Saturday, December 4, 2010

Two Sluice Gates Of Victoria Reservoir Opened

Two sluice gates of the Victoria Reservoir opened today due to the heavy showers prevails today.This is the first time that these gates were opened automatically since the year 2005.

According to the authorities all gates of Victoria Reservoir will open if the heavy showers continues during the coming days .

Government To Import Chicken And Eggs For Festive Season

Government to import Chicken and Eggs to the country for this festive season to keep the prices of these food items stable according to the Minister of Co operatives and Internal Trade  Jhonston Fernando.

Several Roads In And Off Colombo Flooded

Several Main Roads in and off Colombo were flooded due to the heavy showers prevails today almost whole day.According the Police Emergency Unit the Roads Thunmulla Junction,Cemetery Roundabout(Borella),Armour Street,Kirulapona ,Ayurveda Junction and Robert Gunawardena Road were flooded following the heavy showers.

Once In A Decade Storm Hits Western Australia australia-52787152