo chief Medical Officer (MOH) Dr.Ruwan Wijemuni.

He has said that during the house to house inspections carried out by the health officials in northern colombo a large number of freezers with dengue mosquito larvae have  found Meanwhile the officials of Colombo Public Health Department have decided to file   court cases against the owners of  181 residencies in Northern Colombo  who are responsible  for  maintaining dengue mosquito breeding places in their back yards.the officials have identified these during the inspection carried out n north Colombo yesterday .

Around 18,100 houses in northern colombo have been inspected on last wednesday under the programme.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Lady Lawyer Gave Birth To Quintuplets At Peradeniya Hospital

A 36 year old Lady Lawyer reside in Kandy District has given birth to Quintuplets at Peradeniya Teaching Hospital on last Saturday(27) .this was the fifth set of Quintuplets born in Sri Lanka since late 90's as earlier four sets of quintuplets were born in Castle Street Maternity Hospital,Kandy General Hospital and Central Private Hospital respectively.

The latest set of Quintuplets which compromised with one girl and four boys are currently receiving treatment at the  Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Peradeniya Hospital.. two of them are given  oxygen at premature baby unit due to breathing problem and one is having low birth weight,all five children are 30 weeks old when they were born Hospital doctors said.

The latest set of Quintuplets born through a Ceasarien Surgery performed by a medical team lead by Gynecologist Dr.Sisira Ranaraja.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Distribution Of Thriposha Has Become An Issue

A large number of complaints are being received by the Health Ministry these days from rural and urban areas on shortage of nutrition supplement Thriposha Powder which is distributed by government among pregnant mothers ,lactating mothers and children under the age of 5 for  free of charge .

Although the Production in the Thrposha Plant at  Kapuwatta,Ja Ela (Western Province) has increased up to 1.8 million packs per month from 894,000 packets per months in last year the inproper distribution plan of "Thriposha"implemented by the director of Nutrition Division in the  Health Ministry has caused an unusual shortage of Thriposha health ministry sources said.

The Director of Nutrition who is a lady doctor in charge of distributing Thriposha among the required groups has recommending the same number of Thriposha  packs to some districts like Colombo,Kurunagala,Hambanthota,Kandy,Madirigiriya ,Gampola and Kandy in 2009 as well as in 2014 without considering new numbers of pregnant and lactating mothers and children sources have added,.

Although the distribution of Thriposha Supplement throughout the island is not up to the standard the lady doctor who is in charge of distribution process of the supplement is taking around Rs 4500 to 6000 as transport allowance for her visits to the Thrposha Plant.

Thriposha nutritious supplement is made locally by using Maize,soya beans,Milk Powder,Minerals and Vitamins .

A Massive Three Day Anti Dengue Campaign To Be Launched In Western Province

A massive three day Joint anti dengue campaign will be launched tomorrow throughout the western province with the implementation of article 262 of the penal code which allows  security forces to arrest anyone without a warrant found as maintaining dengue mosquito breeding places in their backyards according to the Director of Police Environment Health Unit SSP Quintus Raymond.

While addressing a media briefing held today (02) at the Health Education Bureau in Colombo,SSP Raymond has said that although health authorities are not able to implement the said article of the penal code security officers including police officers and officers attach to tri forces who will be accompanying the health officers during house to house check in will implement it when need arise.

The three day massive anti dengue campaign which inspecting  and destroying dengue mosquito breeding places in western province will run up to 5thof July (Saturday).the aim of this campaign is to control the spreading of dengue in the province where around 60% of the total number of dengue patients reported from the island are locating.

The first massive anti dengue campaign has conducted on 20th,21st and 22nd of June this year.under the programme health and security officials will go house to house and institutions to check for
the dengue mosquito breeding places and clean breeding places if they found any. .

Dengue Deaths Are On The Increase

During this year 50 Dengue Patients have died up to now according to the Director Of Anti Dengue Campaign Dr.Hasitha Thisera.out of this number 32 dengue deaths have been reported from Colombo District and 5 deaths from Gampaha District (Both Districts belongs to the western province) Dr.Thisera has said.throughout the last year 52 dengue deaths have been reported .

The total number of dengue patients reported during first six months of this year too exceeds the number of dengue patients reported through the first ix months of last year as well he has stressed,during January to June last year(2013) 16,866 dengue patients have been reported throughout the island and the total number of patients reported this year up to now is 18,339 .around 60% out of this number have been reported from the western province it has been revealed,

Last June was the month that a large number of dengue patients have been reported this year as 5479 patients have reported when comparing to the 2427 patients reported during June 2013.

Meanwhile Epidemiologists have said that the  studies have been revealed 48%  of the dengue mosquito breeding places in Sri Lanka are empty containers like yoghurt /ice cream cups disposed to the environment by the people.

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