Monday, March 17, 2014

Every Month Around 6-18 Quality Failure Drugs Are Wthdrawn From Sri Lankan Hospitals

Every Month around 6 -18 drugs use in Government Hospitals in Sri Lanka  are   withdrawn from hospitals due to quality failure problems  while Countries like Australia withdraw around 6 quality failed  drugs every three years  Professor Senaka Bibile Memorial Organization has said.'this giving us an indication of the status of medicinal drugs imported to Sri Lanka by spending millions of rupees" the organization has stated.

According to the national convener of Professor Senaka Bibile Memorial Organization Dr.Jayantha Bandara around 80% to 90% of drugs imported here are from well known low quality drug manufacturing companies located in Asia .however even there are quality failure problems in imported drugs and a drug shortage almost every year the expenditure for importing drugs to Sri Lanka is on the
increase he has 2010 around Rs.24.5 billion was allocated for importing drugs to the country and in the year 2012 that amount has  risen to Rs.47.5 billion Dr.Bandara has revealed.

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