Sunday, September 29, 2013

All Imported Milk Powder Products Should Have Indicated The Name Of The Authority That Gave Them DCD Clearence -GMOA

All  Foreign  Milk Powder Companies should have indicated  in the special sticker label pasted in their products the name of  the authority who confirmed their products as free from DCD Chemical without putting consumers into more trouble claimed the Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA).as most of the foreign milk powder companies had mentioned in the special sticker label pasted in their products that they are DCD Free they have failed to mentioned the name of the  authority who gave that clearance assistant secretary of GMOA Dr.nalin ariyaratne has said.

Some foreign milk powder companies have using the name of Health Ministry and the sate logo illegally in those special sticker labels when stating they are free from DCD Chemical he has stressed."this is clearly a violation of food act and health authorities should have taken a  stern action against these companies "Dr.Ariyaratne has further said.

Meanwhile GMOA has decided to make a special request from  the health authorities to remove all imported milk powder products from the market till the tests on  DCD chemical have completed.

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