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Eating Red Anions 'Can Prevent Cancer' And Could Protect Against Diabetes And Heart Disease


India To Introduce Clean Fuel Faster To Combat The Delhi Smog Crisis




Six Suspects Including Former Navy Media Spokesman Remanded Over Abduction And Disappearance Of 11 Youths Have Been Further Remanded

Six suspects including the former Navy media
spokesman Commadore D.K.P Dassanayake who had been remanded over abduction and disappearance of  11 youths by using a white van in 2008 have been further remanded until 29th of November by the Colombo Fort Magistrate today (15).

The six suspects had been produced before the Cllombo Fort Magistrate today.Colombo Fort Magistrate Lanka Jayaratne has also ordered the authorities to transfer the suspected Former Navy Media spokesman from Welisara Navy hospital where he has been admitted citing an illness, to Welikada Prison Hospital.

A suspect who had been remanded over the court order should have admitted to a Government Hospital not the Navy Hoapital the Magistrate has stated.

Meanwhile a mother in law of one of the suspects remanded over the abduction and disappearance of 11 youths ,commander Sumith Ranasinghe had committed suicide over not receiving bail for his son in law today it has been reported.

Fake Tsunami Fear In Eastern Sea Coast Due To The Receaded Sea Water

Due to the fear of a Tsunami occurred as a result of the
receaded sea water levels in Kalmunai,Ampara area ,many people living in  coastal areas in Kalmunai and Batticaloa have evacuated from their houses  today (15)it has been reported.

Feared parents in Kalmunai coastal area had been removed their children from schools and patients of Hospitals in the area  had been removed ,Shops and government offices situated in Eastern sea coast had been closed due to the situation .

However as there is no earthquake and Tsunami threat people in Eastern Sea coast should not panic unnecassarily  over the situation the Disaster Management Center has announced.

People in Ampara and Batticaloa sea coastal areas who had been evacuated from their houses should return their houses the center has requested.

Around 13 Tea Estate Workers In Lindula And Thalawakale Areas Had Been Injured Due To Two Wasp Attacks

Around 13 estate workers attached to Gratewestern

Tea Estate in Lindula area and Thalawakale Estate had been injured ,Three of them seriously and hospitalized due to wasp attacks today (15).

The injured Estate workers including ten female Tea estate workers and three male workers have been admitted to the Lindula Hospital for treatment.

The wasps attacked the Tea Estate workers of Gratewestern Tea Estate as a result of a Hawk attacking the Wasps Nest it has been revealed.



People with A, B, or AB blood types face an 'elevated risk' of suffering a heart attack or chest pain when faced with high levels of air pollution


A 10 Year Old Student Had Drowned While Bathing In Sea

A 10 year old Student had drowned and disappeared  while bathing with a fellow student in the sea area of Wennappuwa last evening (14) according to the Police.

The other student bathing with the drowned student managed to escape from drowning .Both student arrived in the sea area by a Bicycle without informing to their parents it has been revealed.

Fishermen in the area have launched a search operation to find out the drowned student.

A Wild Elephant Was Killed Due To An Electrocution

A Wild Elephant arrived in a village in Anapallama,Wellawaya area was killed due to an Electrocution last night(14) according to the Wild Life Officers.

The Wild Elephant had manged to escape from the Electric fence although  was later killed through the Electrocution according to reports.

The Wild Life Officers of Wellawaya along with the Wellawaya Police are conducting an investigation over the incident.

Four Train Journeys Cancelled Due To A Derailment Of A Train In Northern Railway Line

Due to the derailment of "Rajarata Rajini " Express Train between Madawachchiya and Parasangaswewa area last night(14) four Train journeys including of night mail train scheduled tonight (15) has been cancelled in Northern Railway line according to the Railways Department.

Due to the Derailment of "Rajarata Rajini' Express train ,train traveling from Colombo Fort will be restricted to Anuradhapura and the Train arriving from Jaffna restricted to Madawachchiya area.

The Express train was derailed while traveling  from Matara to Vavuniya it has been revealed.

Foreign-Zimbabwe Crisis: Army Takes Over, Says Mugabe Is Safe


Eating Chocolate Five Times A Week REDUCES An Overweight Person's Risk Of Having A Heart Attack

Eating chocolate five times a week reduces an overweight person's risk of having a heart attack, new research suggests.
Among those carrying too much weight, those who indulge in the treat at least five times a week are the least likely to have a coronary artery disease (CAD)-related event, such as a heart attack, a study found.
Overweight people who never eat chocolate are the most at risk of suffering a CAD-related event, the research adds.
Previous research has linked minimally processed, dark chocolate to improved heart health due to its antioxidants protecting against 'bad' cholesterol, as well as boosting blood flow, lowering blood pressure and preventing clots.
The study reveals chocolate's effects do not occur in those who have a healthy BMI or are underweight, which may be due to its impact being small and therefore only benefiting overweight people who are more at risk of a CAD-related event, the US researchers speculate.
The researchers from the VA Bo…