Thursday, April 26, 2012

Routine Eye Surgeries At Colombo Eye Hospital Suspended

All routine eye surgeries performs in Colombo Eye Hospital have been suspended due to the broken roof attach to three theaters of the hospital it has been reported.According to Eye Hospital sources the roof attach to three theaters was broken since two weeks back and the theaters were closed as a result.

Due to this situation all routine eye surgeries including Cataract Surgeries of the hospital are suspended until further notice and only emergency eye surgeries are performs  at the fourth theater which  remains open.

When contacted a higher official of the Eye Hospital has stated that the broken roof of three theaters is now repaired and the cleaning process of the theaters are underway.The closed theaters will be re opened for surgeries within a week's time he added.

Sri Lankan Fishermen Kidnapped By Somali Pirates Returned Home

The group of six fishermen who were kidnapped by Somali Pirates and rescued by Spanish Forces returned to the Island early this morning.The fishermen were kidnapped by Somali Pirates six months back with their fishing boat and the pirates were demanding a huge amount of money from fishermen's relatives for their release.

 Spanish forces were rescued these fishermen from the pirates last week and sent them back home.

Wheat Flour Up By Rs.8.50

Government has increased the price of a Kilogram of Wheat Flour by Rs.8.50 with immediate effect it has been reported.According to the new price increase a Kilogram of Wheat Flour now stands at Rs.98.50.

National Election Commission To Recycle Cardboard Ballot Boxes

National Election Commission has decided to provide 13,000 Cardboard Ballot boxes purchased for the recently concluded Presidential Elec...