Friday, August 28, 2015



Sri Lanka To Set Up A New Guinness Book Of World Record Today(29) By Serving Tea For 35,000 Guests

Sri Lankan Tea
Sri Lankan Tourist Board ,Tea Board and Sri Lankan Air Lines are jointly  planning to set a new kind of guineas book of world record by plucking  3000 kilo grammes of tender tea leaves   within two hour period  through 500 tea plucker's and serving Tea for 35,000 guests in a single day .

Under this 3000 kilo grammes of tender tea leaves plucked yesterday (28) by 500 tea plucker's attach to Kelani Valley Tea Estate  and powdered  them at a tea factory in Nuwara Eliya.

The new Guinness book of world record  will be set up after serving the Tea made by this powdered tea to 35,000 estimated people who are due to attend today's world famous Esala Perahara (Po session) at Kandy.


Former Finance Ministry And Treasury Secretary Dr.P.B Jayasundera Has Been Questioned By Police Financial Crimes Investigations Division

Dr.P.B Jayasundera
The Powerful  Financial Ministry and Treasury Secretary of the previous government Dr.P.B Jayasundera has been questioned today(28) by the Police Financial Crimes Investigations Division over an alleged Financial Fraud charges leveled against him.

The Police Financial Crimes Investigations Division has been recorded a statement from Dr.Jayasundera regarding the allegations.

President Sirisene As SLFP Chairmen Has Received More Powers To Appoint Posts Including Ministers To The National Government

The Central Committee of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party(SLFP) has today(28) decided to authorize the President Maithripala Sirisene  the powers of appointing SLFP Ministers to the National Government ,The Posts of Opposition Leader,The deputy speaker and chief opposition whip as the  chairman of SLFP.

  Meanwhile a decision has been taken at the SLFP Central Committee Meeting held today at the Party Headquarters in Colombo that all 80 MP'S out of the 95 UPFA MP's elected to the Parliament through the recently concluded parliamentary election should unanimously approved the president's decisions and a stern disciplinary action should be taken against those SLFP MP'S who are opposing his decisions.


Yala National Park To Be Closed For Dry Weather Season

to visitors during the month of September due to the dry weather prevails in there according to the  Wildlife Resources Conservation Department.As in previous years the Yala National Park is due to be closed for dry season from 06th of September to 07th of October the Wildlife Department has said. During the closing period  the Yala Park Authorities are planning to renovate the visitors bungalows         attached to Yala Park.

Water Board Suspended The Water Supply To Three Municipal Council Areas In Colombo Due To The Oil Contamination In Kelaniya River

The National Water Supplies And Drainage Board has today(28) suspended the water supply to Three Municipal Council Areas namely the Colombo Municipal Council,Sri Jaywardenapura-Kotte Municipal Council and Dehiwala Municipal Council areas (All in Colombo District) with immediate effect due to the oil contamination in Kelaniya River.

The Coca Cola Company in Sri Lanka is believed to be responsible for this oil contamination in Kelaniya  River .The drinking water to Colombo and Suburbs is supplied through the Kelaniya River.

Few days ago the Central Environment Authority has suspended the Environment Protection Licence issued to the Coca Cola Company due to the oil contamination in Kelaniya River.

79 Corona Positives Had Been Discharged From Hospitals Today (02)

A total of 79 Corona positives had been discharged today (02) from Hospitals after full recovery it has been reported . Accordingly th...