Tuesday, September 30, 2014

SMS Complaint Service On Private Transport System

The Ministry Of Private Transport Services is due to launch a  new Complaints service on Private Buses which the passengers are able to send their complaints  on Privates Buses through SMS with effect from tomorrow(01).

Under this service the public will be able to SMS  their complaints to the mobile number established in the Ministry 0716-550000 through their mobile phones the Ministry has said.According to the Minister of Private Transport Services C.B Rathnayake this aim of this SMS complaint service is to provide a quality Private Transport Service to the commuters.

Public are advised to indicate  the Registration Number of the Private Bus,The Route Number and the Time of the incident when sending the complaints .

Monday, September 29, 2014

A Female Officer Has Found Guilty Of Fraudulently Taking Rs.1.8 Million As Vehicle And Fuel Allowances

The Ministry Of Health has instructed the Chairman of Sri Lanka Thriposha Limited to deduct the Rs.1.8 million   fraudulently taken as Vehicle and Fuel Allowances  by a female officer  attach to the Thriposha Limited from her monthly salary in installments .The said female officer who is the Secretary  of Board Of Directors and Senior Human Resources/Legal Manager of the Thriposha Limited had taken Rs.1.8 million as both vehicle and fuel allowances during three year period from 2011 to 2014 it has been revealed.

The initial inquiry  carried out by the Senior Assistant Secretary of Special Investigations Unit of  the Health Ministry Mr.P.P.S.R De Silva has revealed that the said female officer had taken these allowances as well as a vehicle from the Thriposha Limited to travel  from Office to home and vise verse although she is not entitled to  these privileges.

Meanwhile although the Health Ministry has instructed the Thriposa authorities to deduct this fraudulent earnings from the  monthly salary of the said female officer the authorities are still not  taken any step to implement it, the workers attach to the Thriposha Limited have said.          

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Gazette Notification On Reducing The Electricity Bill Charges To Be Issued Shortly-Ministry Of Power And Energy

The Ministry Of Power and Energy has planned to issue a  gazette notification soon   regarding the  reducing of   Electricity Bill Charges of all Sri Lankan Consumers  by 25% with effect from 16th of September according to the Ministry.

The Ministries of Finance and the power and energy are making preparations at present  to reduce the  electricity charges Ministry has said.President Mahinda Rajapaksha has made an announcement recently that the electricity bill charges will be reduced by 25% with immediate effect.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Syrian National Was Arrested At The Air Port With forged Visa

A Syrian National who was attempting  to migrate to Germany through  a forged Visa was arrested by the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Officers at the Katunayake ,Bandaranaike International Air Port yesterday(26) night.

The suspected Syrian National was produced before the Negombo Magistrate Court today and was remanded till 10th of October.

Friday, September 26, 2014

An Ilegal Abortion Center Was Raided In Sigiriya

An Illegal Abortion center run by a doctor at elahera in Sigiriya area was raided today(26) by the Police and  the doctor was arrested .The doctor who was allegedly run the abortion center is due to be produced before the Dambulla Magistrate Court .

The Police has deployed a Woman Police Officer as a client to nab the suspected doctor.

The raid on the abortion center was carried out after a search warrant was obtained from the Dambulla Magistrate Court Police has said.The  suspected doctor has identified as
a resident in Thamankaduwa,Gallewa Area.

Due to not legalizing the induced abortions in Sri Lanka more than 100,000 illegal abortions performs here annually according to the doctors.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Businessman Who Was Carried Rs.4.5 Million Worth Gold Slabs Inside His Rectum Got Arrested

The Revenue Task Force (RTF) Officers at the Katunayake Bandaranayake International Air Port   have arrested  a Sri Lankan Businessman  who was  carried nine pieces of Gold Slabs weighing over 900 grammes  hidden   inside  his rectum this afternoon.

The Businessman who arrived here from Singapore around 11.45 a.m was carried these gold slabs worth Rs.4.5 million inside two parcels which stored inside his rectum officials have said.As the officers belongs to the Revenue Task Force have checked the said businessman for suspected behavior  he was pleaded not guilty till the x ray tests confirmed  that their were thin gold bars stored inside his rectum.

The way the said businessman carried the gold slabs is considered as a very dangerous method of smuggling gold to a country RTF Officers said.The further investigations on the matter are being carried out by the RTF.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Sharp Decrease In Population Belongs to All Communities

Almost the population of  all communities living  in Sri Lanka has decreased since few decades Community Physician attach to Family Health Bureau Dr.Mrs.Nilmini Hemachandre has said today(23).The population belongs to  Sinhalese,Tamil and Muslim Communities has decreased  by half when comparing  to the numbers in few decades back she has stressed.

Dr.Hemachandre has also denied the statements made by some politicians regarding  that the Sinhalese Population in the country has rapidly decreased when comparing to the population in other communities and said that the statements are beyond the truth.

Economic,Social and Health issues are the main causes that lead to the decreasing of the  population in communities Dr.Hemachandre has revealed.

Main Opposition UNP Has Make Major Changes In The Party -Sajith Premadasa Appointed As New Dep.Leader

By implementing  major reforms withing the party after a long time  The  main opposition
United National Party (UNP) has today(23) appointed MP Sajith Premadasa as the new deputy leader of the party.With the new move UNP leaders have make new changes to the some other  top posts of the party as well .

Former Parliamentarian and the candidate who has received the highest number of preferential votes at the recently concluded Uva Provincial Council Elections Harin Fernando has appointed as the leader of the UNP's National Youth Front.The other MP's who have received the new posts of the party are MP Thalatha Gunesekera as the Secretary of Election Affairs,MP Ravi Karunanayake as the Assistant Leader of the Party ,MP Eran Wickramaratne as the Treasurer and Akila Viraj Kariyawasam as the Deputy General Secretary.

The main opposition UNP has made these changes after the party's successful run at the Uva Provincial Council Elections held on last Saturday as the party has not only secured votes more than double they have been received at  the provincial council elections held on 2009 as well as increasing the number of seats won than the previous elections.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Director General Of Health Services Has Instructed Coconut Oil Manufacturers Not To Mislead The Public

The Director General Of Health Services(DGHS) Palitha Mahipala has today (22) instructed All Coconut Oil Manufacturers in Sri Lanka to refrain from advertising to the public that some of their Coconut Oil  Products can be used more than once during the Cooking by stating that it's not harmful to the human health. As a Specialist Committee has found that the  re using of Coconut Oil for cooking purposes is harmful to the health of humans the manufacturers should be avoided Advertising false facts to mislead the  the public as such DGHS has informed oil manufacturers.

All varieties of Coconut Oil are not good for re use in cooking and it is very harmful to humans in long term the special committee which has formed to inquire on the issue has informed the Food and Drug Advisory Council of the Ministry Of Health.

UNP General Secretary Resigned From The Leadership Council

The General Secretary of the Main Opposition United National Party(UNP) Tissa Attanayake has resigned from the leadership council of the party this evening.He has handed over his resignation letter to the UNP Leader Ranil Wikramasinha and the chairman of the leadership council Karu Jayasuriya and the UNP Leader has been reported as accepted the resignation letter.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Mother Who Had Jumped In To The Sea With Her Two Children Saved -Both Children Died

A Mother who had jumped in to the sea with her two young children was saved but her both children died in a tragic suicide incident reported from near  Konneshwaram Kovil  in Tricomalee District this afternoon.

The Mother who was drowning in the sea has been
 saved by the navy officers who were around the area when the incident happened ,but two of her children a daughter and the son who were in the ages of 12 and 9 respectively died upon admission to the Trincomalee Hospital.The mother is currently receiving treatment  at the Intensive Care Unit of the Tricomalee Hospital. Trincomalee Police is conducting an investigations on the incident,

All Ceylon Bakery Owners Association Showing Their Willingness To Reduce The Prices Of Bakery Products

In a surprising move the All Ceylon Bakery Owners Association has today(20) announced that it will ready to reduce the prices of Bread and other bakery products by giving the benefit of the recent Price reduction of Electricity and Fuel Charges to the consumers  if the Wheat Flour Supplying Companies will reduces the price of Wheat Flour.

The Bakery Owners Association has said that it is up to the Wheat Flour Supplying Companies to reduces the price of Wheat Flour behalf of Consumers as those companies have benefited from the price reduction of Electricity and Fuel Charges .

The association has also urged the government to reduce the taxes imposed on Bread and other Bakery Products 2% and 15% respectively .

Friday, September 19, 2014

Three Hundrad Fifty Five Animals With Rabies Have Been Identified

Around 355 Animals with Rabies have been identified from the island within first six months of this year according to the Medical Research Institute in Colombo.Among these animals with rabies their were 300 Dogs and 46  Cats.

These animals were identified as suffered from Rabies following  the experiments carried out on their body parts received by the Medical Research Institute.

Cows,Squirrels,Goats and  Buffaloes too there among the said Rabies Victims.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dengue Is On The Increase

During the last 16 days of this Month around 410 Dengue Patients have been reported throughout the country the Epidemiology Unit has announced.The majority of these patients have been reported from Colombo District.

According to the  statistics  available around 29,663 dengue patients have reported from  the island this year so far and the majority out of this numbering 10,019 dengue patients have been reported from the Colombo District.

Meanwhile the epidemiologists have criticized the way some urban councils in the island acted when conducting dengue control activities during the recently concluded national mosquito control week as they failed to carry out  these activities in sub roads.Some councils have only paid attention  to the
institutions and residencies based on main roads only when conducting  dengue mosquito control activities they have urged.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Electricity And Fuel Prices Reduced With Effect From Today(16)-President

The Electricity Bill of local consumers will be reduced by 25% with effect from today(16) President Mahinda Rajapaksha has announced this evening.Also the prices of Diesel,Petrol and Kersosene are to be reduced by Rs.3,Rs.5 and Rs.20 respectively also with effect from midnight tonight President has said.

President Rajapaksha has announced these price reductions during the meeting held with visiting Chinese President Xi Jin Ping at the Presidential Secretariat this evening.

Every 6.7 Persons In Sri Lanka Have A Dog -Anti Rabies Campaign

Every 6.7 persons Out of the  20.3 million Population of Sri Lanka are have a dog  according to the latest survey carried out by the Anti Rabies Campaign,There are 3.03 million dog population  in the country in which 70% are adapted in house holds and  30% are stray dogs the Director of the Public Veterinary Unit of the Ministry Of Health Dr.P.L Harishchandre has stressed .

Even this number of Dogs per humans are on the  increase or decrease in future ,what really matters  is to avoid the spreading of Rabies among humans in  the country through dogs he has said.

In last year alone  28 Human Rabies deaths have been reported and all of those victims
 got Rabies due to the Dog Bites Dr,Harishchnadre has stressed.

In another development around 762 Animal Rabies cases have been reported throughout the island last year and out of this number 664 cases( around 87%) have been  reported among Dogs Anti Rabies Campaign has revealed.Almost 100% of the Human Rabies Deaths in Sri Lanka last year occurred due to the dog bites the Campaign has revealed.

Addressing a Media Seminar held today(16) at the Health Education Bureau in Colombo this morning on Rabies Disease , Dr.Harishchandre has said that although the immunization of both Stray and Domestically adapted dogs becomes successful Animals like Cats will become a potential threat on spreading rabies among humans in the country due to the bites they have received from dogs .

Monday, September 15, 2014

Health Ministry To Recruit Graduate PSM'S To Government Hospitals

The Health Ministry has decided to recruit 197 Professions Supplementary To Medicine(PSM'S) Graduates to Government Hospitals with effect from 01st Of October by solving one of the major demands made by the  Joint Council Of Professions Supplementary To Medicine (JCPSM) .

The appointments of the said graduates who were successfully completed the internship period at government hospitals were handed over to them today(15) at a function held at the Medical Research Institute Auditorium in Colombo.

Meanwhile the Joint Council Of Professions Supplementary To Medicine has welcomed  the Health Ministry's decision to recruiting the PSM Graduates to the government hospitals the first time in history and decided to postpone their executive meeting scheduled to be held today to decide the future trade union action of the PSM's over three service demands .

According to the secretary of the JCPSM ,Saman Jayasekera the said executive meeting has  postponed for a week as the Health Minister Maithripala Sirisena had promised them to take cabinet approval for two other major demands of PSM'S within a week period from today .

Thousands of patients were suffered due to the Island Wide Continuous Strike launched by the PSM'S attach to Government Hospitals two weeks back by demanding solutions for their service demands.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Kandy National Museum To Be Closed Down From 15th Of September To 31st Of December

The National Museum in Kandy is due to be closed down from 15th of September (Monday) to 31st of December for the public due to the renovation and preservation activities the Department Of National Museums has announced.

The Kandy National Museum Building was built during the King Sri Wickrama Rajasinha era(1798-1815).It was open for the public as a Museum on 1942 and having over 5000 Museum Items
which portrait various aspects of historical and cultural events of the Kandyan Period (17-19 AD).

Professions Supplementary To Medicine To Re Launch Their Suspended Strike Action?

The Professions Supplementary To Medicine (PSM'S) are planning to re launch their suspended strike  action soon as the authorities are not yet able to solve their demands as promised according to the Hospital Sources.

The Executive Committee of the Joint Council Of Professions Supplementary To Medicine(JCPSM) is due to meet this Monday(15) to take a decision on whether to re launch the strike which they have suspended on 31st of August after Health Authorities have  promised them to get Cabinet Approval for the the three major Demands of PSM'S by 04th of September.

The five Professions representing PSM'S ,The Government Pharmacists,Medical Laboratory Technologists(MLT'S),Radiographers,Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists have demanded to get Cabinet Approval for their three major demands namely ,granting delayed service promotions of PSM'S,establishing a Higher Grade for PSM'S and providing appointments for the PSM Graduates who have completed their internships to the Government Hospitals .Per their request the Health Minister Maithripala Sirisena has promised the PSM'S on 01st of September that he will personally involved in this and getting the Cabinet Approval for the said demands by 04th of September,

Although the Minister has made a promise up to now the Health Authorities have not informed us officially on whether the Cabinet approved the said demands the Secretary of the JCPSM ,Saman Jayasekera has said.

Due to the Island Wide Continuous Strike launched by the PSM'S from 27th of August to 31st of August even emergency services of the state hospitals have been suspended
 and a large number of  patients have faced severe difficulties.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Around 2000 People Become Disabled Due To The Spinal Cord Injuries Annually -Dr.Narendra Pinto

Annually around 2000 people belonging to the age group 20-50 become disabled in Sri Lanka  due to the injuries sustained to Spinal Cord according to the Dr.Narendra Pinto ,Orthopedic Surgeon attach to Colombo ,National Hospital .Falls,Road Traffic Accidents and Violence are identified as the three major reasons cause these disabilities related to the spinal cord he has stressed.

A large amount of money is required annually   to  spend for the  rehabilitation of these victims who become disabled due to spinal cord injuries Dr.Pinto has said.

While addressing a media seminar held today (11) at the Health Education Bureau in Colombo regarding "Spinal Cord Injuries" Dr.Pinto has revealed that some injuries will not cause any damage to the  spinal cord ,but it occurs during the lifting,and transporting of the  accident victim to  the hospital .

Meanwhile Dr.Lakshmi  Kumarathilake who is the director of the Unit of Youth,Elderly and Disabled Persons attach to the  the Ministry of Health has said that around 7% out of the 20 million population in Sri Lanka are suffering  from some kind of disability annually and the 12% elderly population too prone for such disabilities."The money that allocate for rehabilitation of disabled people in Sri Lanka is not sufficient and around Rs.45 million allocated this year to the ministry in this regard is below the estimated amount" she has stressed.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

College Of Dermatologists Has Released The List Of Qualified Dermatologists

The Sri Lanka College Of Dermatologists has released the list of qualified Dermatologists practicing  in both Government and Private Hospitals/Clinics in Sri Lanka to avoid people of going to the unqualified  persons  who are practicing as Dermatologists .According to the list there are around 71 well qualified Dermatologists serves in government and private sector.

The secretary of the Sri Lanka College Of Dermatologists Dr.Mrs.Indira Kahawita has said that those  who are not among the list of dermatologists will bot be considered as dermatologists .The list can be viewed through the Web Site of Sri La
nka College Of Dermatologists. , http://slcd.lk/

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Sri Lankan Got Arrested At Katunayake International Air Port With 158 Bushes Of Anthurium

Sri Lankan Customs Officers have last night arrested a 30 year old Sri Lankan who arriving  at Katunayake Air Port from Bangkok,Thailand with two bags containing 158 bushes of Anthurium.According to the Customs Officers the importation of Anthurium Plant to Sri Lanka is strictly prohibited under the Plant Protection Act.

The individual who is a resident of Minuwangoda in Colombo Suburbs was arrested with the bushes of Anthurium around 8 p.m yesterday(08) after arriving at  the Katunayake International Air Port from Bangkok.

After an initial inquiry conducted by the Sri Lankan Customs the Anthurium Bushes taken in to custody were forfeited and imposed a penalty of Rs.10,000 for the accused.The forfeited stock of Anthurium Bushes have been ordered to hand over to the National Botanical Gardens in Peradeniya .

Monday, September 8, 2014

Spanish Female Was Arrested For Overstaying Her Visa

A 30 year old Spanish Female got arrested today (08) at Hikkaduwa (Southern Province)  by the Police for overstaying her visa,She was arrested while staying at Wewala in Hikkaduwa the police has said.

The Spanish Tourist is due to be produced before the Galle Magistrate Court.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Water Supply To The Three Areas In Colombo District Has Been Disrupted

The water supply to three areas in the Colombo District has been cut down today (07) due to the breakdown of the Ambathale-Kotte Main Pipe Line the Water Supply And Drainage Board has announced.Water Supply to the Maharagama,Narahenpita and Kotte areas are cut down due to this.

The water supply to the Kotte Area has been cut down few weeks back   too for more than 60 hours continuously due to a breakdown of a pipe line and people in the area had faced severe difficulties due to that situation.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Government To Suspend The Importing Of Potatoes

 The Finance Ministry has decided to  suspend  the Importing of Potatoes to Sri Lanka temporarily with effect from midnight tonight due to the  good harvest of Potatoes collected by local farmers this season .The reason behind this move is to provide good price for the local potato farmers as their crops have increased this season the Finance Ministry sources said. 

Sri Lankan Customs Have Seized A Stock Of Illegal Contraceptive Pills Worth Rs.2 Million At The Air Port

Sri Lankan Customs Officers have seized a stock of  Contraceptive Pills  worth Rs.2 million this morning  which illegally brought to the country  to use for illegal abortions.The said stock of contraceptive pills were brought to the country illegally from Chennai ,India by claiming them as a stock of Vitamins Customs sources said.

The Initial investigations have revealed that the seized stock of Contraceptives Pills was prepared to be distributed among several pharmacies in the Colombo District.

Abortions are not legalized in Sri Lanka and the Police Investigations have been revealed in so many instances  that the  unqualified personal as well as qualified doctors are secretly performing abortions in many centers situated throughout the country.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Sixty Five Dengue Deaths Have Been Reported From The Island This Year

Around 65 dengue deaths have been reported from the island this year up to now The Epidemiology Unit has said today(05).Last year (2013)only 62 dengue deaths have been reported throughout the year according to the reports.

Out of the 65 dengue deaths reported  this year 37 were reported from the Colombo District.Western Province is the province which had most number of dengue deaths this year around 82 so far the Director of National Dengue  Control Programme Dr.Hasitha Thisera has said.

Around 29,109 Dengue Patients have been reported throughout the island this year up to now while 23,072 dengue patients have been reported from the island last year.

While addressing a Media Briefing held at the Health Education Bureau,he has said that the Ministry Of Health has declared a National Dengue Mosquito Control Week from 10th of September to 16th of September in view of inspecting dengue mosquito breeding places throughout the island.Health Workers along with the members of Tri Forces and Police are due to carry out island wide raids in all houses,institutions,schools and religious places by searching dengue mosquito breeding places during this week Dr,Thissera has stressed..

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Sri Lanka Has Ranked 4th Place Which Having Highest Suicide Rate

Sri Lanka has ranked 4th place  which is  having  highest suicide rates in the world  among 172 Countries a latest study conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO)has revealed.According to  the study 28.8 Persons out of 100,000 population in Sri Lanka are prone to suicide .

The country which is having the   highest suicide rate is African Country Guyana and in that country 44.2 persons out of the 100,000 population are prone to suicide followed by North and South Korea(38.5 and 28.9 respectively).Among the other countries which are having a highest suicide rates are Lithuania(28.2),Surinam(27.8),Mosambique(27.4),Nepal(24.9),Tanzania(24.9),Burundi(23.1),India(21.1) and Southern Sudan(19.1).

Meanwhile WHO has recognized the suicide rate at present as a major  global health problem.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Cosmetic Death- Accused Doctor Nimal Gamage Has Been Released On Surety And Personal Bails

Doctor Nimal Gamage who himself has advertised as a Cosmetic Surgeon  and charged  over the death of a Lady Doctor whom died after administration  an injection was released on bail today(03) by the Colombo Magistrate Court.The Colombo Additional Magistrate A.H.A Shahabdeen had released Dr.Gamage on two surety bails worth Rs.500,000 each and Rs.50,000 personal bail .

The additional magistrate has ordered the suspected Dr.Gamage to not to influence the witnesses of the case and the inquiries held regarding his cosmetic surgery clinic   it has been revealed.Also he has been ordered not to go abroad and  to be reported to the Bamabalapitiya Police on every last Sunday of the month.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Selling Of An Infant-Parents Bought A House For Rs.18,000 From The Money They Have Received

The parents who got arrested yesterday (01)over the selling of their 08 day old infant boy to another couple for Rs.50,000 had bought a temporarily built shanty from Modara Area in Colombo Suburbs by spending Rs.18,000 out of  that money the initial investigations carried out by the Police have revealed .

The mother of the infant boy who sold him to another couple gave birth to the child on 24th of August at North Colombo (Ragama) Teaching Hospital.The infant was sold to the couple reside in Uswetakeyyawa Area in Colombo through another two women after the mother discharged from the hospital on 29th of August police has said.The male who bought the infant from his parents has been identified as a butcher.

All the six persons involved in the selling of the infant were arrested by the police .

Monday, September 1, 2014

Six People Got Arrested Over The Selling Of A 08 Day Old Infant

Six people including four women have been arrested today (01) by  the Police at Colombo in connection with selling of a 08  day old infant boy to a couple in Colombo suburbs.The infant was sold to a couple at Uswetakeyyawa area in Colombo for Rs.50,000 it has been revealed.

The parents of the infant,the couple who bought the infant and two women who helped to sold the infant got arrested by the Police in this regard.The sold infant boy was born on 24th of August at North Colombo(Ragama) Teaching Hospital and sold to a couple at uswetakeyyawa by two women  with the approval of infant's mother Police said.

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