Friday, November 19, 2010

President Rajapaksha Recalls Sri Lanka As A Land With Great History Not A Small Country Anymore

" we are aware that the developed countries in the world have many other cities of fame apart from their capital cities. When development spreads and the revolution of roadways expands we will have several cities that are not second in anyway to Colombo. This will inevitably lead to a completely different image of Sri Lanka that the world will see tomorrow"Says President Mahinda Rajapaksha after sworn in his second term in office  this morning.

President Rajapaksha has sworn in out side the Presidential Secretariat facing Galle Face green  in Colombo  today in front of Local , foreign delegates and the public.

He further said that he massive power projects now under construction will ensure that by 2012 every home and family in our country will have electricity. "Therefore, the land that was freed from terrorism will by 2012 be a land that is freed of darkness. You will soon hear the hum of industry that is powered by this energy.
In keeping with the exhortation of our former kings that not a drop of water should flow to the sea without first serving the people, we are today harnessing the water in all our great reservoirs for the task of development. All reservoirs must be used without letting them idle. This will lead to the filling up of our barns, providing drinking water to the people. When we have enough food for our bodies, our minds will be filled with the comfort of freedom the president stressed.

Here are some important points in the speech delivered by President today.

What lies ahead is a period when all of us will have to work hard for our country. Our expectation is to modernize all areas of employment as to make them more productive and provide more revenue. The work of our people should be regarded as an asset and not the result of hiring or slavery. Our labour is an asset of dignity. It is by increasing the quality of work that my country can be made the Wonder of Asia.

We must move towards a future generation that is trilingual. It is my hope to raise the level of computer literacy to 75% in the near future and make our future generation true heroes of technology in the modern world. The name of Sri Lankan youth must top the list of those employed in the fields of science and technology. Our generation can achieve this victory by making our country the knowledge hub we intend it to be.

What I seek is a country where we can travel from one end to another in a few hours; an era which provides a good income for our people. We must rise by making this country the hub of development in the five-fold areas of naval, aviation, commerce and trade, power and energy, and knowledge. We must make this a country one among those with the best quality of life.

There is no room for hatred on politics, community, caste or religion when our children are brought up in a life that is replete with all facilities, has shelter and security, and is rich in love and friendship.

We have carried out development work in the North and East as never before in the history of these regions. All development processes carried out in the North and East, are a closure of the highways to terrorism. I strongly believe that this infrastructure to banish poverty is a major part of a political solution.
The people of the North were able to use their franchise in freedom at the Presidential and Parliamentary elections. In the forthcoming elections too, we will ensure their right to vote freely and elect their representatives.

Never in any of my speeches have I referred to my motherland as a small country. I have never called the land of my birth, ‘small Sri Lanka’ or ‘small Island’. This is a land with a great history of many centuries, where the Kalawewa, Ruwanweliseya, Sigiriya, Yoda Ela, Lovamahapaya stand; where the Buddha has trod thrice on this land. A land that won our freedom from the world’s most powerful imperialism from struggles that lasted nearly four centuries; has defeated the most ruthless and savage terrorist of the world. It is where people who follow four different faiths live in harmony and where today many communities live in brotherhood; and where the world’s largest habour and five other ports are being built, and the strides of development are proceeding to build airports, expressways and massive power stations. With such an abundance of greatness who would dare to say that this is a small island?

Therefore, never ever call this a small country. You too must develop your body, mind and word to match the dignity of this land of your birth and take this country to the greatness it deserves. 


Sri Lanka's Longest Tape Worm Found From Eastern Province

Sri Lanka's longest Tape Worm which caused the Tape Worm disease found from eastern province.According to the reserchers of the Medical Research Institute(MRI) in Colombo the Tape Worm which comes from Monkey is 30 Centi Meters long and now laid  in  MRI Lab.

According to the Medical Researchers this is the first time that a Tape Worm belongs to the Monkeys has been reported from Sri Lanka as all previous Tape Worms reported here were came from Cattle and Pigs.The patient who released the Tape Worm eggs is a small child and still receiving medication for the dissease.

Meanwhile Doctors appealed the people in all ages to be careful when they handle Monkeys,Cattle and Pigs and advised them to wash their hands properly after touching them and after going to the toilet.Also advised people to relaese stools properly and always wear slippers when walking out side.

Three Hundrad Fifty Sri Lankan Chefs Cooked Record Breaking Milk Rice To Mark President's Swearin Ceremony

Around 350 chefs representing all star hotels here cooked 15,000 killo Milk Rice yesterday at the Independance Square ,Colombo-07 to mark the swearing ceremony of  President Mahinda Rajapaksha.Over 65,000 people ate the record breaking Milk Rice which is a very popular meal among Sri Lankans according to the Govt.sources.

The Ministry of Media and Communications was organized this Milk Rice making ceremony which estimated to be cost more then Rs.1 million.Around 120 Gas stoves brought to the Independance Square especially to cook the Milk Rice and it took three and half hours to cooked it.President Rajapaksha and his wife also arrived there to cut the Milk Rice around 1.02 p.m.The 65th Birth Day of the president also falls yesterday.