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Disaster Management Center Has Issued Landslide Warnings To Many Areas In Ratnapura And Kegalle

The Disaster Management Center has
today (09) requested the Public lives in Mountain ous areas in seven places belongs to Ratnapura and Kegalle Districts to vacate their houses if the heavy showers currently prevails  in there continues further.

Accordingly landslide warnings have been issued to Ehaliyagoda, Elapatha, Kiriella,Kuruwita,Ayagama,Kolonna in Ratnapura District and Dehiowita in Kegalle District due to the heavy showers prevails in.

Around 75 mili meters of rain  had been recieved by these areas during last 24 hours it has been revealed.

Around Twenty Houses Damaged Due To A Mini Cyclone

  • Around twenty houses have been
    damaged due to a mini cyclone blown across the Madina Nagar and Rahaman Nagar areas  in puttalam this evening(09).

No casualties have been reported due to the incident and the roofs of most houses in the area had been removed due to the cyclone it has been of some houses had also destroyed  reports have stated.

Nine Persons Critically Injured Due To A Van-Lorry Collision-Another Accident Occurred When The Injured Were Transporting To Hospital

Nine persons including seven females
and two males have been critically  injured and hospitalized after the Van they were travelling in colliding with a Lorry this evening(09)at shanonwatte on Hatton -Colombo main road according to reports.

There's another accident occurred when the injured were  transporting to Dikoya Base Hospital by a Van as the Van colliding with another Motor Car at Hattonmalliappu area on Hatton-Colombo main road.

Due to the second accident the injured in the Van were transported to hospital by Three Wheelers according to Police.The accidents occurred due to the slippery condition in Hatton roads occurred as a result of heavy showers prevailing tbere.


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Seven Youth Who Went Missing In Knuckles Reserve Have Been Found

The seven youth males who went missing while traveling in Knuckles Reserve since last Friday evening (06) have been found this noon as a result  of the search operation launched by the Police Officers of four police stations.
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The youth had entered the Knuckles Reserve through Bambara Ella in Panwila on last Friday and since than lost contacts with their relatives due to the breaking down of communication it has been revealed.They are residents of Meegasmulle in Panagoda

Police officers attached to the Laggala,Raththota,Rangala and Ududumbara Police Stations had launched the serach operation to find out the missing..


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Imprisoned Former CWE Chairman Has Been Remanded Agian Until 12th Of April

Image result for court decisionThe former CWE (SATHOSA) Chairman Nalin Fernando arrested and remanded over misusing of state funds worth Rs.39 million  to purchase Carom and Dart Boards during previous regime was re remanded today(09) until 12th  of April by the Colombo Fort Magistrate .

The lawyers of the former CWE chairman had requested bail for their client after the suspect have been produced before the Colombo Fort Magistrate Lanka Jayaratne today and the Magistrate has stated that a decision regarding granting bail to him will be taken on 12th of April.

The suspect was arrested  by the Police Financial Crimes Investigations Division(FCID) on last Friday while attempting to go abroad at Katunayake.

Another Suspect Was Arrested Over Replacing A Valuable Gem Stone With A Fake Stone

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Officers attached to the Law Enforcement Unit of the Panadura Division have arrested a 40 year old person who had fraudulently replaced  a valuable Gem stone worth around Rs.15 million to a fake Stone at Beruwala yesterday (08).

This is the fourth suspect arrested regarding the replacing the valuable Gem Stone brought to sold for a fake stone and earlier three residents of Panadura and Galle were arrested regarding the incident.The person arrested yesterday was the one who pawned the Gem Stone .

A Businessman in Deniyaya had brought a Valubale Gem Stone to sell to another Businessman in Mount Lavinia on 15 th of February and four persons arrived in from Mannar had replaced the Gem Stone with a fake stone while indicating they were willing to purchase the Gem Stone it has been revealed.

The suspects were arrested as per a complaint lodged by the Businessman at Mount Lavinia Police.

Ten Female Estate Workers In Bagawanthalawa Have Been Hospitalized Due To A Wasp Attack

Ten female Estate Workers have been injured and hospitalized due to a wasp attack while plucking tea leaves at Bogawana Tea Estate in Bagawanthalawa this morning(09).

Image result for wasps nestThe injured Estate Workers have  been admitted to the Bagawanthalawa Hospital for treatment .

Due to the large number of Wasp Nests seen in Tea Estates Tea Plucking Workers are regularly attacked by the Wasps during plucking tea leaves.

Few Houses And Business Establishments In Kandy Sunk Due To Heavy Showers

Image result for houses sunk
Due to the heavy showers prevailing in Kandy these days few houses and Business Establishments at William Gopallawa Road ,Kandy have been sunk it has been reported.

According to the authorities those houses and Business Establishments that sunk are unauthorized constructions . 

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Price Of Cashew Nuts Has Been Reduced

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The price of Cashew nuts has been reduced to Rs.3800 per Kilo Gramme according to the Cashew Corporation.Public can purchase Cashew Nuts for the reduced price through the Cashew Corporation outlets island wide .

Price of Cashew has been reduced due to the forthcoming Sinhala/Tamil New Year it has been revealed.

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In an ancient Buddhist story, the Buddha’s faithful attendant, Ananda, asked about the importance of having wholesome companions. Ananda asked the Buddha whether having noble friends and companions wasn’t half of the holy life. The Buddha replied: “Do not say so, Ananda. Noble friends and companions are the whole of the holy life.” (SN 45.2, Bhikkhu Bodhi) 

Whatever kind of life you have, your friends are both a part of it and a reflection of it. Work or school associates, sports teammates, companions in religious community – in all of these there is some degree of choice. You accept a job, join a team, or become a member of a social group; and you choose how closely to associate with the people in each group. Even in your family, you choose how close or distant to be with individual members.

Within each of these affiliation groups, there may be people you’d like to know better and those you’d like to avoid spending time with. How do you choose which people fall into which category? Do you like the ones who seem to like you? Or the people you consider the most physically attractive? Are you drawn to people you consider thoughtful, or wise and helpful? Do you passively wait to be contacted, by anyone at all? Somehow, by some sorting method, you end up with friends and acquaintances that influence you and whom you influence. This page is concerned with how you choose friends and what happens in these relationships.
Are your friends wholesome companions?

One definition of a good friend is someone who brings out what is best in you. She might do this by following your lead when you do something worth emulating, and by telling you directly what she admires about you. A good friend discourages what is worst in you, perhaps by declining to follow an unwise lead, and sometimes by telling you directly when she thinks something is off. By her actions and words, a good friend gives you helpful feedback. Out of genuine concern for your well-being, a good friend will support your wholesome actions and discourage your unwholesome actions.

Are you a wholesome friend to your companions?
 On the other side of the question, how much of the time are you a wise and beneficial friend? Do you encourage people to do what’s best, even if there’s nothing in it for you? Are you willing to bring up awkward topics if you think it will help another person? Do you appreciate your relationships? Do you attend to them regularly, showing that you are grateful for them?

This was said by the Buddha: “It is in accordance with their properties that beings come together & associate with one another. Beings of low dispositions come together & associate with beings of low dispositions. Beings of admirable dispositions come together & associate with beings of admirable dispositions. In the past, it was in accordance with their properties that beings came together & associated with one another… In the future, it will be in accordance with their properties that beings will come together & associate with one another… And now at present, it is in accordance with their properties that beings come together & associate with one another. Beings of low dispositions come together & associate with beings of low dispositions. Beings of admirable dispositions come together & associate with beings of admirable dispositions.”
(Iti 3.29, tr. Thanissaro Bhikkhu)

The people you choose to associate with affect how you think and what you do. And you affect the people you associate with. Are you spending time with people you chose? Or did they choose you? Or both? What activities do you do together? Are the activities beneficial, or at least harmless? Do you feel that others drag you down, or lift you up? And what would your companions say about your effect on them?

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