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Sri Lanka"s Drug Kingpin And Crime Gang Leader Makandure Madush Was Deported To Sri Lanka -CID Had Arrested Him At Katunayake Airport

Sri Lanka's most wanted Drug kingpin
and Organized Crimes gang leader Samarasinghe Arachchilage Madush Lakshitha allias "Makandure Madush"has been deported to Sri Lanka by Dubai Authorities and arrested upon his arrival at Katunayake International Airport by the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) officers this morning (05).

Madush is currently being questioned by CID Officials .He was scheduled to be deported to Sri Lanka earlier ,However as he had appealed from the Dubai Court not to deport him authorities delayed his deportation until the court verdict .

Madush  along with 31 others including singers Amal Perera ,Nadimsl Perera, Actor Ryan Van Rooyen and Drug smuggler Kangipani Imran had been arrested by the Dubai police on 05 th of February at a Hotel In Dubai during a party organized by Madush with narcotics in their  possession .

The raid was coordinated by Special Police Task Force  (STF)in Sri Lanka.

Madush was responsible for more than 50 Murders and robberies in the country also wanted over he killing of  chairman of Southern Development Authority Danny hithtjaiyage in 2006.The Last time Madush was arresred in Sri Lanka is in 2005 it has been revealed .

All others arrested along with Madush and were jailed in Dubai had been deported to Sri Lanka  recently and detained  by CID at the Airport .Some of them Inncluding singer Amal petera who has proved as having direct links with Madush were released after questioning and others had been remanded.




A Person Was Arrested With A Stock Of Cloths Similar To Army Uniforms

Matale Police have today (04)arrested a
Muslim National with a stock of Cloths similar to Army Uniforms at Warakumbura,Matale .

The stock of Cloths worth more than Rs.500,000 it has been revealed.The suspect has told the police he sew the Cloths to be sold in shops .

President Turned Down A Request Made By Three Senior UNP Politicians To Appoint Field Marshal Fonseka As The Law And Order Minister

In an enviornment which most of the
sections in the country demanding Former Army Commander Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka should be appointed as Law and Order Minister, President Maithripala Sirisena had refused the request made by three Senior politicians  of the governing United National Party (UNP) to appoint Field Marshal to above Ministerial Post it has been revealed.

Three senior UNP Politicians Malik Samarawikrama ,Dr.Rajitha Senaratne and Kabir Hasheem had met the President Sirisena on last Tuesday (30 )and requested him to appoint Field Marshal Fonseka as Minister of Law and Order it has been revealed.

However President has refused to do that and says if He had appointed Field Marshal for the above  post there's a chance of even putting him (President) in jail according to sources .

However a group of UNP Backbenchers in the Parliament are preparing to send a written request to President Sirisena To appoint Field Marshal Fonseka as the Law and Order Minister to eliminate Terrorism from the country .Minister Arjuna Ranathunge has informed that he is ready to resign from his Cabinet post to allow space for Field Marshal Fonseka to enter Cabinet .


Seat Row Of A Van Removed To Fix A Bomb In The Vehicle Recovered From Kalmunai

Police have recovered the seat row
removed from the Van that parked nearby Kochchikade Saint Anthony's Church on Easter Sunday aiming to explode a time bomb inside the van by targetting a large group of civilians, at Seindumaridu  area, Kalmunai according to Criminal Investigations Department (CID).

The Seat row of the rear part of the Van had been  removed and fixed a time bomb there at a safe house located in Panadura belonging to Thowheeth Jamaath Organization members CID Has stressed.

The Time bomb was fixed in the van by using a Washing machine timer and it didn't explode as planned by the terrorists due to a fault in supplying electricity it had been revealed.

Four 12.5 KG gas Cylinders had been placed near the bomb and Thousand Rupee notes visible inside of the van expecting someone to open the back door of the van after seen the notes so the bomb can  be exploded instantly  according to CID .

Later Security forces have recovered the Van with the bomb which parked around 80 meters away from the Saint Anthony's Church and Special Police Task Force had exploded it with control .

The time bomb was set to be exploded one hour after the Saint Anthoney's Church explosion it has been revealed .

Police Have Requested Public To Hand Over Illegal Sharp Objects In Possession

Police have requested public today
(04)to hand over all illegal swords ,Rambo  type knives and other sharp objects in possession to the nearest Police station .

The sharp objects mentioned above should be handed over to the Police both today (04)and tomorrow (05) Police have stressed .

A Muslim MaulaWi Arrested Over His Links With Thowheeth Jamaath

Kalpitiya Police have arrested a 40 year
old Muslim priest  (Maulawi) in suspicion of having direct links with the banned 'National Thowheeth Jamaath organization' at Kandakuliya ,Kalpitiya today (04).

The Maulawi known as 'Niyaz" has responsible for levelling allegations against Bodu Bala Sena General Secretary Venerable Galagodaatte Gnanasara Thero it has been revealed.

The suspect who was attended a Controversial press briefing of Jathika Bala Sena Organization held at Hotel Nippon in April 2014 which was stopped  by Bodu Bala Sena Organization led by Galagodaatte Thero is also a small medium Businessman it has been revealed. He had also participated meetings held by Thowheeth Jamaath according to reports.

Police are questioning him over his links with the Jamaath Organization. 



Forces Arrested 15 Persons Including 02 Females With Swords And Other Equipment

Security forces have arrested 15
persons including 02 Females with 03 swords ,Rs.1.8 million in cash and other equipment in their possession today (04)during a search operation carried out in Beruwala Police division

Accordingly 03 swords,08 mobile phones ,02 knives had been recovered in possession of the suspects.

Police ,Airforce and Army personal had jointly carried out this search operation .

A Stock Of 232 Bullets Had Been Recovered From A School In Gampola

A stock of  232 bullets had been
recovered from the premises of  Saint Joseph Girls (Balika)Collage in Gampola  today (04) by a laborer attached to the school.

Accordingly 207 Bullets used for T-56 firearms and 25 Bullets used for Automatic Rifles had been recovered from the school premises.

After being informed Gampola Police carried out a search operation in the  School premises .

Government Has Decided To Re-Open Only Grade 6 To 13 Classes Of All Government Schools On Monday (06)-Grade 1 To 5 Classes Will Be Reopened on 13th Of May

Image result for sri lanka government schoolsGovernment has decided to re-open All Government Schools closed since 05th of April ,from Grade -6 to Grade-13 classes  on this Monday(06) for the second term and Opening  of Grade -1 to Grade- 5 classes will be done  on 13 th of May the Government Information Department has announced this evening (04) .

Accordingly a special Security plan will be implemented prior to the re opening of All the Government Schools from tomorrow noon (05) and as a result Motorists are being advised not to park their vehicles in front of Government Schools in Colombo from 1 p.m tomorrow due to the special search mission carry out in and  around schools by the forces.

When the the section of classes in All Government Schools re opens in Monday ,All the school vans carrying School Children and Vehicles of School staff will be allocated a special vehicle parking areas to park these vehicles it has been announced.

The special parking areas allocated for the above vehicles will announce through the Media Police Media Spokesman Superintendent Of Police(SP) Ruwan Gunasekare has stated.

A 54 Year Old Female Had Been Arrested With A Haul Of Heroin

A 54 year old female had been arrested by the prison authorities whilst attempting to carrry 2 grammes and 130 mili grammes of Heroin wi...