Friday, August 16, 2013

Enjoin Order Has Been Issued Preventing Fonterra From Distributing,Selling And Advertising Their milk Products

The Gampaha District court Judge has today (16) issued an enjoin  order preventing distributing ,selling and advertising all milk powder and milk products produced by Fonterra Company in local market for 14 days.this enjoin order was issued according to the request made by Government Nursing Officers Union though the court case filed bythem.

Government Nursing Officers Union today has filed a case in Gampaha District Court against Fonterra Brands Sri Lanka Private Limited for advertising their milk powder products as free from DCD Chemical and Botulism bacteria although their parent company in New Zealand has accepted their products are contaminated with them.the court order will stand till 30th of August.

Even the New Zealand based fonterra company has recalled  their milk powder products from countries like  China,Hong Kong,Russia,Vietnam and Thailand and also apologized them for contaminating their  milk powder products with bacteria but the sri lankan fonterra still not ready to accept this bitter truth the plaintiffs  charged.also the ministry of primary industries in new zealand too accepted  that fonterra products have contaminated with DCD recently they said.

As fonterra brands Sri Lanka Limited has trying to mislead sri lankan consumers through false advertisements by stating their milk powder products are free from chemicals and bacterias the government nursing officers union has urged the district court to issue injunction  and enjoin orders preventing fonterra company in sri lanka by distributing,selling and advertising their products for 14 days until 30th of August .

The court case is scheduled to be heard on 30th  August.President of Government Nursing Officers Union Saman Ratnapriya,secretary and the union treasurer are the plaintiffs of this case while   Fonterra Brands Sri Lanka Limited situated in no.100,Delgoda Road Biyagama ,Sri Lanka and it's general manager Leon Clement were the respondents of the case.

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