Friday, March 31, 2017

A Six Member Committee Had Been Appointed To Probe On The Death Of A Student In Matara

Acting Director General of Health Services Dr.Jayasundara Bandara
 had appointed a Committee comprised of six medical consultants to probe on the death of a student attached to a school in Matara (Southern Province) who died  after swallowing a ferrous sulphate tablet (Use to treet Anemia )supplied to the school few days ago.

The report of the probe due to be received within a week  according to Dr.Bandara.


A Probe To Cut The Unnecessary Use Of Antibiotics


Police Arrested A Person Over Selling Nests Of Sri Lankan Swallows In Hatton

Police have arrested a person over selling nests of Sri Lankan Swallows
  after plucking them from Singimale Tunnel in Hatton area .

Due to the plucking the nests the newly laid eggs and birds found left on the ground the Police have stated.The plucking of the nests had been taken place in the tunnel for a long period it has been revealed .

MP Namal Rajapakshe Had Been Questioned Around One Hour By The Presidential Commission Of Inquiry

United Peoples Freedom Alliance( UPFA
) MP Namal Rajapakshe had been questioned around one hour yesterday ,(31) by the Special Presidential Commission Of Inquiry over the financial irregularities committed in National Youth Services Council-Maharagama during the previous regime .

This is the first time that MP Rajapakshe appeared before the Commission regarding the financial irregularities in National Youth Services Council.

Do Not Panic Over The Influenza Flu Spreading In Most Parts Of The Country -Acting Director General Of Health Services

Acting Director General of Health Services Dr.Jayasundara Bandara
has urged the public not to get  panic over the  Influenza flu currently spreading in most parts of the country as it's normally not fatal .

This Influenza flu virus which changes it's pattern due to the climatic conditions  can be spread in the country through an immigrants and therefor a special screaning will be done for the tourists arrived in Katunayake , Bandaranaika International Airport to avoid spreading the disease through them he has stressed .

Although the disease is not fatal infants,Elderly persons ,people suffering from Chronic diseases such as diabetes and kidney diseases and pregnant mother's should be vigilant over the disease as they are at risk of developing complications due to the Influenza  he has said.

China Bay Police Have Arrested An Indian National Staying In Sri Lanka Without A Visa

China bay police have arrested a 33

Year old Indian National staying in Sri Lanka with
Out  a valid Visa in
Trincomalee,Kappalthuraya area.

Police have arrested the thirty three year old Indian national as per an information received .

A Female And Her Infant Son Were Killed After Colliding With A Train

A female and her one year old infant son were killed after colliding
with a train between Rathmalana and Angulana railway stations this morning(31).

The mother was killed on the spot of the accident and the infant boy was succumbed to his injuries on admission to the Hospital.

Police believed this is an act of suicide.The deceased were collided with a train travelling from Aluthgama to Colombo fort.

Railway authorities and Police have launched an investigation on the incident .


"Oba yemekuge sitha redeawemakata lak kara pasuthawennenam eya obage sanvedi bawaya ha manusheeyabawa pilibimbu kireemaki.Ehet ema pasuthaweema  wadath artanwitha wanuye eya obage pasuthawemata mul wu sith redaweemata lak wu aya ha samadanayata pat wu witadeeya".

Haki thak thama sampemathamayinge sith noridaweematath atheethaye atapasuweem wartamanayata ha anagathayata gena emen welakeemat samage yutukamaki. Emenma thamange ayaeku samaga  ekata eka kireemen welaki owun samaga samakameewa katayutu kireemata sama witama kriya karanna.

Around 2000 Kilo Grammes Of Expired Stock Of Dried Fish Taken Into Custody In Pettah

Officials attached to the Consumer Affairs Authority have taken into
 custody around 2000 Kilo Grammes of expired  salted  "Katta" dried fish imported and stored in a freezer room at Pettah this morning(31) in view of issuing to the local market during the forthcoming festive season.The estimated value of the expired stock of dried fish is around Rs.2 million it has been revealed.The consumer affairs authority officials have sealed the stock and due to be taken a legal action against those  who stored the expired dried fish stock in Maligakande Magistrate Court on 04th of April.                                        

Ten Bus Passengers Critically Injured And Hospitalized Due To A Bus-Tipper Truck Collision

Related imageTen passengers  were critically injured and hospitalized due to a head on collision occurred between Bus and a Tipper Truck transporting sand on Badulla-Mahiyangana  road this morning(31).

The injured were admitted to the Badulla and Meegahakiwula Hospitals for treatment. The accident has occurred when  the Bus driver attempted to pass the Tipper Truck from wrong side it has been revealed.

Bodies Of Two 17 Year Old Teanagers Who Were Drowned While Bathing In The Sea Had Been Recovered

Related imageThe bodies of two 17 year old teenagers who were drowned while bathing in the sea coast area of Seenimodara(Southern Province) last noon (30) have found today(31) during a joint search operation carried out by the Police ,Navy and the residents of the area.

The deceased had been identified as the residents of Tangalle(Southern Province)area.

The two deceased teenagers went to bath along with another friend  in Seenimodara sea coast area while returning home  after attending a tuition class  it has been revealed.


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